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699912 tn?1235667950 m in here on a video eeg monitoring. I was having them before on meds. Why? help..
480092 tn?1208986162 * Video EEG. Video EEG records seizures on videotape and on computer so that the doctor can see what happens just before, during, and right after a seizure. * Brain mapping. Brain mapping is a fairly new method that is very similar to EEG. * Ambulatory EEG monitoring. In ambulatory EEG monitoring, the person is able to move around, and the test allows for long periods of time in recording of electrical activity in the brain. You can read more about this on this link: http://www.
Avatar m tn His neurologist doctor suggests next doing a video EEG to see if anything changes during an episode/seizure. If anyone knows of any other testing that can be done that he hasn't had done yet PLEASE let me know.
Avatar f tn The monitor automatically catches, and marks seizure activities and there is also a push button device that alarms and marks seizure activity manually. My question is how come how lights show seizure activity but it not be epileptic? They're still monitoring me for another day for I've have seizures in my sleep as told by my family and friends.
Avatar n tn My husband is currently at an epilepsy center undergoing eeg/video monitoring. He began having seizures 10 years ago which lasted 1 year. Then seizure free for 10 years. No meds,eeg and cat scans all negative. In Oct. 97 he began having seizures again. CAT and MRI revealed two arachnoid cysts. Both cysts were of no concern to the neurologist or neurosurgeon. Tegretol administered at 400 then up to 1200 over the past year. Seizures continued every 4-5 weeks.
Avatar n tn My son is 10 yrs old and having involuntary leg spasms.. He describes his symptoms as his legs going numb and then the spasms looks like jerking in one leg but can be in the other leg as well..after the spasm he can't feel his legs for a few seconds..He says it feels like twisting when it is happening...After it happens he feels the need to move his legs or bend them to comfort himself... Normally one at a time. We have done an EEG that came out normal. I am waiting for MRI results.
Avatar m tn Hello Last week I was hospitalized for what the doctors originally thought was a seizure. Tests later showed no seizure activity. While in the hospital they did an ultrasound on my heart, a stress test, an MRI, an Echocardiogram, and numerous blood test. All results showed a primarily healthy heart. For some reason, and I cant get a clear answer, the heart doctor ordered me a cardionet monitor to wear. I had no idea he was going to do this, or why.
Avatar n tn The differentiation between temporal lobe epilepsy and somatization disorder is done through a battery of tests the most important of which is long term video EEG monitoring where the patient is admitted to the hospital, hooked to EEG and recordings with EEG and video are done continuously till one of more seizures are recorded. At that the differentiation between various types of seizures and other disorders will be made.
Avatar n tn If there is any doubt, an admission to an epilepsy monitoring unit to record her activity (both brain wave and video monitoring) may be helpful. It could represent a physical reaction to headache, pain, or something related to her chiari. Another possiblity is a nonepileptic seizure, or what's commonly known as a pseudo seizure which arises from multiple psychosocial issues. Please keep in mind I have not personally examined your daughter nor have I reviewed her medical history in detail.
Avatar n tn The next day he said he wanted to be absolutely certain it was a seizure disorder so he orders a 24 hour Video monitoring EEG. She had a few episodes during this test which the Neurologist went over. He told us that he didn't see any seizure activity during her episodes, so he stopped the Keppra and sent us home with a new diagnosis of "behavioral" issues. She was on the Keppra for about a day and a half when it was stopped.
327385 tn?1378360731 i just got my first 24hr video eeg and i was told by the nurse that my results did show seizure activity on the left side . i didnt have a seizure while in the hospital. i just want to know if anyone has any idea of what the seizure activity on left side means. i dont go to my neuro for a couple mnts. i have had just eegs and it was just fast ones.
Avatar n tn As a tech who sees this type of behavior in children daily I would suggest long term monitoring with either an ambulatory EEg or a monitored, (video) in patient EEg. Many patients come in and have a routine EEg performed, these usually lasts 30-40 minutes, it is quite common for the results to come back with no visible abnormalities. There is a reason for your childs symptoms. Get a good neurologist and be sure your EEg tech is a registered technologist, it will be worth your time in reseach.
Avatar n tn ve been reading suggests some sort of seizure disorder. My question is this, is a Visual EEG more reliable in diagnosing seizure disorders?
