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Avatar m tn My spacial reference had totally become out of whack. Getting in a car was awful. Since then I have had nothing but visual problems and anxiety. Looking down a road seems as if there is no space. I went to neurologist.Tests are still pending. Had MRI, blood work,eyes are 20/20 unusual for my age. Two EMGs. Now about two to three times a week I have burning and can't sleep and have dry heaves. Any thoughts welcome.
Avatar m tn It is possible that the previous episodes may have been a seizure not picked up in EEG. The symptoms are a bit unusual. The stiffening of the body does hint strongly towards a seizure. Let us wait for this EEG report. I guess you will need some anti seizure medication.
752584 tn?1233697582 3 days after my brain angiogram (results were ok) last week I had a serious visual disturbance. It started off with a small shape in my middle vision then progressed within minutes to what I can describe as a Kaleidescope effect, or like looking through a prism. It lasted about half an hour. I was involved in an RTA on my motorbike 4 months ago and sustained serious head injuries. (I have been left with 3 tinnitus noises, 1 of which sounds like my carotid artery.
Avatar m tn Then, dark floaters appeared as well as dancing flashes of light, usually in my upper visual field. When I would stare at a homogenous surface, like a white wall, it seemed like I couldn't "put it together" in my mind and would perceive horizontal lines imposed on it. And when I close my eyes, I perceive what seem to be afterimages, however they are not afterimages of anything I would look at, but usually lines in a number of orientations.
Avatar f tn I am currently undiagnosed but have symptoms of MS. Has anyone else experienced visual disturbances such as increased eye floaters, decreased peripheral vision, or flashes of light? My floaters appeared last September, along with my other symptoms (vertigo, numbness, weakness in left leg, stiff hands), and I have recently had bright but brief flashes in my eyesight, mostly in my peripheral vision.
Avatar m tn I researched visual migraines, and trully your symptoms coincide with a visual migraine, also known as an ocular migraine. The only difference is most migraines last for seconds, to hours, to days. There are rare cases howver where symptoms can last longer than that. Also, you get physical symptoms, such as dizziness and palpitations. I think this matches up with the anxiety. Basically, I think your symptoms might have been induced by anxiety, and thus continue to be triggered by stress.
Avatar n tn Until now I haven't recorded how often they've happened or when they started. These are the symptoms that happened to me tonight. I could feel that one of these episodes was about to happen. Normally, this is how it starts out. There were some patterns of light that kind of flashed as I had my eyes closed. After that happened a few times, my ears started to ring and rattle, and I think my teeth might have been chattering together I'm not sure.
Avatar m tn i have been having a lfuttering visual field especially in bright or florescent light for several months. neither my ophthamoligisdt nor a retinal specialist could find the cause. the retinal specialist thinks that maybe a neuroophthamoligist would be able to address this problem if it persists. my ophthamoligist wants me to see him in six months but does not want to send me to a neuroophthamoligst for now. what do you think?
Avatar n tn I have an inability to look at stripes at any time. They wave and flicker. I have had an MRI and EEG, which were both normal. Also, I can not see with just one eye. If I close one eye, my vision gets "snowy" and grays in and out. I have a history of ocular migraine, the visual field loss without the headache. Please do not recommend a visit to the neuro-ophthalmologist or neurologist, as I have already been down that route to no avail.
Avatar n tn It is normally something I see at night while just siting watching tv. It is more to the perphery of my visual field. Once it was centered and it was about the size of a fist sliding along the top of a chair about 10 feet in front of me. There is no pain or migrain at these times, I have had an op at young age to fix a squint. Im a healthy 38 yo male. Does this sound nuerologic or opthalmic? Should it be investigated.
Avatar n tn He has an EEG scheduled this Friday and he actually had a seizure in the Neurologist office this week. His most major symptoms are visual hallucinations, pail, tired, expressionless, difficulty breathing, loss of comprehension, pain in the legs, continuous retching. He also suffers from migraine with aura, but all of the symptoms are rapidly increasing over the past six weeks. I am researching various causes and have come accross a term i can not define. What is a stroke-like episode??
Avatar n tn I'm thrilled to read your post! I'm looking for a cause for my problem, and while doctors are currently contemplating a possible heart-related cause, a friend (a doctor) recently suggested "focal seizure" or partial seizure. In the typical list of symptoms of partial seizure, the sufferer is said to be unable to speak or has involuntary movements. That is not me. I remain able to take my pulse and take stock of other symptoms, plus describe what's happening, as it's happening.
3143728 tn?1343012161 By this point, I am still very conscious and have normal thought patterns. I usually begin to hallucinate, both visual and audio. Usually very Hellish, horrifying things, and distortion of objects. It soons fades after seconds to minutes. This can continue on multiple times after ceasing. Sometimes on and off for hours, while trying to sleep.
Avatar m tn If it was just motion sickness, then a high or low blood pressure, a migraine attack, or a visual stimuli or stress as a part of motion sickness can trigger a seizure. Some cases of travel sickness or stomach infection can result in seizure. Generally it is due to a viral infection of the gut. If he was having loose motion or vomiting, then the seizure could also be due to electrolyte imbalance.
