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220917 tn?1309788081 No one has ever seen me have a seizure. I take Topamax, which is an anti-seizure medication, for my migraines, daily. I know I skipped a dose this week. I've done that a kajillion times. I usually go to bed VERY early. 9:00 -10-30 range, because of my fatigue, and I usually nap briefly during the day. I did take my nap, but last night, I was just sick of being sick, and stayed up WAY too late. 1:00. I really was overly tired.
Avatar m tn Development of loss of use of limbs,movement memory,blindness,loss of speach,gate loss,inability to masticate,and bells pausey developed.I was referred to Atkinson Morley hospital in London in UK who carried out Abreaction,hypnotherapy,and specialist physiotherapy.In march 2008 I was reffered from Frimley Park in surrey to The National Hospital London UK for CBTtherapy as a rare serious case for further treatment.
Avatar n tn Medications are often the only effective treatment, with antidepressants or anti-seizure meds such as Elavil, Pamelor, Tegretol, Trileptal, Cymbalta, Lyrica, Neurontin, Remeron, Effexor, and Klonopin (to name a few) used together with narcotics such as Vicodin, oxycodone, morphine, etc.. A good pain clinic and/or neurologist with pain specialization are your best bet. Good luck.
Avatar m tn Dear Sir or Madam: In early April 1999, my wife and I were conducting scientific experiments (on a tip form the ADHD community) with 1350 mgs per day of Nordic Naturals Eskimo3 fish oil capsules looking for a mood homeostasis ** medicine to cure my Bipolar mood swing problem, originally diagnosed in July, 1990 at the age of 45.* I was in a mild bipolar depressive episode in the aftermath of a Moderate Bipolar Depressive Episode from April 1997 - February 1998.
215234 tn?1305146561 Could you make a list for me of all the plants you have at home? Could you post it? Honey I honestly don't think seizures are to be taken lightly. Tell me, has her brain been checked? Any MRIs or Scans? You probably did blood work, but blood work does not show whether there is a fracture in the brain, a leakage, or any other kind of issues. How do you know her central nervous system is 100% good?
Avatar m tn CT/Mri, EEG, blood tests all normal, docs are stuck to answer this, been seen by uk leading poedatricions leading uk surgeons, but they don't know. Any idea, he also can't remember these happening.
Avatar f tn Is there anyone, particularly in the UK who has this with their child as I am finding it hard to deal with and could do with someone else who could give me some pointers and support. Obviously would welcome anyhelp at all from anywhere in the world.
Avatar f tn There are so many different types of Epilepsy 40+ and not many people are aware of this, everyone imagines that a person that has epilepsy has a huge tonic clonic seizure and flails around etc, this is not the case and I think its important that more education is needed especially surrounding certain myths. Some people even think you can "catch" E.
Avatar n tn Give IV medication during the surgery to reduce or control seizure. 3. Immobilize the head and body such that a sudden seizure would not move the head much at all. 4. Have a joint consultation with your anesthesiologist, neurologist and ophthalmologist. If they are motivated to get you surgery done they will work it out. 5.
Avatar m tn I've quit twice in my life, the first time in hospital, cold turkey, which was h*ll and I would never recommend cold turkey to anyone (symptoms i will never forget - feeling like youre gonna have a seizure, a constant knot in the bottom of your foot, spasms, water burning your eyes, your chest feeling like its gonna explode, total hyper feeling, cannot sleep at all first two weeks, bowel trouble, aches, nightmares, and just absolute misery.
7938534 tn?1395595061 Now my next appointment here in the uk is in 3 weeks time. Can,my symptoms including sezuires be course by my maxillary cyst,4 impacted wisdom theeth and root canal infection?
Avatar n tn HI I have recently been disagnosed wth Post anoxic cerebral myoclonus following a cardiac arrest (after severe asthma attack). I am struggling to find any specialist doctors in the UK who know much abt this condition or any reference/reserach material. Plse can you advise if you are aware of any specialists who maybe able to shed some more light on what seems to be a pretty rare condition.
Avatar n tn I recently had a seizure thursday to be exact. its my second one in 1 year. the doc. at the er told me to do a follow up visit with another doc. ive been taking klonzapam and diazapam for awhile now on a regular basis. not many just 1 or 2 a day and i quit which cause the seizure. my question is what will happen at the follow up visit and should i just tell the truth about obtaining the pills illegally. also will the doc prescribe me somthing to help. thank you, stress.
Avatar f tn Ok this is not easy. I am 43 male and live in the Uk. I have suffered from depression for about the last 15 years. i take citalopram daily but i find it does not really help. i had social problems and sexual problems when i was younger which led to my depression. in 2002 i had my first seizure. Then a month later i had another one. they said at the age of 32 i had developed epilepsy. the seizures started getting more frequent and up to the present day i have 3-4 seizures a month.
Avatar m tn 184 million retail prescriptions. Bupropion lowers seizure threshold and its potential to cause seizures was widely publicized. However, at the recommended dose the risk of seizures is comparable to that observed for other antidepressants. Bupropion is an effective antidepressant on its own but it is particularly popular as an add-on medication in the cases of incomplete response to the first-line SSRI antidepressant.
