Sensitive teeth in early pregnancy

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9602111 tn?1443721049 I had tried to get my teeth cleaned on the regular schedule I did okay at the first one early in my pregnancy but the second one toward the end was a disaster. I gagged the whole way and they didn't clean them. They told me that the rinses that they make are really great to use if brushing causes a woman who is pregnant any issues. So, I'm not sure if sensitive teeth is a sign of pregnancy although I think I felt things more acutely when I was pregnant.
Avatar f tn My teeth werent ever more sensitive but my wisdom teeth did come in since ive been pregnant. it was horrible i was in so much pain.
1616538 tn?1304707284 My teeth have never been so sensitive is it common for my two front teeth to feel like air is constantly being blowed on them and when I drink to feel aches in them during early pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Yeah that's no fun. I'm on my third pregnancy and have never had sensitive teeth like this before. I thought something was wrong with me. I've been to the dentist multiple times. I had cavities with my other two. I've been using sensodyne so hopefully that helps. Luckily I only have 2 months left.
Avatar f tn lilbit - Actually, yes, teeth problems are common during pregnancy, if you have any cavities, etc, pregnancy can cause them to worsen, or hurt more. They recommend regular dentist check ups while pregnant for this reason. I had a cavity with my son, and in my early pregnancy it hurt SO bad I had to get an antibiotic for it, also sore or sensitive gums, and bleeding gums are common during pregnancy.
Avatar n tn That definitely isn't fun. When my teeth get sensitive I use act restoring mouthwash. In a day, maybe up to 3, the sensitivity is completely gone for me. I use it early on when I feel any sensitivity. If you're having citrus, acidic foods, drinks, etc also wait about 30 mins to an hour before brushing so your enamel has some time to harden again, otherwise your brushing away your enamel too.
Avatar m tn t be counted as the only sign...I always had bleeding gums in early pregnancy which led me to follow it up with a pregnancy test, which confirmed the bleeding gums as an early pregnancy.
Avatar n tn Hello , im 20 years old and me and my husband are 15 weeks pregnant with our first baby and I was wondering if any of you ever had really sensitive teeth with your pregnancies? I've been bruching twice a day and using mouth wash once a day and flossing onece a day but just this week and especially since yesterday my bottom teeth have been so sensitive and they hurt even if I breathe through my mouth, drink water with no ice or anything too hot or cold. Is this normal?
Avatar f tn My teeth are very sensitive now and gums too. My mother and grandmother said to drink a lot of milk to get a lot of calcium because the baby ***** that right out of you along with everything else haha. My grandma even lost two back teeth because of being pregnant._.
Avatar f tn Avoid all tooth pastes that contain silica or hydrated silica (strong abrasive, wears down dentin along the gum line which is the major cause for pain in sensitive teeth). You also have to work from the inside out, making sure to eat at least 50 % of your diet as organically grown RAW vegetables, favoring all leafy dark greens. Ubiquinol (the natural form of CoQ10) is also very important for gums as well as heart health.
Avatar f tn For years, I have suffered from sensitive teeth. The pain from cold objects literally drive me mad. One bad habit that I know is causing the sensitivity is my avid consumption of acidic drinks, which I am trying to give up. I have sought the services of a periodontist, who said that I have the beginning stages of periodontal disease.
Avatar f tn I noticed that my gums are a but sensitive. my gums are a lil bit peeled in one spot its just a tiny dot as if I scraped or brushed too hard. Any suggestions? What can I do to strengthen my teeth & gums?
Avatar f tn Hi ladies I have a question had anyone of you have sensitive teeth? I am 28w4d today this last week i have had very very sensitive teeth. and alot of the time i cant sleep they hurt so much.i wake up about 10 times threw the night and its just to painful to sleep. i brush and floss daily adn everything amd i use the sensitive tooth paste. if anyone has this happeneding any idea why or how did u deal with it Thank you ladies.
Avatar m tn I was thinking maybe your wisdom teeth were starting to pop up early in your life which may cause pain in that back area. Otherwise, the blisters may be what's causing the pain. It could be a cold sore or canker sore. You may want to see your dentist to get it checked out though.
Avatar f tn Hello I am new to the forum and had a question i am 28weeks pregnant and I have been having horribly sensitive teeth this past week were i cant even sleep at night they hurt so much. is there anything i can do to help the pain? i use sensitive tooth paste but it hasnt seemed to work much.
Avatar n tn Negative test @ 7 weeks. Started Lactating at 15 weeks, no other symptoms. Lactation possible symptom?
Avatar f tn Toothaches and teeth weakening in general since pregnancy? im 17weeks now.
397982 tn?1210924921 Yes, bleeding swollen, sensitive gums can be an early sign of pregnancy. My gums hurt a lot when I was pregnant and bled everytime I brushed my teeth, I asked my Dr. because I didn't know if it would affect my mitral valve and she said it was common in pregnancy.
971074 tn?1362759766 they clearly say second may just be very early in your preg and all the water you drank water downed your HCG levels...ive also heard that docs tests are not as sensitive as ones we buy over the sure your blood test will come back positive when do you get your results?
316002 tn?1246553137 My teeth are LESS sensitive to cold and hot then they were before I was pregnant. I think it is part of pregnancy cause I usually have very sensitive teeth.
Avatar f tn i remember having had changed body washes thinking my skin was just getting sensitive.... Luckily I went in in time. I think you should get your levels checked so you know how your liver is working!!
Avatar n tn I'm 17 weeks an every time I drink or in the wind my bottom teeth get sensitive an I don't have sensitive teeth :( did anyone else have this problem when they were the week I'm in today
232921 tn?1224471661 I, too, have been suffering with sores in my mouth and very sensitive teeth since I started tx. Brushing my teeth burns my mouth, I hate it, and that is using sensodyne toothpaste. I have never had problems with my teeth before this. Anyway, as with many of the sx, during and after tx, here is hoping that they go away soon.
Avatar f tn t sure if its just my gums being sensitive or just my teeth moving
568875 tn?1424397205 how weird is that. ive never heard of it...he also told me my wisdom teeth were coming in NOOOO!! he said i should be find during my pregnancy but after that i should take care of it! the crappy thing is the wisdom tooth that is coming in is on the side with the swelling so i have to take extra care of it. and have to take abx. this stinks...
Avatar f tn Ever since I got pregnant my teeth have been super sensitive and today I broke my back tooth.
Avatar f tn Awesome. Like I said I never had this with my last pregnancies and never thought to ask my dentist about it. Thanks for the feedback!!
Avatar f tn Sensitive.. Not sinusitis..