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4936507 tn?1365365267 Hi everyone. I have what I have chalked up to be just extremely sensitive skin, but only in certain areas. It started a couple of years ago when moisturizers I was using around my eyes and eyelids suddenly started causing a weird rash just under my eyebrows. It feels like it has been scratched and it itches and burns like crazy if I put anything on it. I started trying all different kinds of all natural, hypoallergenic, organic, etc types of moisturizers, all with the same affect.
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with eczema. I cm chemically sensitive and find many creams irritating. I searched on-line to find out the ingredients in pramasone and eletone and could find nothing. I received samples of these from a dermatologist and without the ingredients. I am unable to find them on the web. Is there a site open to the public that lists ingredients? I was also advised to take Zyrtec and wondered if Zyrtec had any more benefit for skin reactions thank Claritin.
Avatar n tn I wondered if you could recommend some products for sensitive skin as most of the products I have bought on the high street for sensitive skin just seem to aggravate my skin. I am after a cleanser, toner and moisturizer to start with. Thanks allot.
Avatar n tn I wondered if you could recommend some products for sensitive skin as most of the products I have bought on the high street for sensitive skin just seem to aggravate my skin. I am after a cleanser, toner and moisturizer to start with. Thanks allot.
Avatar m tn My biggest problem is that I have extremely sensitive skin and so a lot of products are too harsh. I was told that even proactive was too rough on my skin. The acne is all over my face, especially around my hairline. Generally, it is in large patches of small pimples rather than individual large pimples, although I do get those as well. Do you have any suggestions for over the counter products that would work for this kind of acne and very sensitive skin?
Avatar m tn Use cotton underwear that has been washed in a non-biological detergent with a fabric softener that is suitable for sensitive skin. As a home remedy to help with the soreness you can apply natural yogurt on to your penis for as long as it is required. A gentleman friend of mine has used it on his sore penis and it is helping he says. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn Normally I only have a few breakouts, but recently my entire T-zone has become filled with pimples and blackheads. I really need some kind of treatment that will work with my sensitive skin yet get rid of the acne. I am currently using Spectro Gel for sensitive skin and La Roche Posay moisturizer, and have tried many acne spot treatments. Right now I'm switching between tea tree oil and a mixture of yeast and water. Does anyone have any suggestions???
Avatar n tn I have incredibly dry skin, getting worse, I have MCS & MANY allergies to most ingredients found in most lotions & cremes. Does anyone have suggestions of something that actually works for you (topical) & doesn't contain things like fragrances, parabens, alcohol, propelyne, etc. I have been using straight (organic) oils such as castor & olive oils. They only help minimally & temporarily. Eczema cremes contain lots of ingredients I can't use.
Avatar n tn My tongue feels as though I've burned it but I havent. Its very sensitive to citrus, spicy foods and its hard to even taste the food. Its even difficult to brush because of the toothpaste, it feels like my tongue and mouth are burning. Also, at the same time the sensations started, I got small red bumps all over my mouth. Very small but visible very close up. Its almost like my lips are chapped.
Avatar f tn well not long after my teeth were super sensitive, and one tooth almost died, my skin felt like it had sunburn when any pressure applied to it... so sliding across the car seat was agony. I doubt it the fillers. I am pretty sure it is the active ingredient. seems I have to be hypoT for rest of my life as in the end it affected my joints. I am sure as now when I take any, I have a joint flare within hours. also have head issues on taking it... feeling loads of head pressure.
Avatar n tn I've done some research & I've tried to find the most harmless skin care products available, all big company names I've been warned about & very expensive prescribed brands aswell, which have ingredients such as alcohol, mineral oils, glycerine, propylene glycol, too many glycol's in general, parabens, fragrance, lanolin...
Avatar f tn Calendula oil, Calendula Officinalis, more commonly referred to as marigold, has been used for centuries as a natural antioxidant and has the ability to clarify and condition the skin, while providing soothing and calming benefits for sensitive skin types. Lavender oil is widely known to have skin conditioning properties, and is also effective in calming and soothing the skin. Rosemary oil helps to invigorate and condition the skin, in addition to having calming and soothing properties.
Avatar n tn I have very dry, sensitive skin and have always had trouble finding a good product or method for hair removal that doesn't leave me with ugly, red rash that lasts for days. I'm getting ready to go on vacation to the beach and really need some good advice for waxing sensitive areas without the bumps. Any advice is much appreciated!
