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Avatar n tn I still have the scar but it did not show up on the MRI. When I was a year old, at a department store, I hurt my finger and had a grand mal seizure. My mother took me to the pediatrician who yelled at her for letting me hurt myself. After that, every time I would have an injury, I would have a grand mal seizure. Examples, when I got bit by a dog, when I fell down a flight of stairs, when I get a really bad charlie horse in my leg.
Avatar n tn It only occurs when she is excited, Never out of frustration or other emotions. It looks as though she is having a seizure but if I touch her hands she will stop. We have discussed trying to stop this behavior but she says that it is a part of her and she doesn't care who sees her do it. We are worried that she will be made fun of at school. Right now, she has no social problems but her friends have asked her why she shakes and does that with her hands.