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Avatar m tn After the haircut, the barber trimmed my sideburns and neck hair with an electric shaver (usually they use foldable razors with a disposable blade which is changed in front of the customer). Since electric shavers have fixed blades,i asked him whether he had cleaned/sterilized the shaver before using it on me..
9777116 tn?1415541757 I use an electric shaver that way there is no cutting. Then a few tricks with mirrors amd leg up on the toilet seat haha. Then in the shower I do the bikini line with my regular shaver. I can't stand having a jungle.
Avatar m tn and exfoliating in the shower. will this be enough to clear them up? should i stoping using the electric shaver? it has been a very long time:( PLEASE HELP! how can i get rid of them for good?
Avatar f tn I use veet for sensitive skin. It works wonders.
Avatar n tn Something else that can help is to use an electric shaver. These are much gentler to the skin than the other sorts of manual shavers.
Avatar f tn Make sure your razor is clean and not too worn out. Skin is sensitive and finding a razor that is gentle enough, but also cuts clean enough is a process. I use Venus four or three blade razors, and go slowly because when i have rushed in the past, bad things happen. The pimples you are referring to could be ingrown hairs, which hurt real bad, or they could be where your skin has been irritated, and in that case, you gotta wait it out.
Avatar f tn I grow quite long pubic hair the entire length of the shaft of my penis. As part of personal grooming I shave this hair off every now and then. However without fail the skin will feel tight and dry instantly afterwards. Even when using shaving foam or moisturiser before and after to help soothe. I've tried using an electric shaver but find it seems to Nic the skin slightly and has actually caused small cuts. So i stopped using that straight away.
Avatar n tn I would use this electric shaver that I would rinse with water. Thing is the shaver started smelling bad. So I was rubbing on my face contaminated shaver. Anyway I'm also prone to fungal and yeast infections. The problem would also manifest if I sweat alot. I'm taking a lot of herbs so maybe that's helping a bit. Also I've eliminated Bread, lactose containing dairy, and excess starches from my diet.
438814 tn?1278349158 I would recommend an electric shaver to keep the hairs short; never... a razor. And, although it's painful, but you may have to pluck some of those hairs.
Avatar m tn Just a silly and simple question as the title says,can an electric shaver transmit HIV?? Here is my concern : a unknown HIV status guy used my shaver two days ago,I did not notice that until I shaved myself today with the same shaver....And I was scared...Can anybody tell me???Will this activity cause my get infected?????????(This guy is my friend,and I know that he is a womanizer,cause he told me he had a lot of sex with a lot of different women without protections....
Avatar f tn Electric shaver in front of the mirror is the easiest way to go. You will soon not even care if it's bare or not!
Avatar f tn I used to shave with a normal Shaver but now it irritates my skin. The electric Shaver trims it pretty short and you don't get the razor burn or the itchy hair growing back feeling.
Avatar m tn The scars are not on my actual privates but on my inner thighs, right next to my penis and balls and also where my briefs meet the skin at the elastic on the legs. And I used an electric razor. Is there a better way to shave?
Avatar f tn plz hindi me btao ki me public hair kiase remove kru
Avatar m tn White heads can appear anywhere on your face, trust me. Although to me it seems more like small acne spots. Those things usually appear after shaving, because skin is irritated by it. Using an electric shaver may help if you're currently using razors.
Avatar m tn I think that an electric shaver gives a nice, close shave with little to no risk of getting cut. It's the method that I use and recommend. And, almost any shaving method can leave you with a rash/ itch.
Avatar f tn ALSO i recmnd hair removal cream or gels dat are for sensitive skin , you dont want it to burn and get an infection right before the baby comes !!
Avatar f tn I was thinking of getting laser hair removal for under my arms at least because for some reason I am extremely sensitive there and ALWAYS break out. I hate the way it looks not to mention being Italian, the hair grows so fast!! I would have to shave every other day to be confident. also my bikini area is a pain as well and I'm very sensitive there. Maybe in the next 5 years I will seek out the laser option...we'll see. I don't mind shaving my legs though.
Avatar n tn This happened because I was shaving with a side burn type of shaver and accidentally caught the underside of my penis with it. This happened a couple of years ago and I have popped it a couple of times but it keeps coming back some times it takes a couple of months to come back but eventually it does. How can I permanently get rid of this????
Avatar m tn The night of intercourse, I shaved with an electric shaver. 2-3 days later, my scrotum area was itchy. I figured it was cause of shaving. I then noticed that i had redness on the top of my penis shaft. One spot was just below the head on the shaft where i usually hold it with my thumb while urinating. There was also another longer red spot on the top right side of my penis shaft where my palm usually rest if im holding it.
Avatar f tn I've heard that some hospitals will actually shave you lol or atleast trim it up.
Avatar f tn I recently used a new electric shaver on my pubic area. It stung my dick in a few areas that left bumps. But a psycho paranoid girl is trying to tell me I have genital herpes.
Avatar f tn I shave peri area while on the toilet lol it works great! I do use veet for legs and underarms, they have sensitive skin kind as well!