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Avatar m tn She said play it by ear - it is possible he had a seizure. I feel guilty that I let the hydrotherapist do so much to him. I have let him down. The palpitations are slightly milder now. Will they go away with rest or should I take him back to the vet thanks a million.
Avatar m tn Under certain circumstances this can precipitate an actual epileptic seizure. Or a medical condition somewhat short of a complete seizure. The same thing can happen from the flickering of sun through an aircraft propeller blade. Certain animations and CRT configurations exacerbate this phenomena. The "flicker" affects the brain. How exactly a seizure is induce is not clear. This medical problem has been well-documented and researched.
486038 tn?1300066967 Do I need to seek testing? I have had several possible seizure last fall, they ranged from several seconds (were I would just stare in space and not speak) to several minutes (where I had an aura before had that felt like something washed over me and then I was seperated or a bit detached and I could not speak and afterwards had a terrible headache) and these were witnessed by my mom.
Avatar n tn She was recently hospitalized again after an attack last over an hour. During her stay she underwent a Video EEG and during so she went thru a full blown attack. Unfortunately the results showed nothing wrong according to the EEG. She also had an MRI, MRA and another CT. Sadly, a sist was found behind her right eye, not attached to the brain, however; doctors say it has nothing to do with her attacks.
Avatar n tn One neurologist had earlier advised me to go for video EEG should I do that to get to the exact cause of my seizures.......
Avatar n tn Hi, The video EEG will be able to help differentiate btween the migraine aura or an underlying epileptic aura. The presence of spikes and waxing and waning patterns may suggest a migraine aura.A migraine aura may sometimes present with spike activities almost smilar to a seizure. However ,EEG reading is a complex procedure that requires an expert to properly diagnose the underlying diagnosis.
Avatar n tn In case, doctor puts you on anti seizure medicine,do take it regularly.Take care!
Avatar n tn If you are concerned, try to video the "spells" and show them to your pediatrician. Some babies do just make jerky movements like that, but there are also some concerning disorders that may present in the same way. If the spells are not increasing, and otherwise your 5 month old is hitting developmental milestones appropriately, they are probably just funny jerks or twitches. But check with your ped; that's the safest thing to do. That way you won't have to worry.
Avatar f tn But could this really be the cause of his seizure and muscle spasms? Also, is there anything we can do to prevent this from happening again?
316350 tn?1193628295 look up 'temporal lobe seizures and de ja vu' on the internet. if you have a seizure while you're having your video eeg, they will be able to tell you where the seizure is coming from. then, your treatment options will increase. you could be a candidate for surgery. all seizures have the potential to get worse. you must get control of this. you're having more than just mild seizures. those 2 words don't even sound right together.. 'oh, your brain is missfireing, only mildly though'.
Avatar f tn As far as the twitching goes, it is not localized, it is very broad and very much looks like I am having a seizure. I do have video of a few of the episodes, but I do not know how to put them on here. The SLA's are severe enough that we have decided it is not safe for me to drive because we do not know when I will have an attack or how bad it will be. One of the writhing attacks were so bad that I fell out of bed.
Avatar f tn About 95% of the time it occurs while he is on his tummy, although occasionally I've seen him do this while sitting. He does not cry afterwards or do anything with his eyes. In fact after he does this he seems to continue to play normally. I'm very worried and I will be making an appointment with a pediatric neurologist but in the mean time I'm hoping anyone has any insight as to what this can be. He's is developing normally and is on track with all of his milestones.
Avatar n tn His psychologist (which the neurologist refered him to) doesn't believe this is a psych issue. Is it possible for this to still be a seizure disorder? What should we do?
Avatar m tn So I am epileptic (not photosensitive), I am under a treatment (I didn't do a seizure for more than a year), and my doctor prohibited video games, but I want to know why and if I can still do animations using Garry's mod (a tool that looks like a game but that I wouldn't really call a game, it looks like this : ) thank you !
Avatar n tn I have no control of them and by no means would I fake a seizure as my son has epilepsy!!! I like you do not lose consicousness although I have 1 time.
Avatar n tn an event in the next few days so that we can look at the EEG and video to see if it's a real seizure. If she has a spell and the EEG is completely normal, then it's unlikely that these are really seizures. They may represent stress, psychological problems, or even cardiac problems (although usually there's an EKG attached too). Psychiatry, antianxiety/psyche meds or counseling may need to be initiated.
