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401370 tn?1233328282 If you have very few symptoms of a seizure, but didn't endure the full blown effects (silent seizure perhaps?), can an EMG still detect it? Just wondering, because I have Lupus, and sometimes I will notice SEVERE dizzy spells for like 5 seconds,along with numbness or tingling feeling of my teeth WHILE the dizzy spells are taking place, then a weird jolt down my left arm.. (I had tests performed by my doc and they stated it wasn't heart related). Very strange..
Avatar n tn My 9 yr old son is having trouble staying focus in school. He has a seizure disorder and is on Phenobarbitol 60 mg at night. He is in 3rd grade. He has a hard time staying on track when it comes to school work. He is easily distracted. He has a kind heart and is always helping the other kids with their work even when he doesn't have his done. He is go to Sylvan Learning Center for his reading. He has almost finished the course. He has improved so much with their help.
Avatar f tn We stopped phenobarbital in a 70 pound, 11 1/2 year old lab mix. My old school vet told me the emergency vet jumped the gun and started her on way too high a dose. So we have weaned the dose down and now have stopped altogether. How long til it is out of her system? My vet says at her age we should wait and see if another seizure occurs. In his opinion if it only happens every six months then theres no need for her to be medicated 365 days a year. I miss her.
Avatar n tn I work in a very stressfull/hostile workplace (School) it has become this way over a period of about 5 yrs. I am a very passive person and sometimes I feel like the doormat. Lately my situation there has gotten worse and 1 week ago I was at my home and felt as if I was starting to have a panic attack, got up to go take my Xanax and that is the last I remember until coming to. Luckily my husband was there and broke my fall to the floor.
Avatar f tn I am 20 years old. About two years ago I had a seizure in one of my classes at school. It happened again recently. The first time I didnt have anything to eat before hand and it came on suddenly. This past time, I had enough sleep and had eaten breakfast. I was sitting in a chair when I got lightheaded and nauseous. I thought I was going to throw up but quickly realized that I was going to pass out. My dad was there and said I was out for about two minutes and my body was stiff and shaking.
220917 tn?1309788081 No one has ever seen me have a seizure. I take Topamax, which is an anti-seizure medication, for my migraines, daily. I know I skipped a dose this week. I've done that a kajillion times. I usually go to bed VERY early. 9:00 -10-30 range, because of my fatigue, and I usually nap briefly during the day. I did take my nap, but last night, I was just sick of being sick, and stayed up WAY too late. 1:00. I really was overly tired.
Avatar n tn I have a 12 year old son ( dxd 10 ,pumping ) in Middle school . The nurse there is a real jerk. Last year she threatened my son telling him she would only let him call me if he promised to stay at school (bs 374) at the time .Anyway this year last week they let him wonder around after he called me (bs50) I told him to stay put I was on my way .
Avatar f tn The question concerns a boy who shows seizure like ADHD symptoms which last a certain time and then completely resume. In good phases he can sit down and read a book for 30 minutes or work on school work, is nice to talk to, has behavior control. Once he is in the other stage he will make funny noises, talks like a maniac, can't sit still, loses all his manners, insults people, can't concentrate on anything, very sensitive to sounds, can't control himself.
Avatar f tn He crosses his legs and lifts them up. His whole body becomes very stiff and rigid. When I try to get his attention, he is not aware at all. This symptom usually lasts between 30 seconds to a minute. His mom says that at home he does the same thing. Once the episode is over, he continues to do what he was doing. Sometimes he is a little disoriented. His mother says that many times he seems real sleepy and he asks to go to sleep. There are times when he puts one of his hands in his groin area.
Avatar f tn I haven't the seizure thing since about 9th grade, I have been out of school for over 5years now. What happens is that when I walk, my arms, legs stiffen up, my head tilts to the right, the left side of my face drops like Im having a stroke. But while this is going on, Im fully aware of things around me, I can hear fine, my vision goes double. Just yesterday this happened to me 12+ times. I really scared me, I have never had it happen that many times in a short time.
Avatar n tn ) 5 days ago my son, who is now 7 years and 4 months had a complex febrile seizure at school. My son has not had a seizure for at least 2 1/2 years. (He is scheduled to see a pediatric neorologist. Have you ever seen any correlation between a similiar problem like this? They are 2 different areas of medicine, I know...I just don't know what to think.
Avatar n tn His ears had a great amount of fluid, which the doctor stated that he was apparently from allergies, in which he put my son on Claritin, which did clear his ears up and therefore helped him pass the hearing test as he did not on the first visit.
Avatar f tn Postictal (following seizure) changes can just be part of the effects of the seizure, but these typically last a few hours or at most days. Children with epilepsy can have behavioral changes as a result of their reaction to the diagnosis if they understand it. In addition, patients with epilepsy are at higher risk of developing depression, and in children, this depression may be expressed as behavioral changes and agitation rather than the more typical symptoms of depression.
Avatar n tn I have been on ativan for 3 years for ptsd. During this time I didn't take it every day. Recently I didn't get a chance to go get my refill, and to be honest, I kept forgetting about it. Then I had a seizure (according to my husband). Is this because I stopped the ativan abruptly? I have also had several head injuries this past year. Can too many concussions cause seizures? This is my second seizure and I don't have a hx of seizure disorder.
