Seizure symptoms related to arachnoid tumors

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Avatar n tn Care should be taken when attributing the patient's symptoms to the presence of the cyst. Symptoms that may be caused by arachnoid cysts (depending on their location and size) may include seizures, psychiatric problems,and headaches. Complications from cysts including bleeding (subdural bleeding), but this is not common. Some cysts resolve spontaneously, but most arachnoid cysts remain the same size or increase in size only slightly in adulthood, and others fluctuate over time.
Avatar n tn hi thanks for your comment, today i feel better, i was depressed sometimes i thought i had something which is life threatening, but if that was so, there would be problems in your vision and hearing, and mostly focused in your CNS (nerves of the skull rather than your hands or feet or even navel/or under(sorry for the rude word but had to put it to give details to the symptoms) , people with infection or tumor in their heads don't have paresthesia in their necks or chest or feet or lips etc..
Avatar n tn The only other thing I have heard concerning this, and I do not mean to be an alarmist, is that a smell of something burning can be related to brain tumors. I suppose if you start smelling it all of the time you should probably be concerned.
Avatar n tn html for information about Chiari I Malformation and compare your symptoms - especially those of you with migraines and neurological symptoms! You might be amazed to find answers to questions your docs haven't answered thus far. I endured 25 years of being misdiagnosed and am still amazed by how many neurologists just shake their heads since they have not been educated about Chiari - and tell you your symptoms are all in your head. Well, DUH!
604197 tn?1292308636 All tests were normal and a diagnosis of post concussion syndrome was made. After several months of symptoms and pain I returned to work in February 2010. Several of my symptoms have improved and I have noted some new ones. I rarely have nausea and no vomiting anymore. The rest of his symptoms continue to be present at varying degrees of severity. About three weeks ago I realized I had a near complete loss of taste and smell. This occurred so gradually I didn't notice it happening.
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