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Avatar f tn Hello. You have done a good job by bringing this to the forum. There is a possibility of a partial seizure. But you should also consider something called as eye tics. These are not so uncommon in infants. You may need to get an EEG done. A video EEG is preferred. It has the advantage of letting us see the brain waves during such an episode or up rolling of eyes. Did he have any significant birth complications?
Avatar n tn I'm thrilled to read your post! I'm looking for a cause for my problem, and while doctors are currently contemplating a possible heart-related cause, a friend (a doctor) recently suggested "focal seizure" or partial seizure. In the typical list of symptoms of partial seizure, the sufferer is said to be unable to speak or has involuntary movements. That is not me. I remain able to take my pulse and take stock of other symptoms, plus describe what's happening, as it's happening.
1745492 tn?1320201940 Psychiatric illness, gastrointestinal conditions or pinched nerves can all cause seizure-like symptoms. Seek professional help. I sincerely hope it helps. Take care and good luck!
8439435 tn?1398133408 Other times I have spinal jerks with these symptoms (sometimes severe). It takes several days to recover from severe episode. One seizure left my complete right side stiff for days ( I drug my leg to walk). I have never had cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, abuse of any kind and I'm healthy other wise. For some reason some grocery stores, Sams and Wal-Mart trigger symptoms. Neuro/Doctors always act stumped or try to quiz me for abuse etc. since EEG came back good, I was symptom free during EEG.
Avatar n tn Hi I also have complex partial seizures which are being controlled w/anti seizure meds. Along w/1000 ml of Keppra I am taking 400 ml of Lamictal. I have a meningioma in the left petrous apex, meckle's cave and clivas... I had gamma knife radiation in 2002 and the tumor went from 2.6 x 2.2 x1.0 cm to 2.0 x 2.0 x .9 presently. The only symptoms I had at the time of diagnosis was left sided facial tingling. I now have epilepsy, trigeminal pain and severe headaches...
2133558 tn?1368831758 From your symptoms it appears like your seizure activity is not controlled with the medication. Seizure (convulsions) activity means that electrical activity is initiated in the brain which results in convulsions. Repeated convulsions can cause hypoxemia (decreased oxygen) supply to the brain, hence they need to be controlled. An EEG (electroencephalogram) can help confirm this. You may dosage needs to be changed or you may need more than one medication to treat the seizures.
Avatar n tn MD states that it is most definitely seizure activity/disorder. His symptoms are so vague, though, that we often don't know when he is having a seizure, or what to do. We only seem to know for sure that he had a seizure after the fact, because he sleeps 3-7 hours. He will sometimes complain of crushing headache, frequently nauseated, sometimes vomit, sometimes blurry vision (?), but never are the symptoms the same from time to time.
Avatar n tn Most neurologists will consider weaning anti-seizure meds after 1-3 years seizure free, if the MRI and EEG are normal. The chance of being weaned off meds goes down for everything that is abnormal. My dau. is on depakote and lamictal for partial sz, which is what it sounds like your son has. Partial seizures may be harder to control than other kinds of sz that kids get, but every case is different.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure if seizure disorder and epilepsy are the same these days? I'm a 43 year old female, no history of seizures, 2 year survivor of breast cancer, which made the discovery of benign cysts in my left temporal lobe. 6 months ago I started having severe headaches with almost stroke like symptoms with neurological deficits associated with them as well as an elevation in my stress levels. All my doctors tell me I have more stress in my life than they've seen in a while.
Avatar n tn When I was in my neurologist's office for these results she mentioned that she felt I might be depressed and that this might be causing these symptoms. Less than week later I had a petimal seizure in my sleep that required emergency care. I go back to the neurologist in a few days but am stir crazy about what could be going on inside my head. I am taking Topamax to help. I was taking Ativan but could not deal with how "slow" it made me feel.
Avatar n tn My thoughts are possibly Simple Partial Seizures leading into a Complex Partial Seizure. However; she still has a lot of symptoms of Psychogenic Seizures and somewhat of a Secondary Generalized Seizure. The biggest factor that throws me off is the duration of these “attacks.” Please, what are your thoughts or opinions on this case? If you have any more questions of detail, please let me know, Thank You.
220917 tn?1309788081 The siezure rate in MS, though, I do not think is higher than the general population. Zilla, I agree that it sounds like a partial seizure. If your consciousness was affected at all (your awareness and memory of the episode) it would be classified as a "partial complex seizure." I certainly think your doctor should hear about it. However, FATIGUE is one of the biggest, if not the biggest (other than missing meds) trigger of seizures. Bad Girl! Bad Girl!
