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1255530 tn?1269871219 There is a wealth of material out on the web (autism society in many states also that you can look up in yours for a local chapter/group). ..... Symptoms of Autism Differ from Person to Person There is a saying in the autism field: "if you've met one person with autism, you've met one person with autism." In other words: every person on the autism spectrum is unique, and one person's set of symptoms is just that ... one person's symptoms of autism!
Avatar f tn mind you, most insurances will not cover the testing, and it is highly expensive. Autism has also been linked to people with a history of Epilepsy and other seizure disorders. A woman with Epilepsy will have a chance to conceive a child with Autism. Other things such as environmental, auto immune, nervous system disorders, and certain genetic disorders such as downs syndrome have all been linked to Autism. I have slight Epilepsy, and was not diagnosed until I was 23 years old.
Avatar n tn My son has autism is 17 and has had some strange problems lately in the last 8 months. He got up and fell back down on the couch the other day. He looked dizzy. He is having inconsolable crying about once a week and saying "eyes, eyes" and wanting an icepack for them. This lasts about 30 minutes an episode. He also started wetting the bed and having urinary accidents occasionally after about 13 years with complete toilet training.
Avatar f tn My 10 year old daughter is finally set up for an 24 hour video EEG. So I will finally get to see what is going on with her. I wrote in previously about her muscle twitching all over. I am excited to get the results, but nervous because I don't want it to be something real serious. I just want to see what is causing her twitching or tics all over so we can put her on the medicine she needs to be on.
15480 tn?1302533402 I think that it's more age related then a 'true' proven link with autism. I think autism is usually diagnosed around the same time as these vaccines more than anything... Abby has always had her vaccines...she's always been fine but I'm not a Dr. Actually vaccines are the least thing I worry about...all these new cases of scarlett fever and fifths disease, hand foot and mouth disease....all these things that were few and far between are rampant now....wonder why...
Avatar n tn I have been quite concerned for some time about my recently two year old daughter's hand flapping accompanied by wide eyes, mouth in O formation. Sorry, this is my best way to describe. She does this usually whn excited, but I have noticed during the bath, during diaper changes. She just seems stuck for a few seconds where she flaps her hand and if sitting will stiffen her legs. Her face has a very "surprised" look.
Avatar m tn My 4 yr old son was diagnosed with seizure disorder 7/2012. Genetic and metabolic work-up turned out negative.  MRI  did show cortical dysplasia, Left Temporal Lobe. We've done monotherapy with Trileptal  and failed, and have recently added Keppra on the regimen. So far, he hasn't had his night time seizures but he has these episode in the morning where he gets startled, starts grunting,  his arms gets stif; it lasts just a few seconds so I could never get a video of it.
Avatar m tn Since I cannot remove the post I will post what we have learned for future parents should they search the forum for something similar. It was suspected by his doctors that his episodes were seizure related, but after hospitalization and EEG/Video monitoring, no seizures were found. It is believed to be that the has a a periodic paralysis disorder. Which is unrelated to his Autism Spectrum Disorder.
163305 tn?1333672171 Harborside Health Center has the ambience of a crunchy yet well-run bank. Every day,thousands stream into the largest dispensary on the West Coast. Jason David, a 35year-old single father from Modesto,showed up at Harborside in June 2011, desperately looking for a new treatment for his son. Jayden, now 5 1/2 has Dravet Syndrome, a severe, rare epilepsy sub-diagnosis that affects infants and children. When he was 4months old, he started having seizures.
Avatar n tn After much concern, we finally were lead to a neurologist and an autism team who diagnosed him with Autism Spectrum Disorder/Asperger Syndrome at the age of 5. He is very bright but has many features that fit with that diagnosis. Due to some other problems and accidental testing, he was found to have a very large arachnoid cyst between the 2 lateral ventricles resulting in some hydrocephalus. He has had 2 surgeries for that.
Avatar n tn I have a 4 yr old student with autism in my class who made great progress last year. He recently received a MMR shot and has regressed so much that other teachers have even noticed. I strongly feel now that the MMR shot could have some connection with autism. Will my student recover to be able to function as high as he did before? I feel discouraged because he is a strong willed student and it took really hard work for him to advance so much.
Avatar n tn Recently I had a grandmal seizure and was put back on anti-seizure med. I feel great overall and was told - maybe I don't have bipolar afterall. So...did I go through all that for nothing?
Avatar m tn Hi Harsha, Not sure if your daughter gets seizure during fever only. My son also gets seizure whenever he has High fever, this problem started when he was 18 months. Doctors prescribed Frisium 5 mg whenever he gets fever 12 th Hourly whenever we notice fever. It dint work well in his case and most of the time he got seizures after giving Frisium also. The number of episode is 5 to 6 We were told that febrile seizures should stop after the age of 5 .He is 4 yrs.
