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Avatar m tn I went to the dentist and had to get a root canal on one of the teeth and they gave me a temporary crown on both teeth. These crowns were fine and didn't give me any problems. I went back 2 weeks later to get prepped for the crowns and send the impressions out. They put 2 new temporary crowns on my teeth. After this, I was very sensitive to cold on my left tooth but the right tooth was fine. The right tooth was the one I had the root canal done on.
Avatar m tn I usually have sensitivity when I am brushing my teeth and using listering and whenever I eat chocalate and it sits there around my gums. I have had a root canal done on one of the teeth and the other has gotten better besides the sensitivity. My dentists said I have the sensitivity because my temp. crowns are not long enough that I have more of the gum exposed.
Avatar n tn It is somewhat normal for the teeth to be sensitive to touch post root canal therapy. I would hope that the teeth were taken out of occlusion so that you are not biting them when you close your mouth naturally. If that is not the case call the dentist asap.The crowns should be replaced as soon as the teeth are asyptomatic.
Avatar f tn Over 5 years ago, I had a root canal and crown done on a lower back molar. It was still very sensitive after treatment. After my insistence that the pain was still there, the dentist thought it was referred pain from the molar behind it, so I got a root canal and crown on that tooth as well, several years ago. I'm still experiencing pain to hot and cold and sensitivity to sweet. I'm sure it is one of those two molars.
Avatar m tn Just had a root canal done on the very back bottom left tooth. Actually I have two teeth that have a temporary crown on them and the temporary crown covers both teeth. I did the root canal on the very back tooth because whenever the specialist did his test,it was that tooth that was giving me problems. Now, I know its only been 8 hours since I had it done, but I was biting on food that a little bit hard and I still have pain(or pressure) in the two teeth that have the temporary crown on.
Avatar n tn I totally agree with the previous writer. If you haven't tried a sensitive toothpaste I would start there. Once you've had root canal surgery, should you have any additional problems with it you will have to have it pulled because it's no a viable tooth because of the loss of blood supply from the root extraction. Also, along with the root canal you also have to have a crown placed on the tooth which will be an additional costs to you.
Avatar f tn Got the root canal the following weekend and when the numbness wore off the pain in the tooth began again but only in the tooth that i got the root canal and it is very sensitive to pressure so i started back with the pain killers. Help me take the next step because i cant stand this!
Avatar f tn I am getting 4 upper front crowns re–done. Three of the teeth have been root canaled, and one is live. I had the teeth prepped today, then temporary crowns were placed (they are all fused together in one unit, the permanent ones will be separate). The anesthetic has worn off and the one live tooth is now extremely sensitive. It hurts non–stop and the pain can be described as "extreme sensitivity". I took 600mg of ibuprofen but that did not take the sensitivity away.
Avatar n tn teeth that had root canal treatment had the nerve removed. these teeth should not be sensitive to heat. changing the crown is like repainting a car hoping to make it run better. something is going on possibly related to a fracture, a periodontal problem, or a different tooth, or maybe something else altogether. I'd have a root canal specialist evaluate it.
Avatar m tn Everyone is pointing me towards root canal so I am curious if ANY level of sensation at a filling site means root canal? Everyone uses the word "pain" but I feel it is more "discomfort" not constant, only with hot, cold, or extreme pressure.
Avatar n tn On 7/10/06 started root canal, was told to call back in two weeks to finish, went back on 7/26 was still having pain and was put on Cephalexin 500mg and told to come back on 8/03 to finish root canal. Went back on 8/03, still had pain in tooth, dentist finished root canal and gave me another prescription for another 10 days of Cephalexin 500mg.
Avatar n tn Secondly, using gutts percha alone, without root canal sealer, is inadequate to seal the canal. Thirdly, most failure of root canal treatment result from incomplete canal debridement and obturation. However, your root canal has not been determined failure. Finally, mild to moderate pain is generally experienced for a couple of days to weeks.
Avatar f tn This tooth was subsequently crowned. A few days after the root canal the tooth in front of it became quite sensitive. In fact, 5 days after the root canal I returned to the OS complaining of pain and wondering if it was the root canal, which he determined was not the case. Now my tooth is so extremely sensitive to cold and biting.
