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Avatar f tn She is just coming out of a second week long stay in the hospital (first because she would turn blue suddenly during her first cold and most recently due to RSV complications). During the first 11 day stay, she started exhibiting seizure like behavior - suddenly dropping into a dreamlike state - eyes rolled back into head, sometimes her hands or feet would move rythmically, a couple of times her O2 sats fell into the high 70's (O2 blow-by was used and immediately she returned to 100).
Avatar m tn I have never heard of a vet requesting video of any dog behavior, as normally when people bring in seizure dogs, the vet will keep the dog for observation himself, and so any seizures can be treated immediately. I'm NOT a vet, and you description alone has told ME plenty to give you good advice on this. Back to possibilities: I have seen seizure dogs have their first seizure, pop out of it before the vet could run down the hall, and appear to be fine.
Avatar n tn My husband had a seizure a month ago. He is 33 years old and his first seizure and only one before this was 16 years ago. His MRI and EEG were fine, thank goodness. He is suffering now from short term memory loss, I am so concerned. He is going to the Neurologist next week, but I am freaking out now. Is this a normal side effect of a seizure?
1545371 tn?1330802307 I had tonic clonic seizures, complex partial and myoclonic seizures. I have been seizure free on medication for several years now. A large proportion of my seizures occured during sleep. I reduced my meds several years ago with the help of my neurologist as i was keen to get pregnant. Lately i have been wakening feeling extremely groggy and tired which lasts throughout the day and my body aches when i waken. I feel some days like i have been hit by a bus.
Avatar n tn I took him to the ER where they kept him for an EEG and Video EEG. they said it all came out normal but when he had his blood evaluated they found out he has severe iron deficiency. Does this cause Tics or muscle spasms?
Avatar n tn I am a 26 year old woman, an epileptic and have not had a grand mal seizure for over 3 years. I take meds daily. I have always had these episodes where my vision goes strange - in a way 2-dimensional and I feel like I am watching life through a video. I cannot gauge where anything is and feel completely detached from myself. It used to occur once every few months, but for the last year these episodes happen at least every day sometimes three times.
Avatar m tn I also get them when riding in the car with the sunlight flickering through the trees. I also get the arm jerks when watching TV with flashing lights, playing video games, police cars, and also with flickering fluorescent lights. I also get an aura that's blue flashing lights in both eyes that leads to my hand twitching. I get twitches in my fingers and then my hand will jump. I get head jerks with my hand jumping. My feet jerk and my mouth twitches.
Avatar n tn Having said that, I am curious to know your experience on children outgrowing their seizures when there is no known etiology. He has very classic temporal lobe seizures (funny feeling in stomach, look of fear, flushing and sweating, mouth movements then unresponsive for a couple of minutes and then going to sleep). They are infrequent, about every three months, but do cluster when they occur.
Avatar n tn However, if you wish to investigate this further, then consultation with a pediatric neurologist is reasonable. Both a tic disorder or a seizure disorder could be treated by a neurologist. It is possible to have very brief seizures, and in some patients seizures do predominantly occur out of sleep. Based on the description provided it sounds as though this may be a tic disorder, however I can not be 100% because I have not had the opportunity to speak with you or examine your child. Good luck.
Avatar n tn I checked periodically at night and she was fine. In the morning before she woke up, her hand was in a funny position and it did it again, Just a little twitch. Is this normal or something to be concerned about? I had a seizure disorder (2 seizures) and was considered Epileptic from the age of 10-14. I know that if a Mother has a seizure disorder that the childs chance of having one is 7.9%. (which still is 92% change that she won't have that disorder).
Avatar m tn ) Initially I thought that he went into respiratory arrest, maybe he did. Maybe it was a seizure. He did not stiffen-up or did not loose control of his bowel or bladder. Tim was awake (awakened) about 1 minute after he passed out. He did not remember a thing and began to talk and eat normally! 911 was called then cancelled.
Avatar n tn Your symptoms are worrisome for a certain type of seizure called a complex partial seizure. Although you don't lose consciousness, it becomes impaired and you are unable to communicate effectively throughout the episode. A TIA is also a possibility as is complicated migraine, but these are less likely given the fact you just had a seizure couple months ago. Talk to your neurologist ASAP for appropriate management.
Avatar f tn Sounds like you would definitely need to be evaluated by your doc, just to rule anything out, like seizure activity. The ONE thing that makes me lean AWAY from that (if I understood correctly?) actually lose consciousness? Do your friends say you actually pass out? If so, for how long? Have you ever, while in that state lost control of your bladder or bowels? Serious question. The triggers are curious as well....
Avatar f tn hey guys jus want to tell that acoording to my dr seizure can be cause at the time of puberty.i had 2 seizure at the age of 14 one in school and the other in my uncles car.then 3 day past and i was sleeping when i wake up i had sperm all over my boxers i have had 4 years without getting another seizure.they did all the test the eeg i stood in the hospital for 4 days it was normal and the otheres where normal to. but they had put me on question is can i get anothere seizure?
