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Avatar f tn Yes. It's awful! Your teeth are more sensitive and weaker in pregnancy. Regular checks will help as well as what @mamiofstb3 suggests. Isn't pregnancy wonderful?!!!!
Avatar f tn My teeth and gums are on fire! There's no swelling, just throbing aches. I don't have dental insurance. Besides using Orajel, what are natural ways to relieve tooth and gum pains that won't hurt my baby?
290447 tn?1218052751 t see any swelling or anything but I noticed last night that she slide her jaw over so her top teeth could bite down on her bottom row, so I think the other bottom teeth are coming. Any suggestions on pain reliever besides Motrin/Tylenol - she has had 2 doses so far today and I(as well as daddy) hate giving her any medication unless it's really needed.
7879163 tn?1411591644 Omg I can barely stand to brush my teeth do I need a softer tooth brush or something?
99457 tn?1321878677 Giving her something hard like a hard teething ring to chew on should help to break those teeth through the gums. Like limonada said, the refrigerated teething rings are good for helping to sooth the gums and the baby orajel is good as well. I do find that the orajel doesn't work for very long though. Sometimes when the teething is REALLY bad and baby is REALLY fussy a partial (half to 3/4) dose of tylenol can help.
481349 tn?1226710487 I recently had a wisdom tooth pulled from my top left side. The area has healed correctly and seemed fine. Now my whole left side of my face is in severe pain. Putting orajel on the teeth on that side doesn't help at all. The pain stops for a half an hour if I place orajel on the jaw joint inside my mouth. The pain is becoming unbearable and interrupting my sleep since I am up every half hour to put on more orajel and taking tylenol.
Avatar n tn I bought the orajel last night :-) Ill try everything listed!!!
Avatar f tn t put you under but i think they can give you the numbing shots they use to pull teeth good luck def keep orajel on it! And if the gum is swollen around the tooth an ice pack on my cheek helped me good luck!
Avatar f tn CJ has had a rougher time with his molars than the other boys, for him I actually did use orajel. The key with Orajel is to not use it near feeding time. I know, I know that is when you want to use it. but by numbing the entire mouth it makes it hard for the baby to coordinate their latch (breast or bottle) and can lead to a very difficult feed. The teething tablets worked great for Tristan, but were hit and miss for CJ.
Avatar m tn So, I have this pain in my teeth on the right bottom side. This is exactly how my first TN attack started. I was eating a lot of sugary stuff and decided to brush my teeth hoping that the pain would subside. A few hours later, I felt like somebody was sticking a dagger in the side of my head and then starting a lightning storm. I have the same pain in my teeth now and have been eating sugary stuff. Should I brush now?
377493 tn?1356502149 I guess because the teeth are so much further back. I even gave in and tried orajel, but he hates it. It really upsets him. So all I have been doing is giving him children's tylenol alternating with childrens advil. I wish I could give him a bit more relief. Any ideas would be gratefully accepted. Poor little guy.
Avatar n tn My teeth are KILLING me!!! I'm 22 almost 23 wks pregnant..... WHAT can I do, other than Tylenol???
Avatar f tn t like giving more then one med at a time) we decided to try his baby orajel for his teeth thinking maybe his teeth are still bothering him (he's in the middle of cutting his front teeth) but he only stopped crying for maybe 20 minutes. then we thought maybe he's hungry again...he wouldn't even take his bottle. by now he's usually crying so hard he makes himself cough and almost throw up. has anyone elses babies done this? if so.....
Avatar f tn My son got his first teeth. I got baby orajel tabs all natural. A friend just told me its bad for me this true?
6903444 tn?1385943346 I had an orthodontist appt two days ago where they took off all my old brackets and put brand new ones back on. Not only that, but they also put brackets on my very back teeth on the top and bottom. It's like I am having to start all over again with braces because it hurts so bad. The new brackets in the back are digging into the sides of my mouth on the too so wax has been my best friend but I'm all out and don't wanna get out because it's so windy!
Avatar f tn I have tooth infection an I have been using Orajel for the pain it works great !
Avatar f tn Because we can't see a dentist, we have to rely on Orajel. I was 7 weeks when the aches came, applied Orajel and they have yet to come back at 14 weeks. The baby is pulling calcium from your body.
Avatar f tn Is it your teeth or gums? Try to floss and rinse with Listerine. It might hurt and bleed the first few times but definitely helps. Or try to make an appt with a dentist in case it gets serious!
2133163 tn?1350518235 im 29 weeks and my wisdom teeth are coming in... and all i do is use max strength orajel.
5668536 tn?1372090522 You are supposed to see a dentist at least once during pregnancy because pregnancy weakens your teeth. My first baby ****** my teeth up bad now I have tiny cracklines throughout my bottom teeth from loosing all nutrients to her oh so many years ago.
1222635 tn?1366396286 It is the old Tylenol that was recalled. I just bought some several months ago and checked the Tylenol website. Yup, mine was recalled. I had to fill out a form online for a refund. As far as teething goes- it will come and go. Doesn't mean she'll cut any teeth just yet. My little ones teeth on and off for MONTHS before they get teeth. Zoƫ will be 9 months old next weekend and she does not have a single tooth yet but she is teething right now.
Avatar n tn what can i take to relieve pain of my wisdom teeth coming in while being 7mnths.
293845 tn?1227997530 My son is teething right now and I'm wonder what all I can do to help him. He's very cranky and shoves his little fingers into his teeth. He has his first 2 bottom, front teeth. I've tried cold baby food but it seems to constipate him if I give too much. Plus the carrots I fed him come out bright orange in his stools, does that mean he's not yet ready for carrots? He'll be 6 months in a week. I've tried vanilla extract and that doesn't seem to work.
550943 tn?1330727580 Just wondering how many times a day do you clen your baby's teeth and what do use? Lilly only has two teeth and i was told by the health nurse to just clean them with warm water and soft tooth brush, however some of my friends have been told differently!
145992 tn?1341345074 Just wanted to let everyone know that the reason why my son was being such a fussy eater is because he was teeting. I noticed it on Saturday when I ran my fingers through his gums. He has two teeth on the bottom already popping through. I'm so excited yet so sad because my little baby is growing way too fast. I'm going to miss that toothless smile. Any recommendations on how to deal with the teething issue?
777206 tn?1235689514 Hello all. I recently found out that I have to get all 30 of my teeth removed at once which I am not really nervous about at all. However, I am in so much pain right now and the surgeon has me on a waiting list, are there any options for me? I tried orajel but it does not help even in the slightest, the pain persists even if put inside the tooth. Ibuprofen and tylenol also do not help at all.
Avatar f tn I have a cut between my tongue and my gums near my wisdom teeth and my molars, I've put Orajel on it and it helps for a half an hour, I can't eat without putting it on, I have had it for almost a week now and nothing has happened to it other than pain. I need help, with what I could do.