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Avatar f tn Over the last week or so I have had painful sensitive skin around my abdomen. Even my clothes touching the area is painful. I have not experienced this before, however I had shingles as a child but there is nothing to see on my skin and I don't feel unwell. I'm experiencing menapausal symptoms and was wondering if a change in hormones could be the cause.
Avatar n tn Very similar symptoms to some others that I have read about - very sensitive skin around one side of ribs only. Feel low. Gone on for 4/5 days now. Nothing visible on skin.
Avatar n tn For the past three months have experienced stabbing pains in both the lower left back area radiating to the abdomen. Abdomen area is sensitive to the touch. Have had X-rays, CT Scans, Sonogram and MRI. Kidney Stones have been ruled out. Had pnenumonia but referred pain was also ruled out. No other positive diagnosis has been found. I am a type 2 diabetic and am currently on Lyreca to treat neuropathy, but with no relief. Any suggestions?
Avatar m tn my skin has been sensitive for about 2 weeks now. started on right hip, to left tummy area, moved around to left side, across lower back, to right side, right side of tummy, started down right leg, stopped and is now up right side of rib cage and across lower back. It is strange because there is No RASH, no bruising, no bumps like shingles (which I had at 28), it hurts to wear clothing, to be touched, lay in bed anything. I've read many possible answers..
Avatar n tn I am twisting and turning and cannot sleep. My hip/abdomen/rib area is sensitive to the mattress. I am sleeping fitfully as I cannot get comfortable. I am worried as during recent vacation to N.C. OBX area, I found tick on my lower leg. Is this related? I am alarmed.
Avatar m tn With regards to the pain in you navel, is there associated redness or swelling in the area? Are there any lesions in the skin of the surrounding areas? Any change in bowel movement, a palpable mass or lump in the abdomen or groin? Any discharge from the navel? A complete physical examination will be able to help. Avoid unnecessarily touching the area. The skin may be sensitive and may be irritated or injured. Do keep us posted with your answers.
Avatar f tn Hi, I've recently developed sensitive skin 1st starting on my lower back, above the kidney and within 4 days moved to the lower abdomen. I'm 24 years of age, male. These symptoms came out of nowhere and i would really appreciate some insight. I'm currently unemployed and have no way of seeing a doctor so if theres a home cure please share!
Avatar m tn About 3 or 4 days ago the skin on the lower right side of my abdomen started to feel extremely sensitive, to the point where just my t-shirt touching it is uncomfortable/painful. I was experiencing some itching as well and have a few red marks from areas I was scratching, but it is small in comparison to the entire area that I have these symptoms for.
Avatar f tn And I have noticed that during this time, I am very sensitive to cold and often unable to have a good deep sleep (can feel that my heart was pounding so fast). My skin also started to feel dry and itchy especially on my face, neck and abdomen. Are all these symptoms of Fibro? I was having UTI 1 week before all this symptoms started and was on 10 days of antibiotics. The doctor I consulted was saying that there was nothing wrong with me! But to me the pain is real!
1290176 tn?1272053410 I am so uncomfortable in my own skin. Now I am scheduled to see an endocrinologist in a month. Has anyone else found anything that this might be???
Avatar f tn When I really started paying attention to it I realized that is is always there but becomes very painful during menstration. It is so sore that the skin around the area on the outside is sensitive also. When I stand up it takes my breath away a little bit, and I am just wondering if this is normal during mestration? The knot never goes away though, and it has not always been there. Help please...beginning to worry.
Avatar n tn i recently was told my thyroid autoantibodies are high, i tested slighty postive for lupus, but the dr's say it's not 'bad enough' to do anything about it. i have really sensitive skin, extreme hair loss, fatigue, and severe joint pain, especially in my knees. i have been put on medication for panic attacks and depression....why do i have to wait to be treated for my thyroid? and the lupus test worries me also.
Avatar f tn The nipple also becomes more sensitive. The stretching skin and increased sensitivity leads many women to complain of itching (as your pregnancy progresses and your abdomen continues to grow you may find that that skin will itch as well). Try using an unscented lotion frequently to keep the skin hydrated. Aviod scented lotions or soaps because your skin is more sensitive during pregnancy.
Avatar f tn I have two sensitive parts of my skin (abdomen and upper left back ) that feels like I got sunburn but with no outward signs. There is no itch no redness no swelling no bumps just this sensitive feeling to touch these areas. It happened when I bought a new gym top and it had a vest inside with a band on the bottom which rubbed against my skin and it started to irritate. I think it is because of my tshirt but I need to know how to get rid of this.