Avatar n tn Hi I began having seizures after the birth of my first child in april 08 (did not suffer any seizures before), had a good pregancy, had a natural birth but sustained a 3rd degree tear for which I needed a spinal, 4 hrs after this I had amy first seizure, can't remeber much after that, the seizures continued, was discharged home 4 days later to see if that helped, but two days after I was admitted to A&E, this was a regular thing, I was told i had NEAD (None epilepsy attcak disorder), when I
Avatar f tn In August 2012 my son had a seizure and stopped breathing. I am not sure how long he was down before I was notified. By the time I got to him he was blue and no one started rescue breathing. I breathed for him for about 10 minutes before the ambulance got there. The ambulance worked on him for about 30 minutes before finally getting him to the flight crew. The flight crew worked on him for about an hour before getting him to the hospital. I know that this can cause some damage.
Avatar f tn She continued to perform well and last year gained a scholarship for swimming to a top school in the UK. Unfortunately she was recently diagnosed with epilepsy as a result of the brain injury she acquired. She immediately started taking Carbamazepine (Tegratol) 300mg twice daily. She has been on the drug for three months and has remained seizure free which we are so thankful for. She has gained a bit of weight but is not experiencing any other side effects.
Avatar n tn does anyone know what we can do? Thank you Misty in Oklahoma!!!!
Avatar m tn hi,i recently used mephedrone for a couple of weeks,not large amounts,just recreational use,its new in the uk,but is now very popular,i decided i no longer wanted to take it,but within 2 days of stopping i suffered some very minor seizure like symptoms,buzzing in the head,elictric shock like jolts,and a funny taste in the mouth,im due to see a neurologist soon,but the once,i decided to have the smallest amount of mephedrone to see if it eased,and worringly it took it away within minutes,so i hav
758251 tn?1277477865 Hi I have been suffering with seizures since i was 6, only the last couple of years they have become more frequent and worse, i had all the tests and my diagnosis is reflex anoxic seizures where my blood pressures suddenly drops causing me to have a seizure, leading up to a seizure i have some sort of stress in my life so i have been put on anti-anxiety meds, they havent stopped but they have been less servere, i dont believe you can bring on a seizure and why would you want to they are not nice
Avatar n tn She was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was 3 and has been seizure free for a year now. For over 2 years she was on 3 different medications. She has speech problems in which she receives therapy at school. She has a great deal of difficulty handling the normal day to day challenge of first grade. She did quite well in kindergarden, had to the summer enrichment program to ready her for first grade. Her teacher this year is having an extremely difficult time with her.
Avatar m tn They normally only prescribe 10mg to people in hospital for seizure condtions or other muscular condtions such as celebral palsy, to relax the muscles. Diazepam is highly addictive and in the UK unless it is prescribed by a psychiatrist, a GP can not prescribe more than a weeks worth of tablets in a certain time frame, or they will get into trouble. A psychiatrist however has the power to prescribe as needed.
5258286 tn?1365665913 Transient ischemic attack due to disease of the heart, brain, blood vessels or eyes. 2. atypical seizure disorder. 3. (the most common) a migraine variant. You also need to see an Eye MD for a baseline eye exam. I'm told by many posters that this takes a long time in the UK to work through these under NHS better get going.
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1218873 tn?1300094816 So by this morning the effect of reducing the gabapentin without addding the lyrica had me me in serve pain (we are at the begining of a long holiday weekend in the Uk) The thought of reducing the gaba any further was inconcievable and knowing if I didn't do something now it would be Tuesday before I could get hold of my GP. I phoned the GP's sugery and explained they got my Gp to phone back. He has agreed that i can start adding the Lyrica now! I hope this will sort me out a bit.
Avatar f tn I have had 3 eeg in the past 17 months. This all started with a severe migrain with aura that brought on a seizure. This was the first and only seizure I've had. I was sent to City Hospital where they did the first eeg (after they did CT scan etc) and found there were left temperal spikes, so apparently they knew I'd had a seizure.
Avatar n tn He has long nails and I'd like to get them clipped but I'm afraid the stress will put him into a seizure. I thought it might make it easier to keep his balance if his nails were cut. He also is starting to enter the hip displacia stage. I feed him Diamond Senior plus and that seems to help. Any help is ,ore question is it safe to treat him for fleas and ticks with Advantix when he is on all these meds?
Avatar n tn there is a site called benzo dot uk dot org lots of benzo info there how do u man it when u say "work"? clonidine helps with sleep and anxiety to a certain will not erase wds tho...have u talked to ur doctor?
Avatar f tn now im in UK and his in far as i know these tics shoud have stopped when he was young. he said he been shown to the doctor when he was young and every report was normal. i think they never found out correctly abt tic disorder and so as given wrong medication. i forced him to strt wth the treatment again and he is seeing the doctor again but they have not given any medication yet as all the reports came normal again.