Avatar f tn Hello everyone, I am new here, I have been on the MS and Lyme forum but have had some questions regarding the type of seizures that I have. I was dx'd with simple partial seizures after having 5 abnormal EEG's. According to my Neuro. .. the slurred speech that I have had that would last up to two weeks long are a seizure, and that my brain is misfiring and getting stuck for two weeks. Just wondering if any of you have ever heard of that?
Avatar f tn // Let me know if this helps you any.
Avatar f tn yes - lamectal, keppra, prozac, adderall
Avatar n tn left temporal lobe area. with speech and memory being the worst of symptoms. Does medicine really help with these symptoms. Is there a standard type outcome. Do people get better? Is it progressive? what happens if one doesn't take the medicine, is there a chance for further damage?
1745492 tn?1320201940 Without the ability to examine and obtain a history, I can not tell you what the exact cause of the symptoms is. However I will try to provide you with some useful information. Nonepileptic seizures can occur in people with true epilepsy. Unless the video EEG captures your “seizure”, it would be difficult to say if it is negative or not. Additionally, EEG is only as good as the location of the seizure.
Avatar n tn The symptoms upon awakening due not sound like a seizure. If you have concerns perhaps seeing a specialist at an academic center would be reasonable. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Well she had an EEG and it showed abnormal waves on her left side, They say she is having partial seizures. She was probably having them before. (so the symptoms did have something to do with her AVM) They put her on Trileptal. She has been on it for 1 week. We are not seeing any changes yet, but I know it can take a couple weeks. We are waiting patiently. We have the best Doctors. All of them have been great.
Avatar f tn They can be divided into generalized and partial seizures. Any seizure is usually accompanied by loss of consciousness after an attack called as post-ictal period, eneuresis during the attack etc. In your case you did not mention about all these symptoms, also there is a clear cut relationship between external stimuli and occurrence of jerks or seizures. We need to differentiate between panic attacks, pseudo seizures and epilepsy.
Avatar n tn First of all, keep in mind that I am unable to diagnose you because I am unable to examine you, this forum is for educational purposes. All of the symptoms that you describe are common in complex partial epilepsy(CPE) (The epilepsy you describe is likley coming from the temporal lobe (possibly the left). The issue of can the hypogonadism be related to the epilepsy and the answer is yes, in several different ways.
Avatar f tn My 7 year old son was diagnosed in March with Partial complex seizure disorder. This weekend, he called out to my husband, when my husband went to see what he wanted, he said Daddy I feel funny. Then he seemed fine. My husband seem to think it was nothing, I on the other hand think differently. Since this happened, he has been very aggitated at home and at school, quick tempered, very much off task, tired, and just not himself. His teacher and counselor also have noticed the change.
Avatar f tn Hello thank -you for reading. In december 08 I had a seizure, i guess what would be considered a tonic clonic kind. I experienced another one Feb 12 09. I was sent to a neurologist. I had eeg, sleep eeg and mri. All turned out "normal". From Dec until now I am also having these wierd sensations which are hard to describe..please bear with me. It happens most frequently at night, or im already in bed, although on occasion they happen during the day if im very tired.
Avatar f tn , abnormal heart beats with the seizure). I suggest you discuss your symptoms with your epileptologist. You may need to be monitored on a continuous EEG with concomitant EKG to assess if you maintain normal sinus rhythm during your seizure. Thank you for this opportunity to answer your questions, I hope you find the information I have provided useful, good luck.
Avatar n tn Others begin in a specific area or location of the brain. These are called partial seizures. There can be a number of symptoms associated with temporal lobe seizures, a type of partial seizure. They may commence with an 'aura' - a feeling of uneasiness or sensory discomfort, proceeding to a period of staring, during which the person is conscious but not particularly responsive. There can then occur some involuntary motor movements and sometimes unprovoked aggressive behavior.
Avatar n tn I get this weird feeling come over me for no reason with the symptoms of tunnel vision, blurred vision.
Avatar n tn My neurolgist diagnosed me with a stroke-related seizure (since the symptoms were coming from the same area of the brain as where I had my stroke) and gave me Depakote which stopped the symptoms almost immediately. I didn't tolerate the Depakote (many side effects) and eventually switched to Neurontin which I have happily taken for 6 months, three times a day. I have no side effects and the Neurontin keeps the symptoms completely in check unless I accidently skip doses.