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1201929 tn?1293711672 From this I thought hmmm is this the metallic taste I wonder? So I researched a bit further and found that many pregnant woman get very bad breath and horrible disgusting Tonsil stones (maybe this is what the metallic taste is?????) Here is what some woman say: "a tonsil stone is bacteria that gets caught in little areas of the tonsil. you can see them if you get a flash light and look at your tonsil. it just looks like a little white chunk on your tonsil. google it, its gross.
Avatar n tn After dental work and implants I have a metallic horrible taste and have lost ability to taste food. Everything tastes horrible. My doctor has sent me for numerous tests and procedures.. MRI, blood test, CT scan and etc. all tests have came back negative for any root cause. I have had numerous dental procedures and gum surgery. My tasting problem started when my dentist unscrewed the healing caps for my implants. I had a horrible metallic taste that my dentist told me would go away.
Avatar m tn I have never used so many mints and gum. the taste is just disgusting. (NOT metallic) All this occurs on the left side of my mouth. This keeps me up at night or wakes me because my breath is so nasty tasting. I am not getting any real answers. One dentist has replaces a few of the silvers. but I still have two on each side of the mouth left. The cap has been shaved down because the bottom ridge was sticking out. A 3rd dentist is going to file the inside lower portion to lessen the ridge.
Avatar n tn My tongue feels as though I've burned it but I havent. Its very sensitive to citrus, spicy foods and its hard to even taste the food. Its even difficult to brush because of the toothpaste, it feels like my tongue and mouth are burning. Also, at the same time the sensations started, I got small red bumps all over my mouth. Very small but visible very close up. Its almost like my lips are chapped.
209384 tn?1231171906 Other symptoms related to mercury poisoning are allergies, bloating, high or low blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, fatigue, muscle weakness, back pain, colitis, headaches, ringing in the ears, metallic taste in the mouth or smell on the skin, skin disorders, canker sores, and problems with the heart, thyroid, reproductive system, urinary tract and vision.
604197 tn?1292308636 To date, I have not experienced improvement with taste but recently I have been noticing (for about 2 days now) my nose is sensitive and feels as though it's tingling and I constantly smell mild "burning" so to speak. I was just wondering if this is a positive notion toward recovery or common in all patients who suffer from losing their sense of smell. Is it likely I will return to normal within my lifetime?
797873 tn?1265740119 Mine is little different because where ever I am at this smell stays in, my room , at work and in my car.. and the smell changes all the time it depends what I eat. I also get thursty If I dont drink water. I start to get a dry throat and mouth... If i drink anything else that is not water my breath gets worse.. please help!
Avatar m tn The tooth in front of the molar in question is gone but the next two teeth are somewhat sensitive. I feel like I am loosing my mind!!!!! I thought that the Eagles Syndrome surgery would correct the pain but it has not completely, so now I am trying to see if what other issues are at play. I also have had a metallic taste in my mouth for over a year now.
Avatar m tn 2)i wake up with a dry blood/metal kinda of taste in my mouth some mornings. I have really sensitive gums so there might be blood residue from when i brush my teeth but i just want to make sure why is this happening..
Avatar n tn 1. dose anyone else's teeth hurt or do you taste metal in your mouth??? what does that mean?? 2. Can you get vaccinated from hep a and b if you are already on TX?
Avatar f tn My tongue is sore and it appears to have tiny sores on the sides of it. I also have a metallic numb feeling\taste. I know it sounds weird but its the best description I can give. It is starting to hurt at times when I am eating.
Avatar f tn After I vomited, I felt good, still. Then I cooked me some more breakfast. Now I have like a metallic taste from the middle of my tongue to the back. But I heard sinusitis can cause this too, and I have a sinus infection. But I've had many sinus infections, but this had never happened. Is morning sickness like this during early pregnancy....Idk if I'm really pregnant or not. My question is has anyone experiences morning sickness like this?
Avatar n tn Hi I have had extensive work over the past eighteen months due to bad dentistry had to have seven root canals and all upper teeth crowned. My gums are terribly sensitive and bleed constantly. My question is that as well as the discomfort even on a 'good day' my mouth feels 'off'. I literally feels like someone has stuck a piece of dinner plate in my mouth. My tongue seems to recoil at the feel of the crowns. I have had crowns previously on the lower back teeth with no problem.
Avatar n tn There is also a strange metallic taste in my mouth that was not there before and I spit up trace amounts of blood last night. The tooth is also sensitive to temperature. I am also exhausted from not sleeping last night, I just couldn't get comfortable. Prior to the crown, I had no pain at all even though the tooth was cracked. During the procedure yesterday, the dentist told me that the condition of the tooth was worse than he originally thought during the initial consult a week ago.
Avatar m tn Strangely, when the pain is most acute, I have a strange taste (almost metallic) in my mouth and my teeth are now sensitive to hot and cold. I'm scheduled for an endoscopy in a month but am wondering if they should doing a colonoscopy instead. I asked the gastro about Crohn's and Colitis but he said those usually present with diarrhea and often show up on a CT scan.