Avatar n tn Skin on hands actually doesn't feel as resilient as it used to be. Also, the skin is very touch sensitive, it hurts to crumble up a piece of paper and push on the end of a paperclip. Both leave dents in my skin. If my hands are down below my heart they take on a red reticulated look. If I hold them above my head they go back to the normal white color. Sometimes my fingers will tingle and throb when I've been using them alot. Also, sometimes I can feel heat coming off of my hands.
Avatar n tn Just a few minutes ago, I got this really strange feeling in my lower abdomen. Like a fluttery feeling. I thought..."Okay, that was weird. Maybe it was just nothing." About a minute later, I got it again. Pause. And again. I've never felt anything like it, before. I felt it coming from my uterus, area.
Avatar f tn Steriods have always worked for me other wise- I have very sensitive skin so I have allergic reactions to frangranced stuff sometimes or whatever, and I tend to have rashes or sometimes hives-that baffle doctors because of how they either look or where they're at.) Anyways, steriods have always worked for my random small break outs. I'm so sick of hearing "well, I've never seen this before." And yes ladies and gents, I GO TO HIGH QUALIFIED, EXPERIENCED DOCTORS!! And yet still......
Avatar n tn One of the causes of a multifocal sensory neuropathy is indeed diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance so you should have a glucose tolerance test to check for this (you drink a sugar drink and then the nurse takes blood at 1 and 2 hours after for blood glucose. This is more sensitive than just a random blood glucose.
Avatar n tn My skin on my left lower back is sensitive to the touch as well as the skin on my abdomen to the right of it. I was wondering maybe because my sister has a dog in her house as well as a lizard. They don't keep a very clean house. I picked up there dog a couple of times petting it and stough. Just wondering if that had anything to do with it. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Other smaller ones began to appear shortly thereafter on my right side (5 of them) an now I have 3 on my left abdomen. The lowest large spot is sensitive, but none of these spots itch. What could this possibly be?
Avatar m tn it happened overnight - one day i was fine and the next i woke up with severe yellow-ish diarrhea which was immediately joined by a throbbing pain in the upper right abdomen - directly beneath my rib bone. The pain was fairly constant throughout the day and felt a bit like a cigarette burn inside. It decreased slightly for an hour or so after meals but came throbbing back again after. It was accompanied by a whole body feeling of malaise...
Avatar f tn Hi there! Your skin becomes more sensitive during pregnancy. It happens due to higher hormone levels and stretching of the delicate skin. Eczema and prickly heat may become more severe. Existing moles and freckles may darken. Newer moles may appear. Consult your dermatologist about these brown red patches, these may be stretch marks. Take enough folic acid and foods rich in folate like whole grains, dark leafy vegetables as this may help in discoloration. Keep your skin moisturized.
Avatar n tn Twice a year I will have a small round blistery skin irritation that forms in my lower abdomen area just above my pelvic bone (pubic hair area) and below my belly button directly in the middle. In the beginning stages my skin on my left "love handle" or waist will become extremely sensitive to the touch and will last for about one week. This sensitivity of the skin only happens on one side of my body usually the left.
1063285 tn?1285677916 (it was the same wya 4 months ago) it itches him but no tenderness i have researched everywhere but nothing pans out. his skin got sensitive to touch but the rash occured sveral days later. he has no flu like symptoms. Last time it lasted for about a week and a half. but it's on the exact same area. we have been using calahist lotion to dry it out but does anyone have any idea it's bugging us. I thought it could be a a rash cause change on weatrher or sweat rash i don't know. please help!
Avatar n tn The burning sensation I was feeling is internal around the stomach region.
Avatar f tn Woke up later than usual without any pain; however, my skin was (is) sensitive all over. All my joints felt stiff and actually crackled--this, too, has happened to me for years on and off. I suppose it's due to inflammation, but I really don't know. Either way, the only really bad symptom yesterday--and it was bad--was my mind. Throughout the work day, I was just basically...dumb. I forgot what I was saying midway through sentences.
Avatar n tn I am constantly cold and sometimes break out in cold sweats; my skin feels tender all over and very sensitive; and my face, neck, and lower back all feel abnormally warm. I am not throwing up, and I do not have diarrhea.
Avatar n tn Does anyone have any idea what to do for non-fungal skin conditions that cause white spots? Mine are confined to abdomen, chest and back. Its really irritating and unsightly! Should I trust the Derm's test and instructions to leave it? Anyone can help out here? Thanks!!