880221 tn?1240423082 My diet wasn't the greatest either, now that I think about it. I was also dealing with a full-time job and going to school full-time. Exactly one week after, I had my first migraine and it has been one of the worst experiences of my life. My head hurt even without moving, I was sick to my stomach, and while I was in class taking a test my right arm became numb and I could barely use my fingers to hold the pencil. Could the Benaryl have been one of the causes?
Avatar n tn I work in a boarding school and we currently have a 15 year old boarder having some sort of nocturnal seizure. They happen on average about once a week - occur mostly about 4 to 5 am in the morning. Signs and symptoms are: unconscous for at least 5 mins, slight jerking of leg, arms generally above the head with one hand gripping the other arm tightly, moaning and a small amount of grunting - also some picking of clothing or constantly picking of duvet. Issuing words that do not mean anything.
Avatar n tn There isn't alot of information out there on these types of migraines so I just wondered if someone else experiences the same symptoms. I have suffered from headaches since I was a kid, and I am now 31. The seizures didn't start till 5 years ago though, and it is getting progressively worse. My MRI's have been normal, as well as my EEG's, and the spinal tap results got lost and i refuse to have another one.
Avatar m tn Not sure if I fainted or had some form of a Seizure as I understand there are several types of Seizures. If anyone could give me their opinion, that would be greatly appreciated. I was laying down on couch watching tv. I was doing nothing abnormal or different throughout the day. I got up from couch walked in the kitchen and collapsed on floor face first, with a slight cut above my eyebrow with my right cheek pressed against floor. I was unconscious for approx 1 minute.
Avatar m tn I didnt have any other pain relief except this lidocaine injection so my reaction was certainly from that. It caused me to have a near seizure or a seizure. My legs started majorly jerking, I started twitching all over. I was left so bad that I couldnt walk after the procedure due to all developing neurological issues. I was stuck in the dentist clinic for up to an hour until I was was able to walk to my car just outside the door.
Avatar n tn My 11-year old son had his first seizure in Jan 08 and what we think "might" have been a seizure 6 months prior, but no confirmation of that. The emergency room said he had heat stroke. It was the first day of school and he was at recess in over 100 degree temperature. He became confused, vomited and didn't know where he was or how old he was. The second seizure took place at home.
Avatar n tn she was taken off of the seizure medication and placed on inderol to control her heart. The seizures subsided, going from 2-3 a week to 2-3 per month, then slowing to 5 a year. Her doctor said she may outgrow them, or they could get worse during puberty. She will be 15 in June this year, and she has had 2 seizures in the last week. Her symptoms are first a severe sudden headache to the side of the head, and the feeling that someone is sitting on her chest and putting a pillow over her face.
Avatar n tn I fainted back in november and went into a seizure. My EEG was normal as was my CT scan and MRI. I was wondering could my seizure have been caused by my head hitting the ground when i landed? the doctors arent sure what caused it but i havent had one since and i have also had 1 more EEG last month too just to make sure things were still good.
94007 tn?1224766336 Thats not good. As some of you may remember, he is disabled and on seizure meds which can CAUSE liver damage. How much of that damage comes from the meds its hard to say. He is going to treat in the fall but is switching to another med - Keppra. Is anyone familiar with it? We cant see how he does off the meds because treatment lowers the seizure threshhold. Lots of complications and unanswered questions. That can only be answered by experience - doc is concerned.
Avatar n tn I had another one last night, at the exercise class, and it was the worst so far! In addition to the symptoms listed above, the tremors, and paralyzation are much more severe and (during the last two episodes) my speech is slurred. The paramedics tested my blood and my blood sugar was normal. I have been to see a neurologist (who ran blood tests on my thyroid and a lot of other things. But, the blood was not taken during or after an episode so they came back normal).
Avatar m tn An earlier MRI will need to be scheduled if there is bleed, seizure, neurological signs and symptoms. Usually in low risk carvernous malformations, sports like track and field events, jogging, cycling, cross country run, golf, aerobics, field hockey etc can be played without supervision and using appropriate protective gears. The risk of bleeding and epilepsy following a head collision with soccer/football is higher in people cavernous malformations.
Avatar n tn They did figure out when I had my seizure in 1996 that I was on placwenell (misspelled) that might have caused my seizure to happen.
Avatar n tn Good Morning. My 14 year old daughter has just been diagnosed with seizure activity in the left side of her brain after having an EEG. She fainted twice in the spring and after several tests it was determined that she had hypoglycemia. We started feeding her more frequent smaller meals.
1570846 tn?1295833227 When he's having a seizure one side of his mouth rises abnormally. and then he goes into full Tonic Clonic seizure. But as I said.. your DD's could be a once off seizure. I know of so many people that have a seizure and never have another one. You are going through such a tough time and I know exactly how you feel. Last year was like the year from hell for our family. My son's illness and my dear Mother's illness. And I know the feelings of guilt. But you do have to let them go.
Avatar f tn Hi Everyone!! Well, Here is my update. First I will start off with telling you how the presentation went as my nephew's quest speaker for his LYME report. I was alittle nervous but I did well! My nephew did an awesome job with all of the research he did!! He didn't even have to look at his notes to talk about any of it. After about 10 mins. of him discussing all about Lyme, he introduced me and directed any questions to me. :) Oh yeah, and ....
Avatar n tn The results of MRI are completely ok , EEG is ok when she was having a seizure after the seizure the EEG was not ok. But the doctors don't know what is it. During the seizure she is avare of all the things that are happening around her but she can't control herself. The seizures don't have any patterns , the all occur in a diferent part of the day and they last from few minutes to few hours.