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Avatar n tn When I was in college I had to have the University library change the refresh rates of all their monitors because I couldn't look at any of them for more than a few minutes before having a seizure. It is very plausible that he could have seizures from playing video games for that amount of time if he is photo sensitive.
Avatar m tn Hi, My nine year son facing epilepsy from last two years.At the start of epilepsy the seizures attack increase up to 20/22 per 24 hours.Every attack has 6 to 10 seconds.We make MRI scan and EEG reports which is available in Mumbai.Some report comes normal.Some report the problem tint in right frontal lob & other tint in Left frontal lob(MRI BRAIN,SPECT,PET SCAN,14 HOURS VIDEO EEG REPORT.No report can highlight spot.Physicians already tried Tegrital,Fresium,Lemitec kid,Levipil,Valparin.
327385 tn?1378364331 i just got my first 24hr video eeg and i was told by the nurse that my results did show seizure activity on the left side . i didnt have a seizure while in the hospital. i just want to know if anyone has any idea of what the seizure activity on left side means. i dont go to my neuro for a couple mnts. i have had just eegs and it was just fast ones.
Avatar m tn So I am epileptic (not photosensitive), I am under a treatment (I didn't do a seizure for more than a year), and my doctor prohibited video games, but I want to know why and if I can still do animations using Garry's mod (a tool that looks like a game but that I wouldn't really call a game, it looks like this : ) thank you !
Avatar n tn This has been ongoing for about six months. Finally he had a seizure on April and admitted at hospital. After further tests, the neurologist said he had abdominal epilepsy. He had been taking keppra, depokate and resipdral but still he is having abdominal pain at least once a day. Any thoughts? I am not sure if the epilepsy cause the minor stroke or the other way around.
Avatar f tn After returning home from vacation, I was playing Nitendo Wii and two days after, I had a seizure which seemed stronger than before, but I was still aware of it. My family knew then that Nitendo Wii had an effect on my epilepsy. Recently, I had a EEG and the results were positive. I still had them in the left brain lobe. I know that I might have told a story, but really my main questions are: Will my seizures continue on for a few more years or will it be there for the rest of my life?
Avatar f tn It is not necessary that a person who has one seizure will have another seizure. Treatment is usually not started on the onset of a single seizure.Anti seizure medications are started when the diagnosis is confirmed. Do write to us again with more queries. Take care and best luck!
Avatar n tn she never had an attack during these tests. The acting doctor immediately wanted to diagnose the patient with epilepsy. The patient and mother refused the diagnosis and seeked further treatment. The patient was not diagnosed, and the problem was simply left alone. After about 4 months of this it just stopped. The attacks stopped for about a year and a half. In September of 2007 the patient had another attack, this time much more severe then any previous.
Avatar n tn today afternoon I had the attack again ( seizure !! i guess ) in which its nature has changed....... My eyes moved to the right right side started sinking, face & lips tilted to the right & i started to shake & salaiva drips in this period. This lasted for one minute. Some one please explain if I am getting the right medicines ?? Is that I am going through is Epilepsy, (my doctor is denying it ) ?? why are my MRI & EEG normal if I am getting these Seizures ??
Avatar f tn Hi, I am a patient with simple partial seizure. Before I had the complex partial seizure, but it stopped for two years. I don't understand now I have seizures again. I thought I have everything under control then. How come it changed to simple now instead of complex? Does it mean that it is healing? Also I heard that it is better for me not to play any games.
699912 tn?1235671550 Has anyone had brain surgery for epilepsy? Was it successful? I have had it for 24 years and not controlled by meds. I suffer from partial left lobe seizures that may become generalized. I have trouble with memory as it is bad anyways, I want that to improve not be worse. I have emotional problems which from research can come from problems with the partial lobe. I want my seizures to be controlled as well. I am really scared. They want me to be a candidate for brain surgery.
Avatar m tn I watched this video about bipolar disorder: It claims that bipolar is a form of epilepsy. Does this make sense??
Avatar f tn I am not a proffesional at this far from it finding out I had epilepsy after a witness grandmal a year and a half ago. I get upset before having a seizure. sometimes off and on in the evening when i start settling down and then after going to sleep i have a big one. Sort of like people with pms. I pretty much get all the symptoms. I just finished (2 days ago) a video eeg that lasted 8 days.
Avatar n tn I had no seizure but interictal independent discharges (spikes) in the left and right temporal lobes were evidenced. His conclusion for now is atypical partial epilepsy and he would like to renew the recording. I want to add something to this (I'm not sure my neurologist takes this into account).
