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Avatar f tn No jaw pain but now you mention it I've got slightly sensitive teeth. Hope your jaw ache passes quickly.
Avatar f tn My jaw cracks more then usual when chewing but I think its the weather changing not due to being pregnant.
Avatar n tn The pain is so severe that I will wake up in the middle of the night and can do nothing to ease the pain. My teeth have also been very sensitive, even to drink a cold drink or hot tea. I have recently had a couple of cavities filled but this did not start untill a couple of weeks after so Im not sure if they are connected or not. Even if they are connected I had a filling on the top left and the bottom right, the pain is all along my entire lower jaw.
Avatar m tn I had four cavities filled two weeks ago two molars on top and two molars on the bottom. Two days after they were filled I had several pain in my right jaw and gum. I went back and had the bite fixed. But by the weekend, I was in pain again. The dentist called in Tylenol with Codine. By Tuesday I went back to the dentist and they took an xray. They claimed my teeth look fine but since I was in pain in the one back molar they removed that filling and redrilled and filled it.
Avatar n tn Is there something serious that you can put on sensitive teeth to REALLY stop the pain - something potent you can paint on - silver nitrate or something else other than standard desensitising. The physical problem is like minor problem but the treatment is for people who have 'normal' sensitivity doesn't work but the damage is not terrible- the pain I have is severe because I have big strong teeth - I could sense before this started it was going to hurt alot.
1348686 tn?1310654243 I do have TMJ and I sometimes get pain on the sides of my jaw as well as clicking but the pain in the lower front teeth is different. Any ideas???
Avatar f tn 2 weeks ago i had 2 teeth filled with white fillings, they were very sensitive to cold and still are, i noticed myself being woken up att night jaw clenching and the pain was excrutiating coming from these teeth. I can not bite on these teeth at all without pain! Brushing them is also painfull. A week later i had 2 bottom teeth filled and these are the sensitive to cold and when i apply pressure to the inside of them with my tongue its almost like a feeling that my teeth are loose.
Avatar n tn hi i have never had anything wrong with my teeth but last week i had bad headaches, for two days n on day three my jaw felt tight and on my lower jaw, my last tooth was sensitive. i went to my dentist n in 5 minutes by tapping on my teeth he diagnosed i have an infection inside but the infection isn't visible. i was prescribed amoxicillin n motrin for two weeks. on the third week he decided to remove my top n bottom tooth on either side. should i be worried.
Avatar f tn I had a cleaning at 10w and it felt normal. Also had a cavity filled, normal. My teeth are more sensitive now that I'm prego. I use that sensitive toothpaste and it's great. Don't be worried if your gums hurt or bleed some, that's normal.
Avatar n tn But two weeks ago I started experiencing severe pain in my left jaw, that is only abated by pain killers. Without any sort of pain killers, my whole left jaw feels like it's on fire. Last Monday I went to the dentist. They didn't take any new xrays, and only referred to the ones from October, and told me they didn't know what my problem was. The thought my filling might be a little high, so filed it down, then told me that I may be grinding my teeth.
Avatar f tn Try using sensitive toothpaste it is very normal to have sensitive teeth during pregnancy just make sure your taking really good care of your teeth while your pregnant because your baby is taking a lot of the calcium to help with that, so try the sensitive toothpaste if that doesn't seem to help contact your dentist they may have something stronger to help :)
Avatar n tn The only symptoms I currently have are...sensitive teeth (upper and lower right molars), sensitive gums...same location....and Jaw soreness mostly due to inflamation of glands under jaw midway between chin and ear. The glands seem to swell a bit then recede within 15 minutes or so. Arrrg. Very frustrating not being able to figure it out. Will try some peroxide mouthwash, and the antibiotics which were just prescribed and wait and see.
Avatar f tn I have been reading alot about teeth sensitivity, gum and jaw pain after RAI. I was dx with Graves about 2 months ago. After taking methimazole for two wks, I started having REALLY sensitive teeth and the pain gets worse until I take tylenol or ibuprofen. I am up to every three hours taking something for pain. My dentist, GP and Endo do not know anything about this pain-what is causing it. I have not had RAI, just methimazole. Bad thing is ..
Avatar f tn It causes me a lot of pain at times and seems to now be very sensitive to cold weather. I also notice that when opening and closing my mouth it seems like the alignment of my jaw is wrong, the right side appears to pop out when my mouth opens and the left does not. I never had any jaw problems before having my wisdom tooth out, my jaw had never even locked before. It is very frustrating and I just want to know what could have happened and how I might make it better?!?!
