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Avatar m tn What he would have experienced is balance instability or vertigo kind of thing. Vertigo is the sensation that the room is moving or spinning, or that the person is moving or spinning within the environment. Symptoms are Sensation of spinning, room spinning sensation, Balance problems, Nausea. Any ear disorder or eye disorder can also cause balance instability.
Avatar m tn I know a 17 year old boy who was feeling lightheaded for 2 or 3 days then had a seizure and died. does anyone know what may have caused this?
Avatar f tn I do have one lesion on right temporal lobe (white matter). Several weeks ago at night I began having vertigo when lying in bed on either side. Yesterday, the vertigo decided to attack me while I was at work. It happened everytime I had to look down. The Nystagmus thing started happening everytime vertigo hit. I had to have my hubby come pick me up from work so I wouldn't have a wreck and kill someone. I also had weakness in arms and legs and my typical tingling jaw.
Avatar n tn I have had vertigo (a swaying from front to back-not spinning) for almost 2 years on and off. The first year, I had this rocking feeling, like I stated above, for 1 week, it then went away. It returned about 1 year later, again lasting 7 to 10 days. Then it went away again. About 6 months after this, it came back and I have it almost everyday and it has been on going for at least 6 months. I have seen an ent and he says my test are normal. I have had 2 brain MRI's and they are normal too.
1175033 tn?1492204828 I told my friend while my eyes were closed, I just had vertigo. I was sitting still and everything was spinning for only a few moments but it was scary and I dont feel well at all. Im not sure if I should go to the hospital or not. I feel very shaky and my neck and head hurt. Arms feel weak, and I have had two small bouts of vertigo since the first so total that is four. My eyes hurt and are tired. I just dont feel right at all.
Avatar n tn The first event was preceeded by a very short event similar to the description of a head drop seizure. It was not likely a seizure because I have the longterm side effects. The symptoms are least noticeable outdoors and extreme in closed noisey rooms. I often put my back to the wall for support in crowded rooms. Movement of my head to follow converstions bring on the brief perionds of disorientation (microseconds) similar to the first event years ago.
5466288 tn?1410488785 So I was diagnosed with vertigo,given a prescription for Antivert and rehydrated by IV since I was a little dehydrated.I forgot to mention that my blood pressure was VERY HIGH,although just two weeks prior it was very good.My question is could I have had some sort of seizure while sleeping,that left me with the vertigo and HBP? FYI,I have grand mal epilepsy.
Avatar m tn This uptick in severity sent me to the ER at Dupont with her. An EEG showed no signs of seizure activity (she did do it during the EEG), and the neuro said it did not look epilleptic in nature, and was likely benign. We are doing a follow up 24 hour EEG next week. I am wondering, though, if it could be related to an inner ear problem, such as vertigo? The fact that it is always associated with positional changes made me wonder. And if it is not vertigo, and not seizures, what else could it be?
Avatar n tn He was admitted in the hospital for five days and was also experiencing vertigo problem for which he was given vertin and stugeron along with Eptoin, Frisium, Cefandral, Dolo, Emeset, Chymoral forte during admission. On discharge he took Amoxclav, Dolo, Allegra, Pan, Beplex C Forte for five days and Eptoin 2 tabs at night and Frisium 1 tab morning and 1 at night (one month course) which he is taking now. He still experiences giddiness in the morning and evening.
Avatar n tn My step sister had it when we were younger and the first sign of an approaching episode was the eyes flickering along with a blank stare. Having vertigo or the sense of vertigo is that the room is spinning or the person is spinning. A constant state of vertigo is most desribed as being in a constant dizzy state or riding waves in the ocean. The process of specialist appointments could be sped up if your pediatrician's office scheduled the appointments for you.
215220 tn?1191460464 I was wandering if anyone can tell me what this is or is it normal. I sometimes get vertigo when laying down, the kind where you feel like your in an elevator that stops suddenly but your head keeps going. Well that happened last night then my right hand started twitching with my fingers tapping steadly. My eyes opened, started twitching and rolled back in my head. This lasted for about a half minute. I tried to stop but couldn't.
Avatar n tn A 24 hr VEEG does not always tell you whether or not this was a seizure. If the patient does not have a seizure during this test it says nothing. If there is a seizure but the EEG does not pick it up, there are a couple of possibilities that it could be. If the seizure is in the frontal lobe, or deep in the brain, the abnormal brain waves are not always picked up. The second issue that I find to be frustrating as a parent is that she shouldn't have any trouble on a medication.
Avatar f tn At age 30, I had my first sudden bout of vertigo. Everything in my field of vision quickly started to spin and I felt as if was falling. I had several episodes over a few months and sought a diagnosis with an ENT exam, MRI, EEG with attempts to find seizure activity, cardiac echo looking for MVP, and tilt table to look for dysautonomia. Nothing was found and I was never was given a diagnosis. I'm now 50 and the episodes have recurred periodically over the 20 years.
1415174 tn?1453246703 I had no aura and no headache on one side but had regular headaches. I am EEG positive for migraine/seizure pattern. They gave me Klonopin at night and the symptoms went away. In my 30's I got the major migraine headache on one side then in my 40's migraines and auras. Now, I am getting mostly auras, a few migraines (less painful) and vertigo. I was wondering do you get vertigo as well and if so do you take meds or do anything to avoid getting it.
