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Avatar f tn yes depakote is an anti seizure med. there are many anti-seizure meds. could be that one isnt working for her. was one of the charges for selling xanax? jane tell her it is very important that she be honest with you at this point. tell her that nothing will suprise you. going forward you need to know so you will also know how to proceed. she will be calling soon. it is after dinner.
969132 tn?1249327851 I am female, 21 years old with asthma and overweight. I had just lost about 35 pounds (from working out and eating healthy) when this all started to happen, and now it is so bad that I can barely walk around my house and take care of my kids, let alone work out with the vigor that I previously had. I still eat healthy but am not losing weight. About 1 year ago I had twins and lost quite a bit of blood but have since recovered.
1570846 tn?1295833227 When he's having a seizure one side of his mouth rises abnormally. and then he goes into full Tonic Clonic seizure. But as I said.. your DD's could be a once off seizure. I know of so many people that have a seizure and never have another one. You are going through such a tough time and I know exactly how you feel. Last year was like the year from hell for our family. My son's illness and my dear Mother's illness. And I know the feelings of guilt. But you do have to let them go.
969132 tn?1249327851 My pupils fluctuate nearly all day long, but especially if there is bright light. I did a flashlight test which showed even more fluctuation. Here is a link to a video of my pupils: I am female, 21 years old with asthma and overweight.
969132 tn?1249327851 I am female, 21 years old with asthma and overweight. I had just lost about 35 pounds (from working out and eating healthy) when this all started to happen, and now it is so bad that I can barely walk around my house and take care of my kids, let alone work out with the vigor that I previously had. I still eat healthy but am not losing weight. About 1 year ago I had twins and lost quite a bit of blood but have since recovered.
Avatar n tn She has referred us to a pediatrician just in case but that will take a couple of months. She said sometimes kids have night terrors or seizures and usually its a once in a lifetime thing. I am still worried of course, but am a bit reassured. I am wondering if this does sound like a seizure to any of you. If it is, does that mean its a sign of something very serious?? Or could it be something he grows out of?
Avatar f tn R - you are right...much of this is about getting our kids away from the video games and back into physical activities..even if it's just running around in the backyard. My nephews seem to spend way more time in front of video games and tv then playing and I worry for them.
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Avatar n tn His MRI is clear and seizure free on his last video EEG. Anyone have experience on taking their kids off Dilantin after brain surgery? Also his school is being very difficult to work with. He has had trouble with every seizure med or ADHD med he's taken!!!!
Avatar n tn She has problems concentraing, doesn't like to sit and work, is developmnentally delayed, is impulsive, has disruptive behaviors such as waling around, not listening, sometimes kicking or spitting at other kids but is also very much loved by the same kids. She can be so nice. FIrst 20 min EEG was abnormal, second 6 hour EEG with video also came back abnormal.
Avatar f tn one last question. does anyone with this disease ever get sick from playing video games?? i know it sounds really strange, but after trying to play with my kids on the ps3 5 different times and getting sick, its not a coincidence!! i get hives/blisters, swelling, blurred vision, tunnel vision, nausea, even worse fatigue, and horrible headaches. i don't know why its affecting me like this, video games never used to before, but we just purchased the ps3.
327385 tn?1378364331 i was seeing a seizure spealist and wanted me to be put in hospital for four days to have video seizures and no one could keep my kids and with school i just couldnt do it. i just dont understand how i can have hypopituitary "but not bad enough to treat" ? my kids are scared to death of my seizures because i scream and turn blue now. i seen a new neuro and was told the gamma does effect the other brain tissue than just the tumor,,my neurosurgeon told me it didnt.
Avatar n tn He asked us to video our son and after seeing the video, ordered an EEG to rule out atonic seizures. The result of the test was abnormal intermittent spiking in the frontal lobes. The Dr wanted to prescribe anti-seizure meds but my husband and I wanted to research them first. We saw another Ped/Neuro for a second opinion, and were told seizures were a possibility as were childhood tics and maybe Tourettes.
Avatar m tn 30 pm and I was playing a game called Unreal Tournament when it happened. First, I felt my left hand start to shake violently, then my right shortly after, I wanted to call for help, but couldn't...and that's when the panic kicked it. I felt myself slowly falling off of the chair and can't remember anything from that point, until about 12:00 am. I felt confused and scared and felt as if I was going to die. My mom and bro called the EMTs and I was taken to the hospital.
Avatar n tn She said she had about 15-90 seconds where she felt like she was falling into a seizure, then it would take control. Once she was locked into the seizure, it would last for anywhere from 20 seconds to 90 seconds. We realized if we made her snack and kept her from getting hungry it really helped. She got to the point where she recognized the onset of the initial symptoms.
Avatar n tn Then I had a 48 hr. video/eeg and even though I didn't have a seizure, they caught seizure activity during this time. I, also, have the chill like feeling. Try to get a video/eeg. Good luck.