Avatar n tn Hi, The video EEG will be able to help differentiate btween the migraine aura or an underlying epileptic aura. The presence of spikes and waxing and waning patterns may suggest a migraine aura.A migraine aura may sometimes present with spike activities almost smilar to a seizure. However ,EEG reading is a complex procedure that requires an expert to properly diagnose the underlying diagnosis.
Avatar m tn It is more likely that you have no one specific seizure trigger, which is the case for most seizure disorders. The sleep study should be very revealing. Also useful is a 72-hour ambulatory EEG, or a 24-hour video EEG (performed in a hospital setting). I hope you can find out what is going on and begin effective treatment soon.
Avatar n tn I have lesions on my brain and have done research, and patients prescribed with xanax have been diagnosed with partial simple epilepsy. I had a video EEG and epileptic activity was noticed 3 out of 5 seizures. I was told I had temporal lobe epilepsy, but after taking keppra I developed osteoporosis. Futhermore if you take 3 mgs of xanax and 1500 mgs of keppra it puts me out. Neurologists have to be very specific about these drugs.
341190 tn?1295470725 I read info that recommended anyone having fainting or "seizure" to have a full cardiac work up as well. My son has been treated for Epilepsy for 2 years now without success, and we just had a cardiac workup and they discovered he has Neurocardiogenic syncope which causes "fainting", and seizures if severe (low oxygen to the brain). It too can make you feel sick. Look it up on the net. There are alot of heart conditions that can cause this as well.
Avatar n tn My son (22 months old) was diagnosed as having a very difficult to control Epilepsy. We still couldn't control his seizures. At first, he was diagnosed as having generalized epilepsy, and as his background rythm (EEG)was normal that was it. Later (when he was 12 -13) his background rythm changed, so he was diagnosed as having West or Lennox Gastaut. Both of the diagnosis were devastating to us. We tried many medicines, and none of them seemed to work.
Avatar f tn Ask for the EEG Where you don't sleep for 24 hours and then you take the test. That way it is more likely for Epilepsy to show up on it. Epilepsy is not something doctors diagnose easily. It took months (and tons of tests) for me even to get a suggestion that I had epilepsy. Not all seizures are caused by epilepsy however. You may be having an allergic reaction or having a fever. Try filming yourself when you sleep. So that you can bring the tape in and show your doctor. Hope I helped a bit!
Avatar n tn My son has Chiari and Epilepsy and I work with a lot of people with Epilepsy. Before we found out about my son's Chiari he had the weirdest seizure that was not Epilepsy. And looking back over the diary i keep I know now that's when all the other symptoms started. Playing football someone jumped on his back. He fell down and started shaking. His whole body was shaking but he was still able to talk and answer questions (with difficulty) It lasted a long time.. almost an hour.
Avatar n tn an event in the next few days so that we can look at the EEG and video to see if it's a real seizure. If she has a spell and the EEG is completely normal, then it's unlikely that these are really seizures. They may represent stress, psychological problems, or even cardiac problems (although usually there's an EKG attached too). Psychiatry, antianxiety/psyche meds or counseling may need to be initiated.
Avatar n tn What complicates your picture from others is that you also have underlying epilepsy. Epilepsy is a complicated diagnosis and you of all people know that it can transform and manifest differently throughout one’s life. I hope that you have formed a good relationship with your epilepsy specialist. My suspicion is that your symptoms are not nocturnal seizures but rather a sleep disorder.
Avatar n tn - voluntary motor or sensory function involvement suggesting neurological or other medical condition - presence of psychological stressors prior to onset - malingering or factitious disorder has been ruled out - no apparent medical or drug/substance related cause - there is significant distress and occupational and social impairment - no apparent mental disorder as the cause of symptoms How would you describe your husband's seizure-like episodes? What happens?
1889593 tn?1321040385 It could possibly be some form of seizure, or even mild epilepsy. You need to have him checked out I think. Can you video the event if it happens again? Obviously you might not get much warning but if you can, it would help the vet perhaps to see more clearly what's going on with him.
Avatar f tn He's is developing normally and is on track with all of his milestones. Here's a video of him
Avatar n tn My daughter had a closed head injury at the age of 3, which resulted in multiple seizures (grand mal) and a heart arythmia. It seemed at first that she had epilepsy, and wsa trated for years on phenobarbitol, dilantin and Tegretol, none of which subsided the seizures. Then she was told she may have a vasal vagal reflux disorder, and that was triggering the seizures. she was taken off of the seizure medication and placed on inderol to control her heart.
Avatar f tn As far as the twitching goes, it is not localized, it is very broad and very much looks like I am having a seizure. I do have video of a few of the episodes, but I do not know how to put them on here. The SLA's are severe enough that we have decided it is not safe for me to drive because we do not know when I will have an attack or how bad it will be. One of the writhing attacks were so bad that I fell out of bed.