293157 tn?1285873439 the Trigeminal nerve handles the nerve endings around the teeth, so they can be falsely sensitive (meaning the teeth are fine, but you can feel pain in them. I wrote up a whole biggie answer.
698356 tn?1240150727 At first I thought it was tooth infection making my jaw sore and went to the dentist. He said my teeth were sensitive but fine. My doctor then diagnosed TMJ and prescribed low dose anti inflamatories and told me to rest my jaw, not press my teeth together and to eat soft foods. After months of this I went to a different dentist (as mine was away) with a tooth ache and was told I needed a root canal. TMJ disapeared after Root canal. I know I am one of the lucky ones.
Avatar n tn Since I had so much work done and my gums were sore, my dentist advised that I wait to see if this is causing the sensitivity. Since then I have both pain and sensitivity and the pain is getting worse. I take aspirin about three times a day and usually the pain starts a few hours after eating and now in the middle of the night. It's a dull ache that seems to be more in my jaw than tooth, but the sensitivity to hot/cold is definitely in the tooth.
427265 tn?1444076436 Teeth grinding can do a lot of damage to your teeth and also cause headaces Signs and Symptoms Some of the symptoms or signs of bruxism includes chronic facial pain; soft tissue on the inside of the cheek; headache; jaw pain or tightness in the jaw muscles; earache (caused from bruxism, not an ear infection); increased tooth sensitivity; worn tooth enamel that exposes the inside of your teeth; flattened, worn down, or chipped teeth; and teeth grinding or chipping that is loud enough to wake you
Avatar m tn Apparently none of the were that deep according to my dentist, however my teeth are still extremely sensitive and the sensitivity causes my mouth to ache resulting in migrains and jaw pain. I know that my fillings are not too high because my bite is not interupted. Is this just my mouth recovering from multiple fillings and somthing that will go away on its own or is this some kind of infection developing?
Avatar n tn The tooth is very sensitive to cold and a little sensitive to heat. (I have sensitive teeth anyway.) How long can a tooth be sensitive like this? 2. When I eat cold or hot things, it seems like the sensitivity radiates to my jaw. But I can't tell if this is because my jaw is so sore or because of the tooh. But I also have pain in my jaw at random times that is true TMJ pain. I also have a sinus infection, which makes my jaw hurt too! 3.
Avatar n tn I have intermittent pain above my back teeth on just one side. My wisdom teeth have been removed. There is also a tightness in my jaw when pain is present. Sometimes it throbs at night and sometimes there is no pain. It comes and goes during the day. If pain is present, it is worse if I lean over to pick something up or any activity that increases blood flow to the area. A dentist has xrayed the area and didn't see anything. It is not sensitive to hot/cold.
Avatar n tn You know I may also be TMJ, that's what I have,the worst case. I get pain in my jaw, headaches, sometimes throat pain, and ear pain, and back pain, you'll know if you have it by pressure on your side jaw(both sides) Just my oppinion.
Avatar n tn i find it sensitive to cold drinks and gives me shooting pain down my jaw and also up into my ear a little??
Avatar n tn The last couple days I started to notice some real dull and very minor left jaw pain near the junction of the left jaw bones. This is only noticeable towards the end of the day, say after 7 pm or so when I get home. I take a couple tylenol and am fine. When I wake up I have no pain at all and nothing bothers me during the day when i'm at work the teeth that were filled have been fine, there is no pain and I am not sensitive to any foods or temperatures.
Avatar n tn Wisdom tooth pain can radiate and cause a lot of problems, especially if they become infected or are impacted. Fillings can also be sensitive after having them done. Especially ones where a white filling material is used due to the bonding materials used during treatment. It is reasuring that you Dentist has taken xrays which shows there is no apical infection present or any decay. If you still have problems I would go back to the Dentist you saw.
977806 tn?1249067346 Took 2nd shot this past Wednesday. Have actually had jaw pain off and on but really thought it was a dental problem but am thinking more along the lines of Sx now because it is in both jaws. I emailed my doctor earlier today. Has anyone else had jaw pain. Both jaws have been effected and right now it is throbbing a bit. I emailed to ask my doctor if I should go and see a dentist anyway even though it may be due to the drugs.
Avatar f tn Ibuprofen got rid of the pain almost immediately. At that time, there was no actual tooth pain. It felt like ALL my teeth were hurting. The pain didn't go away. When I went back to the dentist to have the crown put on, I mentioned the jaw pain to her. She said that it happens and could have been from having my mouth open too wide or from the injection hitting a nerve. (I do remember an almost shock or jolt when she gave me one of the shots.