Avatar n tn I think you're doing the right thing taking her to the doctor. But first, get good video of her doing this because its hard to picture with just a verbal description. Video is a GREAT thing to have at the docs office! Best wishes.
Avatar n tn Well after 6 years of the Army and alot of experimental drugs and shots (like Anthrax), at the age of 30, In 2012, I've had 5 seizures. The funny thing is, the military diagnosed me with seizure disorder in 2009, I thought they were tripping because I never had a seizure, just blackouts. Is there a possibility that some strains may help to prevent my seizures while other strains my stir them up? I normally only smoke premium green! Any info would be helpful.
Avatar n tn I told him to breath and then he went into a full tremor and his eyes were really funny and in two different directions but he has never wet himself. The Dr. stated it was a seizure and needed to see a neurologist. I explained our whole story and how we have and even been in hospital and the MRI and EEG are always fine so the local dr. is sending us to a pediatric neuro for a second opinion. He ask to have that Dr. call him so he could explain to him what he witnessed.
Avatar n tn o( The epileptologist thinks that I had a stroke (MRI shows a lesion) and that it has caused seizure activity. Also, that the one and only (thus far) seizure I had was brought out by Zoloft. Anyway, how long I have had this "stroke" is not known, some say maybe I had it in utero, but the epileptologist thinks it happened a few yrs. ago when my troubles began. ??? I am posting this because maybe that is why I had the jerks?
Avatar f tn Hi girl, how r u? Gavin does it when we feed him. He hasn't been a very good eater.
Avatar n tn I had a scare about 2 weeks ago I woke up in the morning feeling really groggy and my head felt really funny with a lot of pressure. I went for a drive and then all of a sudden my head felt like it was struct with something and then it got a burning sensation and my body got very hot. Then it went away in 5 seconds. I thought it was a symptom of a seizure. I rushed home layed down. The next day the same thing happened only in the car.
Avatar m tn Another instance, I pass out while viewing a video on Quick-Clot, where they use it on a pig to demonstrate. All I remember is waking up at the table in the back and people staring at me. They all thought it was funny (assholes). I also passed while taking a blood test while to deployment back in 2009. I stand up walk out the office, and sit down while I wait for something from them. I ended up passing out in the chair without time to react. Wake up, let them know what happened.
Avatar f tn Along with the most common symptoms that Chiari brings suck as headaches, fatigue, dizziness, I also experience other symptoms.When someone sees me, they tell me that it looks like I am having a seizure because I have experience some of those symptoms as well. However, when I have been through MRIS Catscans, EEG, the doctors tell me that I do not have seizures due to the fact that I am conscience this whole time.
Avatar n tn They use spohisticated tests such as video-nystagmography to diagnose dizziness. In this test the doctor watches your eye movements with a video camera, while your eyes are in special goggles and with performing certain maneouvres. Other commmon test ordered for these symptoms that can reveal a diagnosis are tilt table tests. In this test, your blood pressure, heart rate and symptoms are monitired carefully as you stand on a tilting table that tilts from 0 to 70 degrees.
723488 tn?1278342900 I went to dr and had labwork done. Everything came back fine (thyroid, BP, sugar, Iron etc.) Only thing that looked funny was that i showed that I was exposed to Mono yrs ago and he thinks im having a "stress induced flare-up". (I never heard of this). So for 8 weeks I cant even get in a car and go anywhere due to "sick" feeling.
1437229 tn?1296073620 Some of it was attributed to the seizure meds I had begun taking. When my neurologist adjusted it to a lower strength it improved some, but did not completely go away. Has anyone else had trouble with speech? I welcome any input. Beth.
377493 tn?1356505749 // A short while later she was dead, suicide at 15 years old. She made a mistake at 13 and was bullied for it. Relentlessly and horrifically bullied. This story is every parents worse nightmare. There is now a full scale investigation into this child's suicide, with 20 RCMP working on the case. Most of the bullying was done through Facebook and other forms of social media.
Avatar m tn Could Cubital tunnel syndrome be a sign of ALS, or would you not feel numbness at all ? If I gently tap elbow in funny bone area the numbness increases and it sends electrical shocks down my forearm and hand. Im just so scared. Obviously Cubital tunnel syndrome would not be fun but Ill gladly take that over something that would take me away from my family. The body wide twitches scare me as well as Dr. google associates them with ALS. My primary said body wide twitching is not ALS.
Avatar n tn A tonic-clonic seizure is the new name for a grand mal seizure. It would not explain all my strange symptoms but is just another sign or symptom I think. The fatigue and left sided weakness are the most bothersome at the moment. I am still having the waves pretty well daily, but they are not as incapacitating as a few months ago. I had some whopper headaches this week, but have gone to the chiropractor and took Tyl #3 and it is now minimal.