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Avatar n tn hi, actually the cause is to be treated if apparent but unfortunately in most of the cases of seizures, cause is unknown. For that reason, treatment is symptomatic only.But one should go through appropriate treatment as there is always the chance of recurrence.Take care!
Avatar f tn sir, my younger brother had got tonic clonic seizure few months ago.......n our doctor prescribed dicorat tablet two times a day.please tell me about the side effects of medicine and plz let me know if the treatment is going in right direction.
Avatar n tn her husband going to Iraq, being alone in another county, worrying about her family. The also told her she has brain lesions but the side of the brain the lesions are on will not make her have an epiletic seizure. Is there any info you can give me or I can look up? This is her second one and they have diagnose them as Grandma Seziures. I apprieciate any info. Did I mention she has migraine headaches?? Would this be the cause??
Avatar n tn Not all dogs are strong enough to come through either the disease, or the long treatment. The vet tried. You tried. Some people wouldn't have given that much, but you did. It is so sad, and I'm so sorry for what you are going through right now. Prayers and hugs from me.
Avatar n tn My 4 year old American eskinmo has had a high liver values (1000) for the past two years. Just today he had what i believed to be a seizure where he started shivering (kind like he was scared or cold) it lasted for about one minute and at the end he started licking the out side of his mouth then he threw up. He never lost consciousness. afterward he was fine. I remember about 2 years ago he had this same type of seizure but it only lasted 30 seconds and he remained standing.
401370 tn?1233328282 yes a person can have brain damage from seizures. If they stop breathing for a period of time. What caused the seizures? Withdrawal? Too much ?
Avatar n tn It is being controlled by atenolol. I am on coumadin. My doctor and cardiologist seem satisfied with this treatment. I have had a bloodclot seizure that resolved without permanent injury. Should I be satisfied? Ablation, etc?
Avatar m tn MRI scan was normal. again the treatment was prednisolone .but he has same jerks after awaking.then treatment was sodium valoporate,conezapam and levator.but still has same attacks.i want to know the condition of the this situation.Is that progressive myoclonic epilepsy ?or Lennox Gaurt Syndrom?
Avatar n tn What causes someone to have a weak leg after having an epileptic seizure (grand mal) for the first time?
Avatar n tn I had my first grand mal seizure a few months ago. A couple of days ago, I had a a second grand mal seizure. The first lasted around 4-5 minutes and the second lasted for around 2-3 minutes. I had an EEG, CT Scan, blood work, and a holter monitor for the heart, and all of my results came back normal. My neurological exam was also normal. I had the aforementioned tests 1-2 days after my first grand mal episode. I had several aura episodes, and I had many panic/anxiety attacks.
Avatar n tn You experienced an epileptic seizure. The seizure defines the condition. You have epilepsy. The epilepsy, in your case, may resolve after a year and you may regain your driving priviliges, so don't give up hope. You will need written approval from a physician. The question is whether or not the long-term use of alcohol has permanently damaged your brain in such a way as to make it prone to seizures. Maybe yes and maybe no. Let's be optimistic.
Avatar f tn Just as the doctor left the room after shooting him up with the novacaine on both sides of his mouth top and bottom he went unconsious and had a seizure. The doctor stated it was because he fasted and was nervous. He has never had a seizure before but it was deffinately not just passing out. What should I watch for as future side effects of this treatment?
Avatar m tn My cousin was holding my new kitten and it climbed up to his shoulder, jumped off and hit the hard kitchen floor... He had a seizure for a good 30 seconds and when I set him down on the couch he lied there with his mouth open and was breathing rapidly. A few minutes ago he seemed ok and was walking around but he's really slow. I'm thinking he got a concussion but he wants to fall asleep so I'm trying to keep him awake.
Avatar n tn If this infection is untreated it is usually fatal (death) in 7-14 days. With aggressive treatment with IV acyclovir early, the outcome is still guarded with many complications despite all efforts in many cases. These patients will require longterm care, for seizures, memory problems and behavioral issues. many are able to walk/talk, but are unable to care for themselves due to their injuries.
Avatar n tn My son has not been well for seveal weeks now and the doctor feels he has Erythema Nodosum. The doc believes it may be a reaction to his seizure med, valproic acid. My son has been on Valproic acid for 9 years now.. Is it possible it is from the valproic? Also has low platelets and has suffered from it for a long while, can this be from the med.?
