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Avatar n tn ve always taken really good care of my teeth and still do. once I was around 15 weeks they became very sensitive to heat+cold and pressure. I'm 35 weeks now and nothing has changed and my teeth still are having problems. my dentist tried having me change to a softer tooth brush and toothpaste for sensitive teeth and it has not helped at all.
Avatar n tn teeth that had root canal treatment had the nerve removed. these teeth should not be sensitive to heat. changing the crown is like repainting a car hoping to make it run better. something is going on possibly related to a fracture, a periodontal problem, or a different tooth, or maybe something else altogether. I'd have a root canal specialist evaluate it.
Avatar f tn Avoid all tooth pastes that contain silica or hydrated silica (strong abrasive, wears down dentin along the gum line which is the major cause for pain in sensitive teeth). You also have to work from the inside out, making sure to eat at least 50 % of your diet as organically grown RAW vegetables, favoring all leafy dark greens. Ubiquinol (the natural form of CoQ10) is also very important for gums as well as heart health.
Avatar f tn For years, I have suffered from sensitive teeth. The pain from cold objects literally drive me mad. One bad habit that I know is causing the sensitivity is my avid consumption of acidic drinks, which I am trying to give up. I have sought the services of a periodontist, who said that I have the beginning stages of periodontal disease.
Avatar f tn is there anything i can do to help the pain? i use sensitive tooth paste but it hasnt seemed to work much.
Avatar n tn The tooth is very sensitive to cold and a little sensitive to heat. (I have sensitive teeth anyway.) How long can a tooth be sensitive like this? 2. When I eat cold or hot things, it seems like the sensitivity radiates to my jaw. But I can't tell if this is because my jaw is so sore or because of the tooh. But I also have pain in my jaw at random times that is true TMJ pain. I also have a sinus infection, which makes my jaw hurt too! 3.
Avatar n tn Sensitivity toothpaste might not help with the chewing sensitivity. You might wish to go back to the dentist to let them know something is still not right.
Avatar n tn I have been noticing some pretty bad sensitivity to heat in my two upper front teeth for the past week and a half. I experienced a lot of pain in my teeth after going for a long walk during a day when there were sub-zero windchills/temps. I was joking about how my teeth felt frozen, is it possible that I actually could have damaged the nerves? I have never had a cavity before, I'm in my twenties, and take very good care of my teeth.
Avatar n tn I am feeling sensitivity to heat only among the teeth on the upper left side of my mouth and have had no sensitivity to cold. Last week I went to the dentist for a check-up (the heat sensitivity started suddenly the night before---not really pain and not long lasting). She was suspicious of a tooth (#13) but couldn't see any problems in new x-rays or as she probed it. When the heat sensitivity continued, I went back yesterday and she found that I had a cracked filling in #15.
Avatar n tn Since graft procedure, the crowned tooth has become extremely sensitive to heat and cold and is also uncomfortable with chewing pressure. The tissue graft and harvest site have healed perfectly and both look "excellent" according to the periodontist that performed the procedure.
Avatar n tn 1) Poor oral hygiene – This can lead to plaque and tartar build-up, with resultant dental problems. 2) Gum recession – This can occur naturally over time, whereby the gums shrink back to expose the root surfaces. 3) Gum disease – The gums may not attach properly to the roots (receding gums), exposing the root dentine which is not protected by enamel. 4) Over-brushing – If one brushes too forcefully, with a side-to side technique or with too hard a brush, the enamel may be thinned.
Avatar n tn This started about a week & a half ago. I can eat things that are warm, but if it’s hot like soup or if it’s a cold drink then I get this dull mild pain that lasts a few seconds. I went to my dentist and got an x-ray done and he told me he doesn’t see any problems with the tooth I had the root canal on or any teeth next to it. With this dull pain, I feel it on that particular tooth, but I still don't know for sure if it's just a tooth that's next to it.
Avatar m tn Then I went back a few weeks later for the permanent crown and they took the temporary off and my left tooth was extremely sensitive to cold, to air, to everything. The permanent crowns they sent were the wrong color so they had to send them back out and I had to get temporary ones put on again. They used the same temporary's from before.
Avatar m tn they might be a little sensitive but most of the time it will calm down after awhile. i have a crown on a tooth that still has a nerve and it took several months before it felt normal. i avoided chewing things that bothered it for a little while and gave it time to calm down. we are talking very minor discomfort while chewing hard items and mildly cold sensitive any more than that contact your dentist.
