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Avatar f tn Hello I am new to the forum and had a question i am 28weeks pregnant and I have been having horribly sensitive teeth this past week were i cant even sleep at night they hurt so much. is there anything i can do to help the pain? i use sensitive tooth paste but it hasnt seemed to work much.
Avatar f tn For years, I have suffered from sensitive teeth. The pain from cold objects literally drive me mad. One bad habit that I know is causing the sensitivity is my avid consumption of acidic drinks, which I am trying to give up. I have sought the services of a periodontist, who said that I have the beginning stages of periodontal disease.
Avatar f tn I am 28w4d today this last week i have had very very sensitive teeth. and alot of the time i cant sleep they hurt so much.i wake up about 10 times threw the night and its just to painful to sleep. i brush and floss daily adn everything amd i use the sensitive tooth paste. if anyone has this happeneding any idea why or how did u deal with it Thank you ladies. I just dont want to go ot the dentist as im terrified that it will hurt my baby :0( Thank you.
Avatar n tn Should they still hurt or have I not taken it easy enough on my teeth, I have just never had sensitive teeth before?
Avatar f tn My teeth werent ever more sensitive but my wisdom teeth did come in since ive been pregnant. it was horrible i was in so much pain.
Avatar n tn I have severe sensitive teeth - my teeth look fantastic under x ray but the outside of the teeth under the gums burns and stings all the time and sometimes electric shocks if I eat sugar or drink tea - I can't talk or eat properly - opening my mouth and air causes pain.
Avatar n tn I have recently been advised that I have a low b-12 count, and I have been grinding my teeth at night. My teeth are very sensitive right now. Are these things related, the b-12 count and the sensitive teeth? My teeth feel COLD all the time, but they do not ache like a cavity or tooth ache.
Avatar m tn I went to the denist not long ago and got a couple cavities filled, before i went in my teeth felt fine, but after the filling i eat and my gums hurt really bad. I called the dentist to tell them the problem and they said to wash my mouth with salt water and I have been but they still hurt anytime I eat anything. What can I do about it??
Avatar f tn can any 1 give me any ideas how to control sensitive teeth ITS DRIVING ME BONKERS! i use sensodyne toothpaste and mouth wash nothing helps. i can't stand anything hot or cold touching them. iv been to my dentist several times now and she applyed a gel to my gums which eases it 4 a while but theres not much more she can do. any advice appreciated.
Avatar f tn I almost let my gums get infected by not brushing my teeth enough once and I noticed my gums getting sensitive in lots of places and freaked out and began to brush my teeth more regularly (i was like 13 and didnt really care at the time) and yeah it hurts so it seems like the opposite of what you wanna do is brush more fervently but my soreness went away in days
Avatar f tn 5 days later my bottom front teeth from behind became very sensitive that they hurt, eating or drinking anything cold including some at room temperature. It has been 10 days now being on an iron perscription and I feel fine except the teeth. It is better but I still have the sensitivity but not as invasive. Is this a permanent feeling or will it eventually go away. I am still on the perscription for another 2 /2 weeks.
Avatar f tn I'm 21+4 and my teeth hurt so bad and my gums .
Avatar f tn Since i found out im pregnant my teeth hurt and hurt bad. Is my calcuim low?
Avatar f tn i brush my teeth everyday and they are still sensitive. they hurt and they never use to hurt before i got pregnant. even when i eat candy i have to stop because my teeth will hurt. but I'm munching away on this ice and I'm just scared my teeth will fall out. and my insurance only covers teeth cleaning lol.
Avatar f tn Any other momma's to be out there have extremely sinusitis gums? I never have before but the past few days they have hurt like crazy.. Any momma's have any advice on what might help..
232921 tn?1224471661 Hello, Has anyone experienced having sore, tender, sensitive teeth after starting treatment with Peginron and rebetol. My teeth started to hurt after my first shot. I stopped treating 3 weeks ago . My teeth are sill sensitive.. Feels like I've been chewing aluminum foil. Anyone else?
8101930 tn?1420001456 Pregnancy is hard on teeth!
Avatar n tn I had a dentist checkup at 5 weeks and everything was perfect. I never have problems with my teeth. However my teeth are so sensitive the past couple weeks I can't stand it! They are continually getting worse. Hot/cold/sweet.. even a hard boiled egg hurt them. I'm using a soft tooth brush and sensitive tooth paste. Any suggestions? When will this go away?
Avatar f tn m 35 weeks with my 2nd baby and have noticed that my teeth are getting really sensitive. I take gummy prenatal and even chewing those in the morning hurt. I get regular dental checkups every 6 months. But not sure if I should be concerned or just deal with the annoyance? Didn't have this issue with my first baby. Any advice?
Avatar m tn Conventional gums hurt my sensitive teeth and gums, anyone know of a gum that is ok for sensitive teeth? Thank you kindly.
Avatar m tn s Best, [Hig]h [Abso]rption CoQ10, 100 mg, 120 Veggie Caps and after a week of taking it, I noticed my teeth became real sensitive. They even hurt when I bit down on some tortilla chip, and even the gum underneath my 10-year crown felt tingling..scary.. I immediately stopped taking the supplement that day and three days later, my teeth were back to normal. It's a weird reaction, given all the articles on the internet saying it is supposed to help gum. Has anyone had a similar experience?
Avatar n tn i was sick for 3 days.. two of my wisdom teeth is growing and they hurt like hell.. i could barely eat because my throat hurts and my teeth are really sensitive.. what can i do to make the soar on my lip go away?
Avatar n tn ve been bruching twice a day and using mouth wash once a day and flossing onece a day but just this week and especially since yesterday my bottom teeth have been so sensitive and they hurt even if I breathe through my mouth, drink water with no ice or anything too hot or cold. Is this normal?is it something I can take care of on my own? My next doctors appointment is this coming Thursday and I'm going to mention it but I just wanted to know if anyone else has ever experienced it.
293157 tn?1285873439 the Trigeminal nerve handles the nerve endings around the teeth, so they can be falsely sensitive (meaning the teeth are fine, but you can feel pain in them. I wrote up a whole biggie answer.
Avatar f tn My teeth have become increasingly more sensitive. I'm 30 weeks. Has that happened to anyone else?
Avatar f tn I'm 30 weeks and have noticed my teeth becoming increasingly more sensitive. Anyone else have this happen? Does it go away after birth?
Avatar f tn Thankfully they went back to normal a few months after my little one was born! I went to the dentist to make sure everything was ok and them cleaning my teeth hurt soo bad i was almost in tears (and i have had a baby naturally ) so i dont suggest that. A toothpaste for sensitive teeth helped a bit.