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Avatar m tn So I am epileptic (not photosensitive), I am under a treatment (I didn't do a seizure for more than a year), and my doctor prohibited video games, but I want to know why and if I can still do animations using Garry's mod (a tool that looks like a game but that I wouldn't really call a game, it looks like this : ) thank you !
6470732 tn?1439559892 And then her corpse started having a seizure??? Idk. I was just devastated. At this point in the night I woke up to pee and was really disturbed. I woke up so some cramps and backache. This is normal for me; I'm 24 weeks along and she likes to lay in my pelvis and when she does so, it KILLS my back lol. Normally I just wait it out but I was sure it was what caused my dream, so I took some acetaminophen and went back to bed.
Avatar m tn I agree it sounds like a seizure of some kind. I had a full on seizure several years ago due to drinking a gallon of water in about 15 minutes and got water intoxication. It began the way you describe your symptoms, but then I had the actual thing that appeared like a seizure. Can you do an MRI?
Avatar f tn p sometimes it's my feet, sometimes my hands or arms, even SPECIFIC parts of my legs xD
1049259 tn?1295092078 I've never had nor heard of anyone who has had a panic attack cause a seizure; though I have had a seizure send me into a panic attack afterward.Panic Attacks in themselves are like a bully on a playground they make life uncomfortable until you take control and back it down. Rest assurred you will not die from having a panic attack it just likes to make you feel like you will, but no one ever has.
183202 tn?1219857259 +stroke and seizure like feelings in brain, even though I am completely conscious and aware +eye twitches/spasms +random muscle twitches/spasms and tightening +continued electrical surges up and down spine and in brain +shaking/tremors??_I start shaking and trembling all over +feel flushed/hot flashes, then hands grow cold and my body temp.
Avatar n tn One time I fell back and hit my head quite hard on a chair and had a seizure. Just be careful about it, and make sure your parents/guardian know about it.
Avatar n tn My two year old recently started doing this. I freaked out and was about to dial 911 because I though she was having a seizure lying on the floor except she was responsive. She would become very angry when I tried to pick her up. I called her pediatrition who is out on maternity leave and couldnt get her in. I am very relieved to have done some research and am realizing this is much more common than I could have imagined at this age.
Avatar n tn This past summer she broke out while in the swimming pool, when she got out to get warm it must have been too drastic a change in temperature because she went into a seizure. Since then she is afraid to swim. It has been really hard for her because it starts on her face, and what teenager wants huge hives on their face in front of their friends. We tried Claritin and it tends to work some of the time, but not consistently enough.
299260 tn?1304219705 What day is your next u/s? jmh2005: Fingers Xd that AF stays far away! Hannah: What ever happened at your u/s or xray?
Avatar n tn Maybe even talk to the vet about lowering her dosage a bit, if she doesn't have a seizure with a lower dose, then I think that might be the way to go for a while. There's no need to give her a big dose if she can be maintained on a smaller one, at least for now.