Avatar n tn A wide spectrum of medicines have been used over the years without any lasting progress. Her EEG, MRI and Sleep Apnea test and even extended Video EEG are all clear. She started walking at the age of 2.5, but still has problem climbing stairs. Only one step at a time. Holding small plastic pans or pouring from a mug is difficult for her. She has only now started to carry her things to the rack for stacking.
Avatar n tn my 13 month old niiece has been having seizure like symptoms. she is awake her muscles stiffen and she rocks as if doing stomach crunches. it lasts more than 30 seconds each time and happens a number of times. afterwards she is sweating and exhausted she recently went to the hospital. 3 pediatric doctors saw her doing it and said it was a habit and nothing to worrry about.
Avatar n tn She confirmed that and says that he has definitely neurological impairment, the root of everything is neurological... (SID, hypotonia, oral motor, apraxia etc). Anyway she thinks he may be having seizure activity and he's having an EEG on Wednesday. If it comes back abnormal, then she said he needs to come in right away, I think for meds. If the EEG is normal, then she said he still has neurological impairment, just that you can't see on the EEG.
163305 tn?1333672171 Harborside Health Center has the ambience of a crunchy yet well-run bank. Every day,thousands stream into the largest dispensary on the West Coast. Jason David, a 35year-old single father from Modesto,showed up at Harborside in June 2011, desperately looking for a new treatment for his son. Jayden, now 5 1/2 has Dravet Syndrome, a severe, rare epilepsy sub-diagnosis that affects infants and children. When he was 4months old, he started having seizures.
Avatar m tn My 4 yr old son was diagnosed with seizure disorder 7/2012. Genetic and metabolic work-up turned out negative.  MRI  did show cortical dysplasia, Left Temporal Lobe. We've done monotherapy with Trileptal  and failed, and have recently added Keppra on the regimen. So far, he hasn't had his night time seizures but he has these episode in the morning where he gets startled, starts grunting,  his arms gets stif; it lasts just a few seconds so I could never get a video of it.
Avatar n tn He had 2 febrile seizures when he was 5 (a late age to start as I understand) and hadn't had another seizure until January of this year. I should also say that he has been diagnosed with Asperger's, which can be a risk factor for seizures during puberty. His seizures always seem to come when he is very sick with a fever or very stressed (he had two the day after he had his tonsils and adnoids removed) and always during sleep or extreme exhaustion. His last one was on Oct.
Avatar n tn The most definitve way of diagnosing epilepsy is to undegoe continuous video-EEG recording and have a seizure captured on video or EEG. An MRI of the brain is usually indicated where a focal/partial epilepsy is suspected as by your history.
1303966 tn?1296743610 I started Zonegran in Nov. I saw my Neuro yesterday and she asked about any seizure activity. Of course I told her I had a seizure in March. She ordered a sleep deprived 1 hour EEG because she said she may need to change my medication if I'm still having epileptic activity. Is this really necessary? The complex seizures I was having when I first started having seizures were really bad, and this seizure I had in March was nothing compared to those. I think the medication needs more time.
277174 tn?1189851979 Medical conditions, seizure disorder, herniated disc repai, nausea vomiting, unexplained pain beh, behind eyes, would like to get be, get better A little about me:I am a 42 yr old female with lots of health problems that have been hard to diagnose and some are unusual for my life consists of taking pills, undergoing medical tests and procedures trying to find the root of the problems, recently its been nausea and vomiting for 18 months.
Avatar f tn Since the seizure I've watched her when she sleeps and even video taped her a couple of times and I've noticed that she has these spasms in her legs and arms/hands and when she wakes and cries, sometimes her right hand is clentched like it was when she was having the seizure...could this be like when we fall asleep on our hands and the pain we get or could this be her having another seizure and me not knwoing it? Could these be the cause of all her constant wakenings all along?
Avatar n tn My daughter recently commented about another child in school who suffered a seizure (she was fine) to a couple of kids (after another boy started the conversation) that this little girl died and is in heaven. The principal called us to tell us about this conversation. My daughter is a "follower" and always has been. I've also just found out that she picks on another little boy in her class. I find this to be very upsetting.
640266 tn?1223316564 When in the ER with a particularly bad flare-up that left me too weak to hold my head up, I experienced a sort of whole-body spasm. It was almost like a seizure, except that I was fully conscous and coherant. The ER doctor said it was part of my FMS. It's some sort of severe myoclonus that only occurs when I'm having a bad flare-up or over-tired. During those times, I'll spasm as frequently as 10 times a minute, or I'll have spasms that last up to 30 seconds and come every 2-3 minutes.
Avatar m tn Hi Harsha, Not sure if your daughter gets seizure during fever only. My son also gets seizure whenever he has High fever, this problem started when he was 18 months. Doctors prescribed Frisium 5 mg whenever he gets fever 12 th Hourly whenever we notice fever. It dint work well in his case and most of the time he got seizures after giving Frisium also. The number of episode is 5 to 6 We were told that febrile seizures should stop after the age of 5 .He is 4 yrs.