Avatar n tn There may even be a need for video EEG monitoring for prolonged periods. If there is no seizure activity correlated with the EEG then there is something else going on. If she has epilepsy, then likely one of these will show whether she has epilepsy. If she is having seizures, then she needs treatment. Depending on the seizure type (generalized or focal) the proper medication can be given.
Avatar n tn they then did a mri, eeg, and video monitoring. the neurologist said it was not seizures. we took her to see a pediatric opthemologist whom we showed videos of the episodes and said in 20 plus years and thousands of babies he had never seen this. we went back to the neurologist who prescribed keppra, which did not change her condition. we then went to a gi who prescribed zantac which also had no effect. should i still be chasing issues with the gi or do you think i should pursue other efforts?
Avatar n tn The fact that there is somerthing seen on MRI in the temporal lobe might be an indication of the source of the seizure. But in order to confirm this, an admission to the hospital for continuous video and EEG monitoring and recording of seizures might be needed. Here, at the Cleveland Clinic we have an extensive experience with epilepsy and surgical tretament of epilepsy both for children and adults.
Avatar n tn : It starts with an aura, which is a "burning" feeling in her larynx region, it is usually followed by violent vomitting. Within 10 minutes she can not resond or talk intellgently. She also can not walk and her eyes are deviated to the left side of her head. Within a half hour she is having a seizure that involves the left side of her body i.e. eyelid and eyebrow rapid twitching and mouth/cheek twitching. Usually it proceeds to include mostly the entire left side of her body.
Avatar f tn If that comes up negative, then it may need to go back to the neurologist for video-EEG monitoring. When reading your posting, my thought was seizure activity.
Avatar f tn Video EEG. Video EEG records seizures on videotape and on computer so that the doctor can see what happens just before, during, and right after a seizure. This test can be very helpful in finding the specific area of the brain that the seizures may be coming from. It is also helpful in diagnosing psychogenic seizures, which may look like real seizures but do not affect the electrical activity in the brain.
Avatar f tn i need help in getting a new type of seizure monitoring device patented and made. my 16 year old son suffers from epilepsy, his seizures usually occur early mornings. I've come up with a new type of monitoring device but i dont have the funds to get it patented or manufactured. if anyone can help me please let me know. i have submitted it to but they need $685 to get it made, which i dont have.
Avatar n tn If your episodes are frequent enough, one thing to consider would be an admission to an epilepsy monitoring unit. There you would be hooked up to video EEG continuously for a few days. If there is a change in the EEG pattern with an episode, this would help the docs figure out if it's seizure related. If everything is normal, then it's possible that it could be an atypical migraine.
Avatar n tn In contrast to your physician (who does know your son and has had the opportunity to examine him), I think that EEG and video monitoring may be helpful in sorting out this issue. If they are able to catch one of these episodes on EEG and everything looks ok, then it's unlikely to be a seizure. Another thought would be to try and get him into counseling or some kind of behavioral therapy on the assumption that it is behavioral.
Avatar n tn I would love to connect with another mom with a similar experience. As far as montioring Carson at night goes...we have a video monitoring system in his room. But some nights it just makes me feel all the more helpless to see it and not know what it is or how to make it stop. It's when he stops making noise that I really begin to feel worry. Thanks again!
699912 tn?1235667950 The mri was negative. They told me I have to have a eeg monitoring video that lasts 2 days without being on seizure meds in hopes I have seizures to find out where exactly they are coming from before they can operate. I am glad your fiance's surgery went well and was a success!! Thank you!
Avatar n tn More precise location of the epileptic zone and symptomatic zone will be needed. This will be accomplished by video monitoring and EEG. Then the work-up becomes one of cause and effect. How much brain can be removed to cause the least amount of long-term sequalae given the extent of the dysplasia. Will the surgery be beneficial enough in her seizure control to warrant surgery.
Avatar f tn s evaluation told me that they wanted to do a 24hr EEG, combined with heart monitoring and video recording to capture the whole thing. Instead they did a 90 minute EEG, told me the results were normal and to follow up with the pediatrician and another hospital if I had any questions or concerns. This doctor was my second opinion. Now I am lost, frustrated, and just tired of my son being disregarded by the medical profession so far.
Avatar n tn Initial workup would include video/EEG monitoring to evaluate the clinical presentation of seizure with the EEG recording of what the brain is doing at the time of the event. Then we would do a SPECT scan to identify metabolic correlation to seizure-like events/EEG/Video-wise. Neuropsych testing would be done to evaluate what functions are associated with the area in question.