Avatar n tn The pain continued and eventually the dentist suggested that perhaps there was an infection that was not observable and to get a root canal. I got a root canal almost 3 weeks ago and am still feeling an occasional ache in the tooth. It goes completely away if I take a small amount of Ibuprofen, however other NSAID's help but to a lower extent. It still seems a little sensitive to soda's but not really coffee. It inst sensitive at all too biting or pressure.
Avatar f tn That did not help and was switched to amoxicillin, followed by a root canal. The root canal was a week ago but the lump from the abscess is still on my gum. Is this normal? I was not put on antibiotics after the root canal but I took the last 2 amox. From the prescrip I had been given the week before.
Avatar n tn I have a permanant crown on #30 that is pressure sensitive, as it had it on their before the root was drilled through it...Do you mean remove the crown, do a redo and put a new crown on it? A temp first? of course...
Avatar m tn I had a root canal on one of my front teeth, and had it internally bleached 4 times. It was fine when it was filled, etc., no crown, but now (just under 3 months later) it has started to become sensitive to cold, hot, extreme pressure (the other front tooth isn't) and tapping. It's not so bad that it's unbearable, but it can be pretty uncomfortable, and is gradually getting worse. It is starting now to be very mildly hurting almost constantly.
Avatar m tn If the quality of root canal is optimal,there is really nothing we can do. Root fracture generally yields much more discofmort and abscess after a while. Maybe it takes more time to get complete healing in your case. Sorry, I don't have any solution at present time.
Avatar m tn t know if getting the teeth worked on one week and then having a root canal on one of those two teeth a week later had anything to do with. But whenever I accidently chew on that side, I know it. But I really don't know what to do, the root canal guy only said to do the very back one and to put the permanent ones on both teeth with temporary cement and see if the pain goes away, so who knows. Do you?
Avatar m tn Can symptons of Eagles syndrome led to the need for a root canal. I had bilateral surgery for Eagles Syndrome in August 2012. I immediately felt the positive benefits from the surgery on my left side but only about 50% on the right side which was longer. It has been 5 months and my right ear, jaw, back molar, neck and even down into my shoulders arm and hand are often at a level 10 pain! And as if that wasn't enough, I have a bulgding cervical disc 3 and 4.
Avatar f tn My doctor said its not his root canal. But my tooth still hurts. I am certain its not other teeth feeling the pain. He said it would be very rare to have another canal in that tooth and I would be a textbook case if this was the reason. So I dont know what to do. i still feel pressure when I bite or tap on the tooth.
Avatar n tn It aches on and off during the day and night (i live on ibuprofen to help dull the pain). The crowned tooth and now even the surrounding teeth are sensitive to hot/cold and bitter/sweet. Teeth around the crown have shifted and are our of alignment. If I rinse with salt water, it hurts. It is soooo sensitive. What could be wrong?
Avatar n tn A couple of weeks ago I began to notice that one of my molars was becoming very sensitive to cold and hot. It also hurt if I sucked air in and was sensitive to pressure. This tooth had a lot of silver filling in it. I went to the dentist and he x-rayed it. He said the root looked good. He also pressed on the tooth and surrounding teeth and this didn't really hurt. The dentist said he felt the tooth was cracked and he would put a temporary crown on it.
Avatar n tn About 6 months ago I got 3 root canals done on my three front bottom teeth. I had an infection from impact since I was young and it was undetected until now. Two of my teeth are fine, but one tooth is still a bit sensitive, turning black, and mobile. I'm very worried. I feel as though the root canal failed. My dentist wants to take off the filling and see what is going on inside my tooth. He said it may be cracked, the filling could be leaking, or he didn't get out all of the infection.
Avatar n tn On my last visit about 1 1/2 weeks ago, I was informed that my bite looked good and there was nothing else that could be done but to see another specialist to check my nerves to see if I need a root canal. My dentist told me that he did not think it was the nerves and that it the pain should clear up in a couple of days. Both teeth are tender to me putting gentle pressure on them, as well as I can't even chew bread or cheese on that side.