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624829 tn?1240759271 However, I sometimes give my dog a small piece of (twice-toasted, so it is crunchy) wholemeal bread. But she does show no signs of wheat-intolerance. Opinions vary about giving dogs bread, but I knew a vet once who used to bake wholemeal bread slices in the oven for his dogs, and give them to the dogs instead of bisuits, and they were fit and well. But if there are any wheat allergies, or any symptoms which could suggest it, then stay away from that idea! Have you heard of 'SPELT' by the way?
Avatar f tn Dates UPC Codes Iams Veterinary Dry Formulas All dry sizes and varieties 01Jul10 – 01Dec11 All UPC Codes Eukanuba Naturally Wild All dry sizes and varieties 01Jul10 – 01Dec11 All UPC Codes Eukanuba Pure All dry sizes and varieties 01Jul10 – 01Dec11 All UPC Codes Eukanuba Custom Care Sensitive Skin All dry sizes 01Jul10 – 01Dec11 All UPC Codes The affected products are sold in veterinary clinics and specialty pet retailers throughout the United States and Canada.
274158 tn?1276350787 00 40lbs bag and I feed her 3 cups a day and it last me 2 months or more, less stool and the nutrience stays in the dog not out, in my oppinion very high quality dog food and my vet recommends it!
6669309 tn?1462651742 About a year ago I tried a bunch of different foods for my two dogs, including a homemade diet. We did food trials and a mail-in allergy test kit for them. One dog ended up being diagnosed with a stomach tumor which was removed right before Christmas and the other dog has suspected allergies (his muzzle always used to be red & itchy). They have both been on Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach dry and canned food for over six months now and they are both doing GREAT on it.
612551 tn?1450025775 My other problem with kibble is it generally has about a third less nutritional value than good quality tinned foods, in addition to the fact that tinned food helps hydrate a dog during the process. Finally, I would question kibble as a dog food simply on the basis of how satisfying it is for a dog to eat the human equivalent of cheese crackers ... imagine eating nothing but cheese crackers for the rest of your life.
Avatar n tn I can touch it (placing pressure on skin) but any friction and it's sensitive and uncomfortable. Now, I'm 29, not stressed (in fact, I meditate often), but I have knots in my back (from dancing/doing theatre) and quite possibly have carpal tunnel coming back to my right arm (I have knots in the muscles surrounding my elbows, and down my lower arm) - to me, I'm considering that I have a pinched nerve which is creating this sensitivity.
Avatar m tn What are you feeding your dog? Westies are somewhat prone to sensitive and even allergic reactions to food. In my experience this usually results in skin problems, itch and yeast infections. It should not cost much more to try to feed your dog light meals of boiled which chicken meat (no skin) and boiled rice - no salt, or butter or anything that makes it taste good to us.
Avatar f tn My vet has also suggested that it could be a food allergy, hence I changed her food to the best food recommended by the vet for dogs with allergies (she was avoiding chicken, eating a food made specialized for skin allergies). This improved the symptoms for a couple of months but recently she has started to be agitated again. She seems at times evidently uncomfortable, and really is itching a lot. I don't know what else to do to help her.
1639915 tn?1378932813 He has been to the vet maltiple times and she has looked for the mites she said she didnt see anything that was seriously wrong with him i told her that i was using the hartz flea drops and she said it could have been something in that that dried his skin out and she told me to wash him with this oatmeal shampoo i got from her but she also told me that because hes an inside dog not to bath him to much with it maybe once a month which today is his bath day i had him on the benadryl and it wasnt h
Avatar n tn My 10 year old shiba inu has had severe skin allergies since she was 1. She's been tested and has allergies to cats, humans, and dustmites and cannot eat peas or pork. I believe she also was allergic to some seasonal pollens and molds. She's fluctuated from mild itchiness to scratching herself so badly she starts to cry and tears open her skin and bleeds. We've treated her on and off with prednisone, and has developed a sway back from it but no other problems.
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1360237 tn?1351819781 For example i heard that giving a dog raw meat is good and i also heard it's bad. I do feed my dog normal dog food but i would like to treat him every now and then with different food. Also on the same topic if there is anything else a dog can drink other than water i would like to know please. I tried going to Petco with these questions but their nutritionist was not understanding me, she was just trying to make me buy other types of dog food.
Avatar m tn (Like eating things in the backyard). I decided to put him on Acana food which is an excellent dog food. However, we are still having stomach problems. He doesn't seem too interested in the food at first then seems to like it once he has started eating. He has been smacking his mouth (almost as if he is thirsty?) Vet said it could be allergies or he's nauseated. He did throw up 2x this morning but that is when he does the mouth thing.