Avatar n tn That way if another TTT is done, I could suggest it with some level of confidence. You had said in your response that you would not start seizure meds. and I hadn't even thought to ask you about that. I was glad you stated it because before they even had the abnormal EEG they wanted to start me on it, but I refused. Now, I believe I will be getting epilepsy monitoring in the hospital. More expensive, time consuming, and stressful, but more appropriate in my thinking.
Avatar n tn to jerk for attention, and thatr her heart has nothing to do with the seizures. I know what a seizure is, she is not "faking" it, as a matter of fact she is unaware of what is happening until she wakes up, and even then she is confused for several minutes. Please help me if you can, direct me to whom I should contact and how she should be treated.
Avatar f tn I just want to say you are really handling this well. :) I am glad she is feeling better. Everything she is experiencing will be reasons she will have in her head to remember once she gets out & it will provide motivation to help keep her sober. Who knows, maybe one day she will be able to help another addict out because of her experiences.
7402782 tn?1390590497 This time, she seemed to be unaffected as she stood still, but as she tried to walk towards me to look for support (as she usually does when the attack begins to come on), her legs seemed unable to do what she wanted them to do, and they would kick out on controllably. You can see when I started recording that she remained still, but then as she tried to move, she lost control.
1889593 tn?1321040385 i have a one year old lab puppy and my nana found him foaming at the mouth and he wouldnt get up, when they called his name the only thing he could do was wag his tail. This is the first time he has done this and a few minutes later he was acting normal.
969132 tn?1249327851 I am female, 21 years old with asthma and overweight. I had just lost about 35 pounds (from working out and eating healthy) when this all started to happen, and now it is so bad that I can barely walk around my house and take care of my kids, let alone work out with the vigor that I previously had. I still eat healthy but am not losing weight. About 1 year ago I had twins and lost quite a bit of blood but have since recovered.
Avatar n tn Hi, you may probably hava nightmare/ bad dream or so besides sleep apnea which worsens the situation, do you remember of any stimulus to it? do undergo a sleep study to evaluate better. Keep updating about visits. Bye.
3135607 tn?1342663357 In few cases video EEG, repeat EEG may be needed to confirm a diagnosis. Headaches are common after a seizure. Sometimes severe headaches may be a sign that a seizure is about to occur. Severe headaches can also occur due to migraines. Do consult a neurologist. A complete history and clinical examination is essential for arriving at a diagnosis. Hope you find this information useful. Do keep us posted. Take care and best luck!
1086730 tn?1258455578 I also heard that you're suppose to bring like a video for proof? How do I get something on video if its all random?! I mean I can try to ask my mom to record it, but I don't know if she can sit with a camera for a hour or two lol. By the way, thanks for the reply, it helps out.
Avatar n tn Convulsions in your son do not look like as febrile seizures, but EEG is reported normal which goes with diagnosis of febrile seizure. Febrile seizure is uncommon after 6 years of age, but not absolute. Video EEG precise characterization of seizure types, which allows for specific medical or surgical management. In addition, the physician is more accurately able to differentiate epileptic seizures from paroxysmal events that mimic seizures, including pseudo seizures.
Avatar n tn ago) and an eeg showed mild left sided cerebral dysfunction, so I will be having a video/eeg for a possible seizure disorder. I have Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia, so if nothing is found with the video/eeg I may be getting a Reveal Monitor (implant)to look for another arrhythmia. Now, my rheum is send'g me to a neurosurgeon because of a cervical spine MRI. This is where my question stems from: My rheum says that turn'g my neck just the right way can make me faint. Can that be?
8439435 tn?1398133408 Other times I have spinal jerks with these symptoms (sometimes severe). It takes several days to recover from severe episode. One seizure left my complete right side stiff for days ( I drug my leg to walk). I have never had cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, abuse of any kind and I'm healthy other wise. For some reason some grocery stores, Sams and Wal-Mart trigger symptoms. Neuro/Doctors always act stumped or try to quiz me for abuse etc. since EEG came back good, I was symptom free during EEG.
Avatar m tn watch her around flashing lights, video games computer screens and tv shows with a lot of flashing. Sometimes these can trigger a seizure.
Avatar m tn My son can look like he is fine be playing a game watching TV or eating and have a Seizure and you wouldn't know it. They should do a Video EEG and run a lot of blood work on your dad and also have them do a EKG. Stress is a big thing that causes Seizures,so if there has been any changes in his life .They could be causing him to have Seizures. Family history of Seizures. Medicines he may be on or had been on in the past could be causing them,Because a lot of Medicines have side effects.