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Avatar n tn I have all of a sudden sensitive facial skin. I broke out in a rash from using both Eucerin and Aveeno redness relief creams. What other brand of moisturerizer should I try?
Avatar f tn I am 33years old indian female, my skin is very much sensitive and dry(if not moisturised).I daily apply caladryl lotion, recently started using sebamed antiageing cream, also use spectraban sunscreen for sensitive skin.a week ago in a marriage ceremony my cousin accidentally rubbed onto my face holi colour(its a coloured dry powder containing chemicals used while playing holi a festival celebrated in India),I dont play holi, my skin is intolerant to chemicals.
Avatar m tn Hello, I'm a 31 year old male and I've suffered from sensitive oily skin for as long as I can remember. I'm wondering if there is anything that I can do to help manage this condition. I've recently read that oil based cleansers are actually good for oily skin. And possibly a product called oc 8 mattifying gel? Any help you could provide would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn I have combination skin, I don't have acne problems. Can you give me some suggestions about how to take care of my skin and avoid more freckles? Should I use commercial skin care products? I'm afraid that they all contain chemical elements that will make my skin look dim, visible pores and artificial at an older age.
Avatar n tn I have sensitive skin and I've been using one particular brand of lotion all my life because it's the only brand that didn't break me out, and I never had any strange reactions when I used it. Then recently when I used it I started to feel burning and stinging on my skin. This also happens with other lotions too that never used to make my skin burn until recently. Is there any way I can treat this problem or get help for it? Please help.
Avatar f tn I have painful sensitive skin on my left leg. It started in a small area and has spread to almost my whole leg. I've had these episodes before and they usually last a few days (have had them on my legs, arms and scalp before). I'm 23 years old, and have 3 children. I also get a lot of headaches and back pain if that matters.
Avatar f tn It is really itchy and when I itch it and touch another spot, that spot gets itchy but not to the extent of the original rash. I have very sensitive skin and things like scented soap and deodorant make me break out, but this time I'm not sure what's going on.
Avatar f tn Does anything have natural skin care suggestions for me? Do you think my use of the above skin care products will cause issues? Thanks!
Avatar f tn I have an 11 year old son and I am not sure when to start him on a skin care routine for his face. Should this be something that is done only after he develops breakouts or can he start before? Also, are there special cleansers for younger people or can he use any type?
2065676 tn?1331426040 I have been petrified to put anything on my skin except the recommended lotions for sensitive skin. I don't have sensitive skin or at least I didn't before I started treatment. I like to do a weekly facial of exfoliating with oro gold peel, then gratiea mask and then the lotions. My designated hep pharmacist working with hep c patients said that its not so much what you use topically but what you ingest that they watch for interactions.
Avatar f tn I have incredibly sensitive skin. nearly ever sunscreen I have ever tried has caused a fine, itchy rash that makes my skin feel tight. It takes 3-5 days of using the product for the rash to appear. Upon stopping the sunscreen, it takes about 2 weeks for the rash to go away. There are very few sunscreens that my face seems to tolerate. They are the "natural" sunscreens (Origins and Burt's Bees, JASON). However, I am indian and they make me look sickly, grey.
Avatar f tn Plzzzzzzzz CAN SOMEONE ANSWER MY QUESTION I have very dry and sensitive facial skin and i get red dry patches on my face which come and go i've tried so many moisterisers but nothing is working i'm really frustrated and i can't apply makeup on properly because it clogs up in the dry patches what can i do to get rid of this and have smooth skin?
Avatar m tn // Take care, and just know you are not alone in your struggles with anxiety.
Avatar n tn if i touch it, I get a sharp itch followed by a pustule. when i lightly wash my face what appears to be loads of dead skin comes of my face which makes my acne worse than ever it is also is very dry so when I smile my skin goes all red and sort of scaly. also I used to have a tanned face but now my face is always red is this from topical treatments will it ever be the same again?
1233397 tn?1279605991 ooking in the mirror my skin had gonre orangie red with burn marks on my cheek bonesand forehead a couple of days later the skin began to sluff off My GP thought it was a allergy condition to the vitamin D pills I was taking to supplant the calcium taken from my system by the steroids I am taking for the P.M.R condition \I suffer from.
Avatar f tn The organ (skin) is actually one of the most sensitive part of our body. Therefore, it needs extra care. Skin care products are skin-friendly and there's no reason to worry for side effects like irritation, redness, etc. Best skin care salon in NYC enhances your appearance. It rejuvenates the skin, makes it peppier, and gives an ever-glowing look. Facial is the best way of skin nourishment that helps to restore a healthy skin and give you a clear and radiant complexion.
