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Avatar f tn The reason for no is not to cause undue stress, and your skin will change during pregnancy which means you could be more sensitive then normal and react badly to the wax, plus you don't want to burn yourself possibly risk infection.
Avatar f tn Hello I had to friends who wax there face at a salon , one had sensitive skin and the other normal skin .
Avatar n tn Hello, I am A 13yr. old girl. I am African-American, and just experienced in-home eyebrow waxing for the first time. The problem is, after I was done, the area is red! it doesn't hurt, and I don't theink I have sensitive skin, but it's just really red. I followed all the directions on the 'Sally Hansen Eyebrow, Face & Lip Wax' and even used the lotion. So what can I do?
Avatar f tn Hi, Waxing is currently the most popular form of hair removal. It is observed that many people develop irritation and redness of skin soon after waxing. By keeping your skin cool with soothing lotion or aloe vera gel minimizes these effects. Take care and keep us posted.
Avatar f tn I suggest a different type of wax for sensitive skin. See what people don`t realize is that every individual has needs for different types of waxes... I sugest you to try they have a special line for sensitive skin... Check under facial wax Take care.
Avatar f tn ALSO i recmnd hair removal cream or gels dat are for sensitive skin , you dont want it to burn and get an infection right before the baby comes !!
Avatar n tn I think its likely I took some skin off, Il let the proffessionals do it next time! Thanks for the advice! I went to see my pharmacist and they gave me aloevera gel which has soothed it. I do have quite sensitive skin, but bleaching has always been fine for me in the past I am female and am quite young. I have been using a pescribed cream that contains peroxide too which may be something to do with it .
Avatar f tn I want to wax down their but I have never done it. I tried my armpits but it huted so much but I think I'm going to have to suck it up.
Avatar f tn I have really sensitive skin though. I ended up just shaving before my ob appt at 36w5d, I had him two days later so i ended up not needing to worry about it.
Avatar f tn See what happens. Your cheeks are really sensitive so your skin may be irritated I'm speaking from experience waxing my face. But wait for your face to clear up from the redness and cool off. I stopped waxing my face because the last time it ripped a layer of my skin off. It healed right up but I looked awful for a week or so it was bad and embarrassing. If that happened I'd go get my money back. My advice don't put an creams on it you need to wait to see before you do.
7596124 tn?1394671431 t anyway, I break out down there every time I even try. Super sensitive skin, I can only use one kind of soap. Been that way since I was off baby wash, drives me crazy. I just cut it super short with scissors.
Avatar f tn Lol i know what I mean. I hate it so much I bought a fogless mirror from sallys just so I can see something my hubby is pointless bc hes too scared yet i shave his face and neck with a straight blade .
Avatar f tn Thx!
Avatar f tn Its not recommended to wax during pregnancy,you can still wax dont get me wrong its safe and no harm to baby but our skin is very sensitive during pregnancy so it hurts...
Avatar f tn Hi ladies! Has anyone experienced problems waxing down there while pregnant? Any suggestions of good quality "do it yourself" kits? Thanks!
Avatar n tn It could of also been that her skin was extra sensitive that day possobly from the way she washed her face and which products she used. You should have asked her what products she used that day or if she scrubbed her face. It's also quite possible that the wax clung on to a small piece of skin that when you went to pull off the strip it tore the skin with it.
10076756 tn?1408118988 I know shaving will be a bit difficult once I get bigger but before I do,I think its time for a wax that way I can get use to it .ive never gotten nervous lol and I have sensitive skin .anyone gotten a special wax like a scrub wax or a cold wax I jus dnt wanna walk into any nail salon n do it -_____- help??
3184929 tn?1344697526 You can usr Nair hair removal cream, if you have sensitive skin you can use the one for facial hair. It stinks but its easy and doesnt make the hair grow back thicker and darker.
Avatar f tn Be careful with waxing your skin is more sensitive to it while pregnant. But yes it does stink cutting yourself, good luck!
Avatar f tn Sea water = salt. Salt will dry out your skin, make you itchy and red. Not sure about the "blackish stain" however. I'm assuming this "stain" you are talking about is actually the hair follicles under your skin after shaving. There is no cure for that. You could stop shaving and start waxing instead...waxing removes the "roots" so there should not be any dark hair left just under the skin. However, the other symptoms are very common, especially after shaving.
6291338 tn?1389447613 Waxing hurts i used to get my eye brows waxed can't now i have very sensitive skin and I've tried every kind of wax and for some reason besides the puffyness and redness i started to break out in hives where i waxed *****
Avatar n tn Hi Tanning sessions exposes you to UV radiation and this may cause some skin discolorations especially those with sensitive skin. This may also be caused by hormonal conditions however, it is best to have this assessed by a dermatologist. It is best to wear sunscreen over the face as well as avoid direct sun exposures as this may cause further irritation of the involved areas. Are there any discolorations in other parts of the body?
Avatar m tn your skin, you do expose it to bacteria. ESPECIALLY in the groin area. Also, in the labia is very sensitive delecate skin that doesn't really do well with stubbly hairs. It sounds like what you are experiencing is directly related to secondary infection/inflammation from the waxing/shaving. In grown hairs are most common for women in the groin area because of the wirey way in which public hairs grow. Additionally, we wear clothing which traps and constantly moves the skin around.
2194701 tn?1432394206 If you decide to it say to do a test spot for 24 hours to see how your skin reacts to it. Just in case your skin is too sensitive for it. That was my case before I was pregnant so I just don't use Nair.
12654249 tn?1439947816 Waxing is safe, but because everything is so much more sensitive, it hurts a lot more. I hear waxing places don't recommend it for pain reasons only. Nothing "unsafe" about it though.
Avatar f tn Sorry for belated answer... Definitely more sensitive than when not pregnant, but less so than at the beginning of the pregnancy... Good luck!