Avatar n tn Some bleaching creams may be able to help but the skin of the face may be very sensitive to certain ingredients. A dermatologist consult may help so that other more long term and effective options may be given.
502065 tn?1329191119 If you require any info on the products i have been using i still have the containers. Also if its any help i have sensitive skin, which i do suffer from dry skin quite often but not on this scale.
Avatar n tn Hi jfk I'm disappointed that no one has replied to your question because I have a number of confusing skin symptoms - one being very uniform circles made up of 5-6 dots like you. They appeared on my face and my arm and are very itchy. I presumed they were fungal and put lots of fungal cream on them but now I am not so sure. I was using a homeopathic lotion and now I'm not sure if they are an allergic reaction. Does anyone know if an allergic reaction can manifest itself in this way?
Avatar n tn Hi Derm, I have facial discoloration on the sides of my chin and cheeks, from using toothpaste for removal of pimples. Some spots on my face are burned from toothpaste, my skin is very sensitive and i wasn't aware of it, Can u please help. It is very noticeable! This discussion is related to <a href=''>discoloration of facial skin</a>.
Avatar f tn Well, its obvious that your skin is truly sensitive. Before you throw out the "Clean Start" skin products, make a note of its main ingredients and steer clear of those ingredients in the future. For starters, seek products that aren't based with any alcohol or acids. If your skin was beautiful, you don't need these. Can you return to your prior regimen? Cetaphil makes the most mild facial cream cleanser.
Avatar f tn Sensitive skin normally face the problems like redness which can get very painful. This facial can treat all such problems, reduces redness and repairs and increases the resistance of the skin. Benefits of all these above facial treatments: Increase blood circulation: Facial treatments help improve the circulation to facial skin layers, increasing the flow of oxygen-enriched blood to skin cells. This procedure gives your skin a radiant glow with vital nutrients.
Avatar f tn For very dry skin, skin care oils can relieve symptoms while keeping your skin moist and supple. Ingredients like vitamin E will also nourish the skin, making it more healthy in the long term. If body oils do not appeal, use a moisturizer designed for dry skin, and avoid moisturizers with alcohol or heavy scents. Reapply periodically throughout the day, and use a special facial moisturizer to keep your face in good shape.
Avatar m tn An hour later i looked down and there was a decent sized circle of red on the skin. This peels and doesn't hurt at all! and then my new gf gave me a hand job a couple of days ago and it was dry and now i have little tears on the head of my penis. what can i do to heal all of this?
232264 tn?1191252080 oh yea i think or actually i know i have sensitive skin thats why i dont use soap on my face maybe theres something milder or so
1510461 tn?1290080520 Hi Karla Thanks for your advise, I think its a good idea for me to think about the food bowls as i have just changed her back to a plastic one,i will give her the metal one back for a while see if this helps, as for her food she eats a complete meal and that is from a well known pet store and its called Beta Purina Turkey and rice and the Ingredients Cereals (min 4% wholegrain, min. 4% rice), Meat and animal derivatives (min. 14% meats, min.
Avatar m tn And also where the skin is the thinnest and most sensitive. And where it rubs back and forth across it. So it happened on your penis for it is sensitive! And as for the tightness in your neck because the weight of the shirt hold the threads against you my friend. This means your bodies defenses against it are getting weaker and so it is starting to show in more places for you. And soon if not already comes other ways you will react. Like not getting to sleep well, and waking up often.
119341 tn?1232567357 Dark Is Key In one study, just 6 weeks of a daily dose of cocoa made skin smoother, better hydrated, and less sun sensitive. And 12 weeks did even more. All thanks to the skin-boosting antioxidants in cocoa, called flavonols. But it’s got to be dark chocolate, according to Wechsler.
Avatar m tn I should have mentioned I had a patch test done, was only allergic to citronella so been told I have sensitive skin syndrome......hence reacting to everything. I've tried olive oil and shea butter and reacted to them so worry that homemade ingredients will still react but I will give it ago and hope it is ok.
Avatar f tn Any excess oil can be removed through cleansing lotions. Children have a sensitive skin, so all the products should be gentle and specially formulated for them, like specially formulated soap and creams. Even at this age, cleansing and moisturizing products should contain ingredients that screen against UVA and UVB. Moreover , it is very important that the children be taught about proper personal hygiene rules right from a tender age.