Avatar f tn I give it to him in a teaspoon of vanilla ice cream (breyers) at bedtime. My little fella is highly sensitive to any artificial food colorings in foods. I have tried many but find that Blue Dog kibble for small dogs works the best. Good Luck! Hope this finds you and Chugg in good spirits today.
1916673 tn?1420236870 Restricted to only one, I took the one I am sure of, some others look suspicious and I would have added if I could. I have a food sensitive (allergy) Westie, which makes me very restrictive on what he eats.
Avatar m tn My dog is a small sized sheltie, he is 12 years old, he is very active, has a good appetite and generally in good health, loves walks, food etc. The problem is his skin (see the photos in this link:, its gotten scaly in lots of places, we have been to the vet several times, but it keep sgetting worse. The doc gave a steroid based cream, which inhibits the spread, but does not make it go away. He shampoos with a medicated shampoo as well - Sebazole.
Avatar f tn I understand the KD Diet though it doesn't make sense to have sold you dry food for a possible kidney problem dog! Wet or canned would make more sense as you are trying to flush toxins from their system, period...I understand the Vitamin (actually an all around Antioxidant) , but I don't understand the steroids! Since you took her to see the Vet originally because she wasn't eating and drinking less indicates to me that something else is going on. Did she have fever when she was examined?
203342 tn?1328740807 My worry now is that for the last 3 weeks or so she is not eating much or drinking much and she has been throwing up nearly every day.I have to have her on special prescription dog food due to kidney stones so don't have a lot of options. I talked to the vet and got the same prescription dog food only in canned. The first couple of days she ate this good and did not throw up as long as I kept the portions down to a couple of tablespoons. Now the last 2 days she is not even eating this.
Avatar f tn by Carolyn Coleridge, MSW You are too sensitive. Don't be so sensitive! Many people on the spiritual path have heard this criticism over and over again. It is usually meant as a put-down to someone who has a high sense of intuition and a sixth sense 'knowing'. This comment is usually stated with disdain and contempt as a major flaw in an individual's personality. In fact many lightworkers have heard these words, especially as children and it has caused them to close down this gift.
Avatar f tn My dog has had this problem for over a year, he will start whining, chew on himself usually around groin area, then throw up. My vet has been working with me on this and we have tried many treatments and tests. The ultrasound showed a "inflamed area" around belly button region. Has anyone else experienced anything similar?
689528 tn?1364139441 it finally put a stop to her skin issues. It turned out that she was sensitive to any dog food that contained chicken. After I had her on the CA Nats Lamb +Rice, I figured I'd try their CA Naturals Chicken and Rice. Within a matter of days on the Chicken food, my dog's skin issues promptly returned. When I put her back on either CA Naturals Lamb and Rice or CA Naturals Herring and Sweet Potato, her skin clears up and itching stops.
Avatar m tn I feed him Iams dry dog food. He has metal bowls, he has used the same kind since he was a pup. And we do not treat the lawn at all either.
581310 tn?1253033150 I have a 6 yr old maltese I was feeding him science diet I/d food because he has a very sensitive stomach. I was feeding him the wet food because he would stick his nose up at the dry. Now he is on the dry because he won't eat the wet now. I don't know why he is such a picky eater and I am running out of foods to try that he will eat Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn But the more I read and hear from dog lovers/owners like yourself, this is all we can do for our furry kids is to manage the skin issues and pray for the best down the road.
1639915 tn?1378932813 Im glad she is doing better to She is hyper and back to the normal her I didnt think about the treats when I bought them because they are the same brand as her dog food so I just figured that since she ate the dog food then she would be able to eat the treats as well The vet said I could try and give her the treats again if I want just to make sure that I watched how much she was eating because all of my dogs got tape worms later last year and they all lost weight her included so we were keepi
4413820 tn?1354213655 She has grown out of it now tho because she never has issues. I feed her Innova brand dog food, my vet says that is probably why her skin is healthier. I don't know how much your Bully weighs but if she is anything other than underweight, giving her prednisone will more than likely make her gain weight. Try changing her dog food.
372900 tn?1315515902 I'm looking for a one source protein diet dog food for my dog. Canidae isn't doing well for her and I just want to see what other options there are.
Avatar f tn We do give her some dry dog food which is Purina little bites but we ration her with that also, but like our vet said, it helps with plaque build up since she's on the other 2 soft foods. We have to watch her closely. We never know when she's going to get sick again. She starts breathing really heavy when she starts getting sick. My vet told me to try and keep the belly acids down to take flavored tums and break them into 4 little pieces. Now she thinks these are her treats.