Avatar f tn About four weeks ago the skin on my face, neck and arms started to feel very sensitive, itchy and sore. There were a few red patches which upon close inspection looked like raised bumps but as it is itchy when I scratch it, no breaking the skin, there appears blood bruising under the skin which takes days to go. On my face there are red blotches which started a while ago and which I thought was rosecea. My face is also quite sensitive.
Avatar n tn Why is my skin so sensitive? I am always itchy, I get random hives all over the place, I get inflamed welts on my skin (mostly on the face) if exposed to the cold for more than 5 minutes, and I also get super itchy hives when I sweat. I notice it mostly on my chest, neck and face. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn Seems to me that you have combination skin. I work with Artistry skin care and cosmetics. Key items to use: Acne - system or a balancing 3 step system. A Pore cleansing mask or the pimple remover heat treatment by Fine lines- eye cream (age defying) Makeup - moisturize with a moisturizer that's based on your skin type. Skin needs to be hydrated before you put on makeup, it will give you a natural glow. I can email you a few ideas, tips and tricks if interested!
Avatar n tn I suggest a good skin care regime.Wash with a gentle water soluble cleansr like cetaphil am and pm.then use a beta hydroxy after cleansing. to exfoliate.I get mine at cosmetcs cop .com paulas choice. Since you have sensitive skin just use the beta hydroxy in the pm . Only moisturize if you feel dry.Now for active breakouts use benzoil peroxide to disinfect. I know how you feel I am still oily at 50 but on the skin care regime that i suggested has made all the differnece in the work for me.
Avatar f tn hi everybody i'm a new member. i suffer from dry and sensitive skin and i have brown spot on the ckeek which seem to be getting larger. i have tried all sorts of cream to get rid of these pigmentation marks and they just wouldn't work. Also in winter i have feeling of tightness on my face. i also have a sensation of burning and tingling around the mouth and nose. And its not better in summer neither, where i get red spot which really burns and itch.
Avatar n tn I fully intend on seeing a physician, but wanted to ask here first. My skin has become hyper sensitive from my wrist to my shoulder. I also have developed very small round wounds which occur in pairs. 2 in the inside of my elbow and another pair on my shoulder. They almost appear to be bite marks, though they are spread apart by nearly a cm (and the exact same distance in both instances... which seems very odd).
1751982 tn?1312084127 Mind you, my skin was still reptile dry when I started back on my regular skin care regimen. My face became really red, inflamed, sensitive, sunburned looking, and still breaking out worse than ever. I continued the retin-a for about 1 month until I went to see another dermatologist who gave me DesOwen. I used it 2 a day for 1 week and my skin felt a little better, but not much. My texture is rough and my skin feels hot. I look like I have a sunburn all over my face.
770551 tn?1305582501 Back to the face, can you use this for sensitive skin???? I have to use everything for sensitive skin. I use the oil of olay with aloe cleaners and sunscreen. I have combination skin. Oily and dry patches. I don't use makeup daily. I use loose powder only and eye makeup. I have noticed a big change since I quit using sugar and products with yeast in them. My face has cleared up alot. I also use the olive oil for cooking and salads.
Avatar m tn It is much like that on the scalp (which is controlled fine by moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.) This, however, comes off when rubbed especially easy after a shower. My skin is very sensitive, however these areas are not inflamed or puffy just "flaky." It is very frustrating, I have noticed it gets much worse if i skip a day showering and I play alot of sports so when i sweat it appears much more.
Avatar n tn I just dont think that im the only person on the planet who has sensitive skin like this, and id like to figure out how to solve this problem because im late for everything, i look crazy walking around like a robot all day, and its just the most uncomfortable feeling in the world. I have no idea what this condition, or mental issue could possibly be. I've spoken to a psychologist who believes that this derives from a form of OCD and stress, so he believes it is a mental situation.
Avatar n tn I can touch it (placing pressure on skin) but any friction and it's sensitive and uncomfortable. Now, I'm 29, not stressed (in fact, I meditate often), but I have knots in my back (from dancing/doing theatre) and quite possibly have carpal tunnel coming back to my right arm (I have knots in the muscles surrounding my elbows, and down my lower arm) - to me, I'm considering that I have a pinched nerve which is creating this sensitivity.
Avatar n tn i can't even touch my face without it hurting, and i need a way to make this rash, or whatever it is, on my face go away. i have really sensitive skin, which could be one of the reasons this happened. thanks so much!!