Avatar n tn - voluntary motor or sensory function involvement suggesting neurological or other medical condition - presence of psychological stressors prior to onset - malingering or factitious disorder has been ruled out - no apparent medical or drug/substance related cause - there is significant distress and occupational and social impairment - no apparent mental disorder as the cause of symptoms How would you describe your husband's seizure-like episodes? What happens?
Avatar n tn I'm 31 yrs old and took seizure meds for over 10 yrs due to 2 grand mal seizures many yrs ago. I had about a 1 year history of petit mal seizures when I started meds. I discontinued my meds (phenobarbitol, 90mg/day) about 7 mos ago. My MRI was completely normal. No problems till now. On Sat. I had some neurological problems that were very different from my past experiences.
1216899 tn?1288573925 Last night I had a bad "Seizure" while using the restroom. I was sitting there, and was feeling wierd, suddenly I couldn't tell what I was seeing. I didn't even know where the door was. Nothing made sense visually. I had no headache pain, or anything at the time. I did develope a mild headache later on in the evening however.
Avatar n tn Tension headaches might induce some of the symptoms you describe but I would need more history. Seizure activity might be a possibility but not all the symptoms fit. I am not sure what to tell you, as I am stumped. I am sorry.
1448748 tn?1312959808 Does anyone one here take an anti seizure med and does it help with your pain and fatigue ? Also ever caused eye blurriness in one eye?
Avatar n tn My son, 12, is experiencing very similar symptoms to your husband. Appalling one sided headache. Visual disturbance. Numbness. Total body pain and abdominal agony. Nausea, diarrhoea, aphasia, breathing difficulties, voice loss, confusion and black outs. We have a family history of migraine, and I believe mine and his are hemiplegic as one side goes more numb and weak than the other.
Avatar f tn Hi there, I'm a 27yr old female and have had migraines for about 6 yrs now (the migraines are accompanied by a variety of symtoms, visual problems + physical weaknesses). Recently (after a week of heavy enough drinking/partying) I collapsed and had some sort of seizure, I was conscious threwout, but couldnt control any part of my body and was unable to speak (I developed some sort of severe stutter/stammer and couldnt get any words out).
Avatar n tn You can actually see a progression of colors/motions/flickers that can cause migraine/seizure/ not sure about TIA - can't TIA symptoms be the same as seizure symptoms. Did the TIA leave any deficit on an MRI? I want to know how long from first attack to PFO closure because I work in managed care and that is a shocker - I mean a good shocker-but hurts in diagnosis now - do you think the PFO closure helped. How many episodes did you have before the procedure was done?
Avatar n tn Other things to be excluded include whole body disorders such as connective tissue diseases and inflammatroy conditions. The visual and balance symptoms could be due to a problem in the vestibular system (balance system). Perhaps a consultation with a neurologist who specializes in this area (an oto-neurologist) would be reasonable. If you are in the area we have two excellent doctors (Drs. Cherian and Oas).
Avatar n tn Over the years I have had various symptoms that occur along with the migrane, speech problems, numbness in various parts of my body. Over Christmas this year I was hospitalized after having a very strange episode. I had had a migrane for 7 weeks (everyday) prior to the episode I do not remember anything that happened during that time my husband said that I was mumbling incoherent things punching him, having hallucinations visual as well as auditory.
Avatar m tn Houston, TX, for Lyme disease. I had every visual perception disorder imaginable and many other strange symptoms. I quit going to the doctor because they kept telling me that I was just depressed and had persistent migraine w/out headache or infarction. The advised me to "break the cycle" with experimental drugs. That's why I had quit the regular medical professionals until about three weeks ago when my face became parylized and I felt extra strange.
Avatar m tn I've also had three severe vertigo episodes with nausea, vomiting and tinnitus, and this was subsequently diagnosed as Meniere's disease (but see below for more info). Could this be some kind of atypical seizure? I feel like there's painless pressure on the left side of my neck and head, but I took my BP in both wrists and it's 107/70 and my heart rate is 70, so probably not some kind of stroke incident? I'm male, age 38 as of yesterday.
763149 tn?1234423248 I have white matter and grey matter spots/lesions that are unenhanced with contrast (demyelination) and was told it could possibly cause partial seizure disorder. I just forgot all about that part and concentrated on dealing with the Narc/Cat. In september of this year I was taking a nap and awoke to my face seizing up and my eyes rolling back and twitching and my mouth and jaw felt ripped open to the limits and I could no longer breath in or out.
1781372 tn?1314905142 1. peripheral vision hallucinations 2. vertigo 3. nausea 4. headaches 5. inability to think of and/or say words or thoughts 6. one time body shakiness with weakness in left side which went away after a few minutes Are these related to anything to be concerned about?
Avatar n tn // I hope this is a bit of help to you. I hope your pediatric endocrinologist will quickly help you find the right doctor to follow up with.
Avatar m tn On Tuesday, February 3, 2009 -- I had my first full seizure – after weeks and weeks of emails to MedHelp and no advice – after a kind of environmental hell for a month!!! I was on Tegretol that day and so basically I conclude it doesn't work for me!!! See Mary’s post on “pulsating hyperacusis.” And mine! This seizure was brought on by allergies, low blood sugar, and being ignored for hours in the ER…and the effete and rough handling by the local EMS people!