Sensitive teeth from grinding

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Avatar n tn sounds like your problem may be due to grinding. let me tell you from a hardcore grinder, it can make your teeth sens. hurt and shift. talk to your dentist about this and if it is the problem a splint, or nightgaurd can help. bad thing is it is usually covered by medical ins, and hmo's dont cover it . but if you can get one it will save your teeth!
Avatar f tn For bruxism (grinding of teeth), you can get a gum shield to protect your teeth from being worn away from grinding when you sleep. The dentist usually makes it for you to fit over your bottom teeth. I do not know what the cost of that would be and whether it would be done for free if you are using a NHS dentist. You would have to ask the dental receptionist. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn It can also be due to other reasons such as abfraction, in which you are grinding/clenching your teeth and its causing wear and tear at the neck of the tooth and thinning the area out. Try some sensitivity toothpaste as well.
Avatar m tn Yes, bruxism (grinding your teeth while asleep) is one of the side effects of ribivirin. See about using a bite guard at night to stop that.
10069532 tn?1407594111 Hey ladies. Here recently, I guess I have been grinding my teeth pretty bad in my sleep. I know that after I have my baby, I will have to get at least one tooth pulled from breaking. What have you ladies done to stop the grinding? I keep waking up because my mouth hurts so bad from the grinding. :( I'm 31 weeks, and don't know how I'm going to deal with 9 more weeks of this pain.
Avatar f tn Any head injury may cause teeth grinding. I had a TBI and I am not sure I am grinding my teeth in sleep (bcuz I wake up with dizziness, headache, fatigue everyday/all day) but planning to go to a TMJ specialist at some point.
Avatar n tn It is there primarily to protect your teeth from excessive wear. The resuption of the grinding maybe involved with some type of stress that maybe a causitive factor.If you clench in your sleep your will cause discomfort whether you wear the appliance or not. If you kept any of your muscles in a contracted state you would certainly have discomfort.I don't think I can give you a solution only to say that you have to look into something that might be causing stress.
1255530 tn?1269867619 i have tardive dyskinesia and my mouth moves like crazy i developed it from taking geodon an anti-psychotic because it attacks your central nervous system i don't know about teeth grinding it's sounds similiar to my problem :)
Avatar n tn I have been grinding my teeth at night when I sleep and it is causing jaw and tooth pain. I recently went to the dentist where we discussed a custom made mouth piece that I would wear at night. The only problem is that it cost about $800.00!!! There is anohter mouth piece that they can make that is a "lesser model" that is about $300.00.
Avatar n tn the amount of pressure in night time grinding is what wears our joints and cracks our teeth. i cant tell you what to do but you need to discuss this with a dentist and if he suggests only wearing it during the day GET A SECOND OPINION!! if you get the splint issue worked out and you have pain in the muscles in the face and jaw sometimes physical therapy will help. good luck and let me know what happens.
Avatar m tn Hi everyone, anyone experiencing the teeth grinding/biting. Also I had a crazy breakout yesterday which was Wednesday, my shots are friday nights and normally my flu like symptoms are just pretty bad saturday afternoon. on Wednesday i'm at work and about 10 am i started shivering to where it was like winter. I put a sweat shirt on but felt like the meds just creeped up on me, 5 days after my shot.
187316 tn?1386356682 Aspen keeps grinding her teeth and it is driving me insane. I keep giving her things to put into her mouth so that she wont grind them because I think that it could be causing damage and dont want it to become a permanent habit. Does anyone know of anything to get babies to stop grinding teeth?
Avatar m tn Conventional gums hurt my sensitive teeth and gums, anyone know of a gum that is ok for sensitive teeth? Thank you kindly.
Avatar f tn Grinding teeth is something else which I would mention to your dentist. It may start simply as grinding teeth, and continue on to cause attrition in your teeth, as well as possibly cause TMJD (temporomandibular joint disorder). TMJD (TMD) MAY cause headaches, shoulder pain, chin, and neck pains. It may also cause popping and crunching noises and sometimes even pain just below and slightly ahead of your ears.
Avatar f tn UGH Have a new symptom, excessive teeth grinding/clenching. I have always grinded my teeth at night, but now I do it all day, it's gotten to the point where it's because very uncomfortable and painful. I literally can not stop, no matter how hard I try. I understand that this could be related to anxiety, but sometimes it literally happens all day on days where I have no anxiety. Anyone experience this???
Avatar f tn Up your dental higen regamin and you may be grinding from stress I had to go get a night time guard I wear when I sleep because it was causing them to hurt so bad. And if it gets to the point where your bleeding after sleeping go see a dentist.
8101930 tn?1420001456 Pregnancy is hard on teeth!
427265 tn?1444076436 worn tooth enamel that exposes the inside of your teeth; flattened, worn down, or chipped teeth; and teeth grinding or chipping that is loud enough to wake your partner. 'When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.
Avatar f tn In responding to a previous question, my 89 year old mother withalzheimer's started grinding her teeth about a year ago. I've found that giving her a piece of gum to chew alleviates the grinding. She grinds her teeth many different times--I don't feel that it is always stress related.. I have even heard her tell herself to stop!
Avatar f tn My bf told me after I mentioned it that I have been grinding my teeth at night. Never have b4 anyone going through this? Or have you guys heard of grinding your teeth while pregnant?
1127040 tn?1289718662 TMJ disorder can arise due to excessive teeth grinding habits, dental problems, misalignment of the teeth and trauma to the jaws. Therefore, you may experience headache, facial pain, ear pain, dizziness and nausea. I would recommend you to see a neurologist or dentist who can evaluate the details of your case and could better determine the insight of your situation.
2094952 tn?1334015457 My 4 month old Maltese is grinding his teeth or something. It is almost like he has a plastic pop cap in his mouth and he is biting down on it.
3126253 tn?1345384121 Ya she does it normally right about the time she goes to sleep.