Avatar m tn Last week on June 24, (right after the incident) it was sore. It was hard to eat and sensitive to hot and cold (even cold air). It was slightly lose - to the point where if I put my finger on the front and move it with my tongue I could feel it move. The movement is not visible and I can only tell it is loose if I try to move it. This week the sensitivity is going away, but it is still a little sensitive to cool air, and it doesn't hurt to eat anymore. The tooth has not gotten any looser.
Avatar f tn Sometimes during a root canal a piece of the nerve can be left. Did he do and xrays after the procedure to make sure your teeth were all clear? I would also recommend a sensitive tooth paste. It really helps with the heat sensitivity.
492869 tn?1285018933 Autonomic Dysfunction is a disorder of the Autonomic Nervous System. The ANS regulates automatic functions in your body that occur without thought such as: heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, etc. I am the CL of the Dysautonomia/Autonomic Dysfunction forum on Medhelp. I know that symptoms of Autonomic Dysfunction can become worse in the heat, but I am barely able to tolerate even moderate levels of heat for more than a minute.
Avatar n tn The pain is so severe that I will wake up in the middle of the night and can do nothing to ease the pain. My teeth have also been very sensitive, even to drink a cold drink or hot tea. I have recently had a couple of cavities filled but this did not start untill a couple of weeks after so Im not sure if they are connected or not. Even if they are connected I had a filling on the top left and the bottom right, the pain is all along my entire lower jaw.
Avatar n tn Hi, I had my tooth extracted in october 2008 and another teeth filled up for cavity.. After that I started to have sensitive tooth and that sensitiveness spreads to the body. When I feel that tooth sensitivity my whole body also feels sensitive and it takes a few minutes for my body to get adjusted to that sensitivity.. sometimes when i think about the feeling i feel sensivite. Now it is becoming a everyday problem. But no pain in the teeth.. will this sensitiveness go away..
316002 tn?1246553137 All of the sudden my teeth have gotten very sensitive to hot and cold. Has anyone else experienced this?? Is this a part of pregnancy??
Avatar f tn ve never had a cavity but my gums seem to be receding in some areas and my teeth have become more sensitive to touch, heat and cold. Does brown teeth near the gum line usually signify calculus, or problems with the roots? Not sure if a periodontist is best if teeth are also involved.
Avatar f tn ) be sure to brush your teeth a little more gently cause bleeding gums is a prego thing too
Avatar n tn Is there something serious that you can put on sensitive teeth to REALLY stop the pain - something potent you can paint on - silver nitrate or something else other than standard desensitising. The physical problem is like minor problem but the treatment is for people who have 'normal' sensitivity doesn't work but the damage is not terrible- the pain I have is severe because I have big strong teeth - I could sense before this started it was going to hurt alot.
Avatar f tn I'm 30 weeks and have noticed my teeth becoming increasingly more sensitive. Anyone else have this happen? Does it go away after birth?
Avatar f tn Hi ladies I have a question had anyone of you have sensitive teeth? I am 28w4d today this last week i have had very very sensitive teeth. and alot of the time i cant sleep they hurt so much.i wake up about 10 times threw the night and its just to painful to sleep. i brush and floss daily adn everything amd i use the sensitive tooth paste. if anyone has this happeneding any idea why or how did u deal with it Thank you ladies.
Avatar f tn My teeth have become increasingly more sensitive. I'm 30 weeks. Has that happened to anyone else?
Avatar f tn since you are describing it as discomfort instead of actual pain i would give it a bit more time. perhaps try a toothpaste for sensitive teeth. watch out for heat sensitivity which could mean you have an infection and if the cold sensitivity remains after a week or two contact your dentist. the drilling can irritate the nerve and a calming down period could be necessary.
Avatar f tn (My cheek feels like this sometimes too) The steroid seemed to help, the pain was way more manageable. Ice seems to help, and sometimes heat. The ibuprofen helps almost right away. But I don't want to keep taking so much ibuprofen. I'm afraid that if I call my dentist, she'll just schedule me for a root canal right away. I'm just looking for some advice/second opinions? Please help if you can.
Avatar n tn One crown is on top and the other is on the bottom and they do touch each other. Both are sensitive to touch on the inner portion of the crown. They are sensitive to cold, but not to heat. I did not have a temporary because the dentist I was seeing made the crowns in house and was able to put them both on the same day.