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Avatar n tn This my 3rd child and my 1st time having very itchy irritating skin on the vulva. Constantly have to shave and try to keep dry.
Avatar n tn I have had something like that happen to me but not for 4yrs straight I think it's happened like three times on three seperate occasions where a slight slit like cut opened up on the side of the lips on the outside towards the bottom and it was very irritating feeling, when wet or went to pee it burned a little because it was like an open wound but it went away fast, it's sensitive tissue that at times the area might be very sensitive and it cracks open especially during sex because of the frict
Avatar n tn I am 22, female who has asthma as well as allergies(eczema also runs in my family). For the past 2+ months I have suffered from really sensitive skin in the vulva area, at times very stingy,red and just irritated in general. There are no lesions,odd discharges, odors, etc. I went for my annual check up and brought this concern up with my OB/GYN. All pap tests were clear and they did a routine STD check, including yeast cultures as well (which were all negative).
Avatar f tn Chafing is a continuous rubbing of the skin that causes redness or soreness. Chafing occurs when the skin becomes irritated by the friction caused by rubbing – either against other skin or against a foreign material. Wash the areas several times with fresh water. Do not use any cosmetic products at the sites. You can apply some calamine lotion at the rash as it will help in soothing the skin.Also wear cotton undergarments.
Avatar f tn As to your question, your pain is completely normal. Since you're a virgin, your hymen is in tact. It's a thin layer of skin that protects your vagina. When you have sex the first time, it is broken when the penis goes in...and that causes a bit of pain. Sometimes the hymen is so sensitive that even fingering can cause pain. The only thing to do is relax. If you're too tense, the walls of your vagina contract and sometimes you can get cramps that cause pain.
Avatar f tn To second AnnieBrooke's opinion, make sure you're not using scented ANYTHING in the way of feminine hygiene products. Cotton panties are pretty good as-is for aborbancy, breathability, and the ability to wash... er, sort of. I have tried using a small paste of baking soda, and / or borax to remove stains, but I haven't really found anything that worked that great on my underwear, nor on my husband's white tee's with the ubiquitous armpit yellows.
4691073 tn?1391704031 Hi, a constant rash like your describing does not suggest herpes at all. Often when sensitive skin areas become irritated it becomes cronic at the top layer of the skin has been damaged.
Avatar f tn Well I washed my bf clothes (and put some of my underwear in with it) in his dye free sensitive skin detergent. Well within 1 day that lump got bigger and my vulva was really red. This freaked me out! I soaked in a very warm bath, just water, last night and then decided not to wear underwear to end to see of it helped. I checked this morning and it seems to be slightly better but it's still there. Is it possible that I have an allergic reaction to his detergent? Has anyone else had this?
Avatar f tn - Irritated and itchy vulva area, - When severe, skin becomes raw, clitoris looks swollen and pushed out, - White callused looking skin appears (skin eventually breaks) around the clitoris, - Labia majora sometimes becomes swollen as a result of the irritation - Gland on right groin has been hardened in the past couple of years, and when the condition worsens, it becomes sore (doctor had previously said it was normal) - Extreme flares and conditions exist approximately a week or two prior to m
Avatar n tn I've had gyno check up and tests performed during it and found to have no std's, no yeast infections, no vaginal / bacterial infections. Skin in vulva / vagina looks very good, clean and healthy. Discharge is normal, natural and healthy. Doctors cannot see any problems nor abnormalities. Hormones all within normal range. But again, the very first time I felt this burning sensation was at the very moment the doctor did my very first pap smear and I continued to burn for days afterward.
Avatar n tn but many months later I look down and it seems that the skin on my clitoris had fused with the skin that can be pulled back that surrounds the clitoris. I wasn't sure what truly happened... it looked like my clitoris had shrunk quite a bit because I could only see the top of it. Now it's just back to being itchy, swollen and alot of white areas again. I'm 6 days on the clobetasol cream and no real changes.... such a bummer... but you should all research lichen scleurosis a bit.
Avatar n tn I talked to a few friends and they all said take a Monistat and it'll be gone in a week. WRONG. The monistat (1-day) burned my vulva! I was on fire and swollen and when I saw everyone else had those side effects I went to urgent care and got a diflucan. The following day I had a pelvic exam with my gyno and she gave me another diflucan to take a few days later and some antibiotics to take after so I could clear up a possible bacterial infection.
Avatar n tn my skin is especially itchy above the clitoris, in the creases of my labia, and along the outer edge of the labia where my hair starts. the right side is itchier. the skin looks corroded above my clitoris, and to the sides.