766080 tn?1240256058 ) ~At what point would I feel any 'sign' or 'symptom' if I were to feel any? ~What does the metallic taste that I had in my mouth mean? (this happened on 3/23); it was very strange; it tasted like that of canned spinach - the taste it leaves in your mouth. (Is this even related?) I'm thinking if someone can answer all these questions it might eliminate alot of future questions people might have; I think I've touched on all! ;o) Maybe not....but I will be ever so grateful!
Avatar f tn I worry about how I smell to others. Lately too I have been smelling my deoderant - a metallic smell - so just switched to a non aluminum.
Avatar f tn Most doctor's response will be that the insurance companies won't pay for it, but my experience is, if the doctor orders it, the insurance company will pay. Having a metallic taste in the mouth is one sx of VIC. Dry mouth is an sx of the interferon. One recommendation is to use platic ware instead of silverware. I never did that because I hate plastic forks. I sucked tic tacks for the dryness. One suggestion I received was to suck on lemon drops.
1175164 tn?1274120232 which is a numbness, and dull ear ache, dull pain in my throat, numb face. Other times I'll get a metallic taste on my teeth. Other times, the only symptom is a beet red ear. Other times, I'll get severe pain deep in my ear. Hope this helps you renee.
359574 tn?1328364024 Ate to bottom of bowl, put romano on it. Didn't taste it. Went and brushed my teeth after all that, lol. Are lack of OR heightened sensitivity to smells related to tastes?
Avatar f tn Lots of allergies and perimenopause. So, in addition to going to your gynecologist, you might want to visit an allergist and they can do a skin test to see what all you're allergic to. Here's the quote from that website about allergic reactions: "Anaphylaxis The following symptoms may occur when exposed to an allergen: Symptoms can vary from a mild skin reaction or can be life threatening. Swollen face, lips, and tongue and throat. Itching or a strange metallic taste in the mouth.
1986676 tn?1329866071 But that has actually gotten better over the last few weeks. Also, My taste changed, no metallic taste, just can't tolerate spicy food too much or food with a lot of seasonings and everything tastes like a giant salt lick.
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Avatar m tn Need to seat near exits Head Burning, itchy, tight scalp Dizziness Dizzy Dizziness or light-headedness Frequent headaches, migraine headaches Feeling like there is a tight band around your head, pressure, tightness Head, neck or shoulder pain, tightness/stiffness Giddiness Numbness Numbness tingling, numbness and tingling Shooting pains in the face Shooting pains in the scalp or head When you close your eyes you feel like are beginning to, or will, float upwards Sore jaw that feels
866901 tn?1505509836 Oh yea another symptom I've noticed yesterday and today is a metallic taste in my mouth--it's really weird. I doubt that has ANYTHING to do with pregnancy...
363281 tn?1518219421 A ‘tinny’, ‘metallic’ or ‘ammonia’, or unusual smell or taste Aerophagia (swallowing too much air, stomach distention, belching) Burning mouth, feeling like the inside of your mouth is burning, or tingling, or like pins and needles, or all of these together or at different times Burning tongue, feeling like your tongue is burning, or tingling, or like pins and needles, or all of these, or all of these together or at different times Choking Constant craving for sugar or sweets Constipatio
620923 tn?1452919248 Sometimes everything, food and drink) has a metallic taste and sometimes tasts like eating cardboard. It comes and goes. Nad often food smells awful. Something about scrambled eggs cooking. Mu husband can start scrambling eggs and I have to leave the room. Yet, no matter how little I eat there is no weight loss. I too had to take steroids and 15 must be the required number of pounds that come with them. What a pain. They come on over a week and take a months to lose.
Avatar f tn i have had a regular cleaning and my teeth feel painful and sensitive to touch. i also feel my bite is off because when i bite down i am hitting teeth i never used to. i do not want to go back to the dentist,i am just asking what you feel as a dr. what could be going on here,i was feeling maybe when she polished the teeth being that she was new she used the wrong instrument,is that possible and would this cause this discomfort? if so what do you do from this point on to get better?
Avatar n tn That tooth is sensitive and I have had 2 root canals done it. My tongue goes numb on and off and I have a metallic taste in my mouth. All this started when the crown was put in. Bah humbug! My dentist said you can't be allergic to cerec, but he is wrong. Not everyone is compatible with everything.
Avatar m tn (dramatic mood swings) Emotions feel wrong Everything is scary, frightening Feeling down in the dumps Feeling like things are unreal or dreamlike Frequently being on edge or 'grouchy' Frequently feel like crying for no apparent reason Have no feelings about things you used to Not feeling like yourself, detached from loved ones, emotionally numb Underlying anxiety, apprehension, or fear You feel like you are under pressure all the time Mouth/Stomach A ‘tinny’, ‘metallic’ or ‘ammonia’