Avatar n tn I think you should discuss with your neurologist regarding increasing the dosage of Torleva which may result in an improvement of your symptoms. Treatment should be initiated with a daily dose of 1000 mg/day, given as twice-daily dosing (500 mg BID). Additional dosing increments may be given (1000 mg/day additional every 2 weeks) to a maximum recommended daily dose of 3000 mg. I hope that helps. Pl do keep me posted.
Avatar n tn The acting doctor immediately wanted to diagnose the patient with epilepsy. The patient and mother refused the diagnosis and seeked further treatment. The patient was not diagnosed, and the problem was simply left alone. After about 4 months of this it just stopped. The attacks stopped for about a year and a half. In September of 2007 the patient had another attack, this time much more severe then any previous.
Avatar n tn Please advise us of the above treatment and how to avoid this giddiness and most importantly how to prevent another episode of seizure. His employment demands him to work in the computer and has prolonged working hours (12 hours and more) every day.
220917 tn?1309788081 No one has ever seen me have a seizure. I take Topamax, which is an anti-seizure medication, for my migraines, daily. I know I skipped a dose this week. I've done that a kajillion times. I usually go to bed VERY early. 9:00 -10-30 range, because of my fatigue, and I usually nap briefly during the day. I did take my nap, but last night, I was just sick of being sick, and stayed up WAY too late. 1:00. I really was overly tired.
Avatar m tn The vet thinks he injured himself when he had the seizure. Treatment with steroids and he wanted him to take torbuprol, which is a narcotic, for pain. Im hesitant to give this to him, and didnt have it filled because of what I read about it. We are going to call the vet and see if there is something else he can take for pain.
2030686 tn?1351692148 Around the same time as the seizure I started a treatment that causes muscle pain/fatigue and flu like symptoms. I contributed the back pain to the treatment as I was told it would probably get worse. Is it possible that all this time I've been dealing with an injury from the fall. Could this shoulder pain be related as well, even though it's been 3 months? The pain wakes me up at night and makes it hard to stand at times.
Avatar n tn High sugar come with stress (seizure) and hyperthryoidism, but could also be a sign of diabetes -- future testing is recommended. Metabolic disturabances like these do not usually cause seizure, but may lower the seizure threshold.
Avatar f tn I developed foot drop after a hospital left me in a non convulsive status seizure for 7hours, can the status seizure cause damage, for left side weakness and left foot drop
Avatar f tn It is difficult to address your post without knowing more history of the seizure and your background. However, there is a condition called nonepileptic psychogenic seizure (sometimes referred to as pseudoseizure). These events are paroxysmal. What really determines them from epileptic seizures is that these types will not have EEG changes when the event occurs. Have you had an EEG during an episode? Additionally, studies have shown that up to 40% of these patients may also have true seizures.
Avatar n tn Does sound like a genetic abnormality as both twins have similar seizure patterns. Type of seizure is important (generalized or grand mal vs focal or partial) as to treatment and cause. Full workups whould be done including specialized MRI protocol specifically for epilepsy to look for any tiny malformations that could potentially be removed or structural lesion that needs further evaluation. WIth the recurrent seizures, they willl likely need to be on long term therapy.
Avatar f tn my friend's son has tbi - frontal lobe. He was seizure free (on dilantin and depakote) for five years. Started having complex partial seizures in november, has been in the hospital 4 times because of post ictal psychosis episodes and a recent mri shows softening of the white matter of the brain. He was in a car accident while in the marines 12 years ago. The local VA hospital doesn't specialize in one seems to have any thoughts of treatment, cure or anything other than drugs.
Avatar m tn It is more likely that you have no one specific seizure trigger, which is the case for most seizure disorders. The sleep study should be very revealing. Also useful is a 72-hour ambulatory EEG, or a 24-hour video EEG (performed in a hospital setting). I hope you can find out what is going on and begin effective treatment soon.
Avatar m tn Hi there! Polytherapy is indicated in epilepsy when treatment with the different drugs individually has not had sufficient effect .It is usually recommended in those with severe epilepsy, or those who have several types of seizures and refractory seizures. Central nervous system and/or respiratory-depressant effects can be additively or synergistically increased in patients taking multiple drugs especially in elderly patients and patients with medical disorders.