Avatar n tn I am after reading Louder than words by Jenny McCarthy whose son has Autism. Her speculation is the vaccines over loaded her sons system when his immune system was low and contributed to his autism diagnosis. Thoughts?
Avatar n tn Some of these vaccinnes contained mercury and other elements that your baby may be allergic to. My little newphew developed autism, the autism developed after he was immunized. He also had some neurological symptoms that affected his walking and speech development also his left hand curled up at his side. If this is the case, a clay bath may help. You can check to purchase detoxing clay bath.
Avatar n tn perhaps he falls under the spectrum of autism. The next said: perhaps he's pddnos or maybe not and the last one who specializes in Autism said: he is NOT Autistic! He is a sweet caring boy, a very picky eater, generous and plays with his 3 yo sibling very well. He likes to daydream at times but seems completely concious when he does. He has a very hard time playing any team sports and is very cautious and scared of trying anything new or going to new places.
Avatar f tn Please get your baby checked for epilepsy! This is a seizure disorder and this is something my Aunt has. She does the same thing. When you are having a conversation with her she will stop in the middle of a sentence and her eyes will roll back in her head for a couple of seconds and then she will start talking to you again. Its something we're all used to as just being normal in our family, but your child, if he has this, will need medicine for it!
1385202 tn?1279525115 s that worked for about a month and then they stopped working.) She is developmentally like an 18 month old. We had her tested for autism but the developmental pediatrician said she wasn't (that took jumping through hoops to even get her in there , too) I must confess I was disappointed a bit because I wanted some explanation for slowly loosing my daughter before my eyes. But I was glad we had ruled something else out. We have had her in speech, OT/PT for a year with no real change.
Avatar f tn She was diagnosed with high functioning autism and complex partial seizures last summer. She is however seizure free which is great. Hurray! My question is I am wondering if her medicine is not causing a lot of this? I have addressed this with her neurologist and we tried taking her off the medicine months ago, but the neurologist said she was developing new seizures. I am wondering if it wasn't her stimming now. Her medicine is Keppra and she has a lot of the side effects from it.
Avatar f tn Your child is a minor, so the psychiatrist and counselors should be talking to you, and you to them. What do they say about this incident? Their input will probably be important if the adult your son hurt proceeds with her action. Whatever the cause of this behavior, physical assault is not OK.
Avatar f tn My aunt and uncle are firm believers that the high mercury levels along with other serious ingredients had a lot to do with their twin sons autisim.. they have video of them acting normal and making normal sounds before their vaccinations were complete.. and now 17 years later they cant even speak. I dont want to get my baby vaccinated but im so scared..
Avatar f tn She has Autism and is also an Animal Scientist and Speaks at many Autism Conferences. She says she designs or Engineers things in her head like a movie..... My husband is also a mechanical Designer and does that same thing..... He an Temple Talked at a conference about engineering and she includes his way of thinking as "People Like Us" or Aspi/ Autistic.... They say that the parent have some ASD Traites. Many p[eople tell me that Autistic folks have gifts....
1627868 tn?1333889942 She was so impressed with my teaching method that they still use my video as a BEST PRACTICE for all the new training teachers lol. I have 9 grandkids. My proudest moment was when my 18 year old grandson went to university last year after having 3 years of hell at school with bullying, we nearly lost him to depression and suicide but he bounced back with lots of support and love from his family. I am 60 and have been priviledged to have had a brilliant life.
Avatar f tn My concern is, I have Epilepsy as does my father and 2 of my nephews. Could this be seizure related? Is it just his chicken pox? He still says he sees these bugs and it seems like hes afraid of them. A few months ago he was playing outside picking up bugs so for him to be scared of them is odd to me. I monitor what he watches on tv and he's not around other kids much. I am just very confused and concerned about what this could mean.
Avatar m tn It's weird like if I'm playing a video game or reading it never happens, but if I walk into a different room or someone is talking to me it does. It's not like I go from object to object or anything. I can pay plenty of attention to somethings but other things I space out. Mom often had to answer for me when I was a kid because I didn't hear. Maybe it's a bipolar thing I don't know, but I can't imagine that I've been bipolar my whole life.
Avatar n tn I strongly recommend that You ask Your pediatrician to refer You to a Neurodevelopmental Neurologist who is familiar with autism and other autism spectrum disorders and perhaps Tourette’s. A local Autism and or Turett’s support group may be able to recommend someone that Your insurance covers. It is a big blessing that You also have the Occupational Therapist to back You up in this request, she may also be able to suggest a good Neurologist.
Avatar f tn I have an absolutely horrible 11 yr old son. I also have 2 other children as well as 2 stepchildren who have never made me feel like this or done anything like he has. I left his abusive father when he was just a baby. I've been with my current husband for near 10 yrs. My son has been given every chance, opportunity and consequence imaginable. First off, before anyone judges- I've tried with him.