Avatar n tn Frequently accompanied by nausea, postural unsteadiness, and gait ataxia, and may be provoked or worsened by head movement. There is physiological vertigo and pathological vertigo. Pathologic vertigo may be caused by a peripheral (labyrinth or eighth nerve) or central CNS lesion. Do you have nystagmus? If yes, is it unidirectional or bidirectional? How severe is vertigo? What is the direction of fall? Do you have tinnitus? Do you have any other associated symptoms? Keep me informed. Bye.
Avatar m tn I have wondered if the excessive heavy lifting is a contributing factor, however I have NEVER experienced vertigo while during practice. They vertigo started right after I started a cycle of creatine, so I wondered if I was over hydrated and that was the cause but I still experienced it after quiting a cycle. I also eat a lot of tuna (1-2 cans a day) so I fear that heavy metal posioning may be associated (although I have no other symptoms associated with heavy metal posioning).
Avatar m tn This uptick in severity sent me to the ER at Dupont with her. An EEG showed no signs of seizure activity (she did do it during the EEG), and the neuro said it did not look epilleptic in nature, and was likely benign. We are doing a follow up 24 hour EEG next week. I am wondering, though, if it could be related to an inner ear problem, such as vertigo? The fact that it is always associated with positional changes made me wonder. And if it is not vertigo, and not seizures, what else could it be?
Avatar n tn Other causes of focal neurological symptoms need to be excluded before this diagnosis can be made such as with an MRI to rulout a mass, MR angiogram to ruleout blood vessel blockages and an EEG to rule out a seizure. Migraine does not cause optic neuritis so this diagnosis should be clarified as after isloated optic neuritis, about 15% of people go on to develop MS, although your negative MRI does not suggest that this will occur.
Avatar n tn Would a pineal gland that measures 1cm and is heterogeneous and increased T2 signal on the sagittal Flair sequence have anything to do with vertigo, and constant swollen painfull nodes in armpit on one side of body.My gp says the pineal gland thing is nothing and diagnosed me with menieres desease.They have me on topomax for daily headaches and visual disturbances which have been going on for years.He recently put me on beta-histine because I couldn't bend over without falling on my head.
147426 tn?1317269232 Maybe we can use this thread for a little while to discuss vertigo, dizziness and balance. This is a long post. I hope those of you with vertigo questions will take the time to read it and I hope it is useful. Vertigo is true dizziness - the sensation that you are not steady or stable physically in the world. It may be a sensation of spinning, falling, vague or persistent unsteadiness, or of poor balance.
1415174 tn?1453246703 I have heard many people say it works great on migraine prevention and all the effects such as aura and vertigo. If the vertigo or dizzyness is due to migraine. I would love to hear your story. I'll try to go on your webpage if it is there. Lightheadedness can be from low blood pressure too as I get that sometimes too. Have you seen a migraine specialist? Are you on a daily drug for migraines or the lightheadedness? If not you may want to try something.
Avatar n tn Hello, I am a 50 year old female with avg. BP of 110/70. No migranes but frequent other headaches. Numbness/tingling (often prickles) in extremities & my face. 18 mos ago I had whole left side of face go numb (like novicane get @ dentist's) last year with almost completely absent reflexes, vertigo, memory difficulties, mild slurring of speech & muscles weakness in hands esp. Severe fatigue & tire very easily plus chronic anemia too.
Avatar n tn 2 days later I had a grand mal seizure. It was the first seizure I've ever had in my life. I had at least 1 seizure (most petit mal) every day for a week. I went in for an EEG and had a grand mal right at the end of the test. It turned out not to be an epileptic seizure. My neuro scheduled me for a long-term video EEG, and then suddenly the seizures stopped... But a new symptom appeared: excruciating leg pain. I couldn't sleep, lay down or hardly walk.
Avatar f tn At this point I will pass out, and have what observers describe as a seizure, however I am not 100% sure what it is. It is definitely a convulsion or spasm, and usually only happens in my hands, or arms and legs, and lasts about 3 min or less. When that stops and I am responsive again, I am completely out of it, and I will start to heave and eventually vomit although there have been times when I never vomit, just heave. I feel sweaty, and I am extremely pale.
293157 tn?1285877039 I also train people in first aid/CPR. This is the procedure for a seizure. Even if this is not a seizure, it is similar enough that I would follow the same procedure. Call the doc; better safe than sorry.
Avatar n tn The Carbamazapine seems to have no effect on the Neuralgia except for side-effects(drowsiness,lethargy,longer sleeping paterns)and the Prochlorperazine only stops me feeling sick during the vertigo attacks. Both the occipital neuralgia and vertigo came at the same time and since then I have seen a neurosurgeon,had CAT and MRI imaging scans on my Neck and Head and have had accupuncture but my symptoms still persist.
Avatar m tn 3 days ago she had a seizure like a granmal. 1st one she's ever had. Blood tests were unremarklable however a CT and MRI showed lesions on her frontal lobe. Pediatric Neurologist explained that she has a larger space than the average person around the blood vessels in her frontal lobe; did not seem concerned about this. Doc said nothing on the mri showed she was in any danger. My daughter still has dizziness.
Avatar n tn The most important distinction to be made by your doctors is between behavioral disorders and disorders that have a demonstrable (EEG, MRI, PET Scans etc.) physical basis in the central nervous system. That is, are your symptoms on the basis of an emotional disorder or a physical disorder, with the understanding that the distinction between the two is no longer as clear cut as we used to believe it to be.
Avatar m tn This has happened before on several instances, during or after a couple of which I've fallen unconscious for 2-6 hours at a time and awaken exhausted. I've also had three severe vertigo episodes with nausea, vomiting and tinnitus, and this was subsequently diagnosed as Meniere's disease (but see below for more info). Could this be some kind of atypical seizure?