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Avatar f tn Hello I am new to the forum and had a question i am 28weeks pregnant and I have been having horribly sensitive teeth this past week were i cant even sleep at night they hurt so much. is there anything i can do to help the pain? i use sensitive tooth paste but it hasnt seemed to work much.
Avatar f tn For years, I have suffered from sensitive teeth. The pain from cold objects literally drive me mad. One bad habit that I know is causing the sensitivity is my avid consumption of acidic drinks, which I am trying to give up. I have sought the services of a periodontist, who said that I have the beginning stages of periodontal disease.
Avatar f tn can any 1 give me any ideas how to control sensitive teeth ITS DRIVING ME BONKERS! i use sensodyne toothpaste and mouth wash nothing helps. i can't stand anything hot or cold touching them. iv been to my dentist several times now and she applyed a gel to my gums which eases it 4 a while but theres not much more she can do. any advice appreciated.
232921 tn?1224471661 Hello, Has anyone experienced having sore, tender, sensitive teeth after starting treatment with Peginron and rebetol. My teeth started to hurt after my first shot. I stopped treating 3 weeks ago . My teeth are sill sensitive.. Feels like I've been chewing aluminum foil. Anyone else?
Avatar f tn my teeth have been sensitive lately. and I'm eating and chewing on ice hoping it will calm down my cramps. i am so scared with eating these ice chips my teeth are going to chip. has anyone ever lost or chipped a tooth while pregnant. i'll freak if i do and then really go into labor lol. but seriously.
Avatar f tn My teeth werent ever more sensitive but my wisdom teeth did come in since ive been pregnant. it was horrible i was in so much pain.
Avatar f tn My teeth have become increasingly more sensitive. I'm 30 weeks. Has that happened to anyone else?
Avatar f tn I'm 30 weeks and have noticed my teeth becoming increasingly more sensitive. Anyone else have this happen? Does it go away after birth?
Avatar n tn I have severe sensitive teeth - my teeth look fantastic under x ray but the outside of the teeth under the gums burns and stings all the time and sometimes electric shocks if I eat sugar or drink tea - I can't talk or eat properly - opening my mouth and air causes pain.
Avatar f tn Hi ladies I have a question had anyone of you have sensitive teeth? I am 28w4d today this last week i have had very very sensitive teeth. and alot of the time i cant sleep they hurt so much.i wake up about 10 times threw the night and its just to painful to sleep. i brush and floss daily adn everything amd i use the sensitive tooth paste. if anyone has this happeneding any idea why or how did u deal with it Thank you ladies.
Avatar f tn t loosen her teeth, and I would think that cold would cause her pain as well if she had sensitive teeth. The same if the tooth had a crack in it. Just to be on the safe side I would take her to the dentist to know exactly what is going on.
Avatar f tn My teeth are very sensitive now and gums too. My mother and grandmother said to drink a lot of milk to get a lot of calcium because the baby ***** that right out of you along with everything else haha. My grandma even lost two back teeth because of being pregnant._.
Avatar n tn I have recently been advised that I have a low b-12 count, and I have been grinding my teeth at night. My teeth are very sensitive right now. Are these things related, the b-12 count and the sensitive teeth? My teeth feel COLD all the time, but they do not ache like a cavity or tooth ache.
Avatar f tn I have never had dental problems but for the last 2 weeks, my teeth hae become incredibly sensitive to hot/cold and also ache all the time even when Im not eating or drinking... Could one of the meds Im on be causing this? Also, could one of thee meds be causing my eyes to be very dry?
Avatar f tn It is better at night and then as the day goes on the burning increases in sensitivity. In the later afternoon, my mouth feels on fire and my teeth feel very sensitive. Sometimes it is around my gums, the roof of my mouth, or on my tongue. It moves from day to day. I see nothing visable when I look . O went to the dentist and he did not see anything. I suck lonsengers all the time to give me some relief..I have had 2 days with no symptoms, but it starts up again.
Avatar f tn Yes the bridge still feels sensitive. when i close my mouth and my teeth come together.
Avatar f tn However, I have been taking medicine for months for these 2 teeth. I have never taken more medicine ever in my life. The pain actually stopped a week before I went for the temps and prep & now it started again. I am willing to pay or do whatever to make the pain stop. To be specific, the 2 teeth are not sensitive to hot or cold liquids, I am still not chewing on that side though. The pain just comes out of nowhere, like a throbbing pain.
Avatar f tn 5 days later my bottom front teeth from behind became very sensitive that they hurt, eating or drinking anything cold including some at room temperature. It has been 10 days now being on an iron perscription and I feel fine except the teeth. It is better but I still have the sensitivity but not as invasive. Is this a permanent feeling or will it eventually go away. I am still on the perscription for another 2 /2 weeks.
Avatar f tn m not sure if they are safe. I use toothpaste that helps build enamel and mouthwash for sensitive teeth since my teeth have always been pretty weak/sensitive since I was a kid.
Avatar n tn I'm 17 weeks an every time I drink or in the wind my bottom teeth get sensitive an I don't have sensitive teeth :( did anyone else have this problem when they were the week I'm in today
Avatar m tn re also on an antibiotic for infection so you should be feeling much better.Yet sometimes daily teeth protection is indispensable besides medicine cure.And I had teethache before,and get recovery under the help of dental unit from furtheremore,I did not get the pain back.
Avatar f tn Well, i recently had 4 teeth pulled and now i am having pain in my right side of my teeth and gums. it got so bad that my right side of my face swelled up like someone had just hit me real hard. i went to the emergency and they said it is an infection. gave me the medicine i need. well 2 days ago, i noticed a lump in the front part of my gums, above my front teeth. It looks like a large canker sore or something like that. And it is very sensitive to wind, hot or cold. and to touch.
1305767 tn?1361192676 I had some teeth pulled today and the anxiety wasn't bad this time because they gave me nitrous but I learned they put epinephrine in the local anesthetic shots (it has something to do with helping the anesthetic last longer) So I'm thinking the epinephrine sends my anxiety level from like a six to a ten. Last November I had a tooth pulled and while the dentist was injecting the shot my heart rate got so high I almost passed out. They put a monitor on my finger and it was about 150!
Avatar f tn Ever since I got pregnant my teeth have been super sensitive and today I broke my back tooth.
20832912 tn?1527989624 She felt like she had something in between her teeth but again there was nothing there, she got her teeth cleaned and at one point she asked the dentist to shave down a space between her teeth so she could floss between her teeth easier and now there is a visible gap but she still says she feels like there is something there. - The next problem was with her middle top teeth, she felt like her filling between her teeth had fallen out/was loose.