Avatar f tn My obgyn my new one said can do that in that time frame...because the skin is already thin and sensitive to begin with. It absorbes the medication at a faster rate than regular skin. And then you add in all the moisture from the discharge from my infection and BAM! Occlusion which causes atrophy at a faster rate.
Avatar f tn I am confident that the irritation you feel is either chaffing or your delicate skin down there is still sensitive from the yeast infection and or the pimple. If it persists. Go back to your gynecologist.
Avatar f tn usually i am not allergic to anything like latex or rubber or even plastics and my skin is very tough. however, this toy was one of the jelly rubber kind which I've never used before. Anyway, the day after i used it i was a bit itchy and sensitive down around my vulva but that just sometimes happens if i chafe a bit so it wasn't anything unusual. then i used the toy again and everything got WAY worse. now my vulva is red, puffy, itchy, and swollen. I'm not sure what to do.
Avatar n tn The perineum, the region betnween the penis or vulva and the anus, is very itchy and sensitive. The more it itches, the more you scratch it, and so forth. No specific cause is usually found. Try using OTC 1% hydrocortione and vaseline or the equivalent. Should soothe the area fast. Best. Dr.
Avatar f tn Steriods have always worked for me other wise- I have very sensitive skin so I have allergic reactions to frangranced stuff sometimes or whatever, and I tend to have rashes or sometimes hives-that baffle doctors because of how they either look or where they're at.) Anyways, steriods have always worked for my random small break outs. I'm so sick of hearing "well, I've never seen this before." And yes ladies and gents, I GO TO HIGH QUALIFIED, EXPERIENCED DOCTORS!! And yet still......
Avatar f tn The smega-like stuff is really weird and unappealing and I am afraid to tell anyone about it. It also accompanies the skin being overly sensitive and slightly waxy, and it itches terribly around my clitoris and inner labia. I don't know what to do about it, the problem doesn't seem to be with vaginal discharge, but with the vulva itself.
Avatar f tn Like you, I'd try to wipe it off with a damp cloth or wipe, and it came off, but only to return later in the day. Things are still somewhat swollen and a bit sensitive (more sensitive than normal for that area of the body). It's quite bothersome, as I can't find anything that perfectly fits my description on any medical website and I'm weary of having sex at the moment because I don't want any of this spreading....if it is spreadable.
Avatar f tn Steroids don't typically cause discoloration or thinning, as far as I am aware. The vulva is a sensitive area and I agree, a follow up with a new gun might be the best option to see if what she believes is happening, is in fact a result of the steroid.
Avatar f tn Hey! I have always had sensitive skin and been prone to ingrown hairs and cysts. This year, after returning to the US after a year in Europe, I have had so many skin issues that I feel I've reached my wit's end and need some answers. It started out with what I thought were ingrown hairs appearing around my anus and bum. Two of these (I had four total over a period of two months) turned into two inch in diameter boils.
Avatar n tn ANSWER: Peeling skin on any part of the body is a sign of dry skin or allergic reaction. Think about the last time you wore a pad or pantyliner- was it right before you started peeling down below? It could be that the pad or pantyliner caused too much dryness and your skin is peeling to help itself get better. Also, think about body wash or shaving cream. Do you itch or break out in hives or a rash on any other part of your body after you use it? It could be that you are allergic to it.
677927 tn?1234101599 Intense itching around vulva red streaks on skin flaking skin ulcers on skin weeping extreme pain thats the main symptoms. Im so fed up with the whole thing.
Avatar n tn I am now being tested for an auto-immune disease. Any thoughts of furhter testing I can do? you can see, I have VERY sensitive skin! (Just for further information, I am white, fair skinned and in my late 30's and had a terrible vaginal delivery that led to 2 episotomies - - hence the "sensitive" vulva). Thanks for your assistance. Regards,.
Avatar f tn Most if not all of this sounds like normal genital conditions. Bumps are common so is itching in that area. Dry skin, moist skin...etc will all lead to itchiness.
Avatar f tn So I bought some sensitive skin, hypoallergenic, no soap body wash. I've heard intense itching down there can be an allergic reaction. I'm also gonna try and take some Benadryl and see if that helps. I've been reading online about the different STDS and I'm thinking it's a yeast infection and the stuff I bought just didn't work. It doesn't burn when I pee anymore, there is no discharge of any kind.
Avatar n tn Immediate relief, and it seems to clear up the skin fissure really fast. The skin seems a lot better as well, not so sensitive. I do not use soap on the area anymore, and now only use a water based dermatologically tested lubricant. Hope that this helps.