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Avatar m tn What were the results of the MRI, EMG and blood tests? Was there a history of trauma to the head or neck? It is good that eye issues are ruled out already. This could be due to primary headaches which are usually managed with prescription medications. Anxiety as well as depression can also be managed with medications prescribed by your doctor and also with medical therapy. Do keep us posted with the results of the diagnostic tests to determine the underlying cause.
1262982 tn?1269974369 I took her immediatly to the vet hospital, they said she had a major head trauma, her eyes were non responsive, and they could not doa cat scan like a human, so did not know if she had swelling of the brain or bleeding in her brain.... They gave her the Dexamethasone steroid, as well as the Buprenex pain medication.
Avatar n tn This is 5 years later, and if you are still with him, you are an amazing person. I have head trauma from getting hit in the head with a baseball bat, then a rollover car accident kicked it in. I have the EXACT same symptoms as you mentioned and Adderall is DEFINITELY what helps me. The aggression will go away for 1 day with a very small dose of marijuana. I went to law school and was a 3D engineer after the head injuries, and not a drug addict just telling you BS.
591297 tn?1218872354 Anytime there is a possibility of head trauma, time is of the essence. Trauma to the head causes swelling to the brain in the skull. There is not enough room for the brain to swell so it can cause seizures and death. Steroids to keep the inflamation down are a must if the animal is going to survive severe head trauma. If you ever suspect head trauma immediate veterinary care is crucial to stop swelling. No amount of supportive care can stop the brain from swelling.
Avatar n tn He is otherwise healthy with no family history of the symptoms discussed. He also has no history of head trauma. Any guesses?
Avatar f tn Can trauma to the eardrum followed by a severe headache cause a seizure? The background...It was one of the scariest moments of my life. My fiance was cleaning his ear with a Q-tip when I accidentally bumped his arm. He flinched for a few minutes(there was no bleeding), said the left side of his head was kind of tingly, then he progressivley developed a headache. It took some aspirin and within literally minutes was asleep.
604197 tn?1292308636 I had a head injury in September 09 and still can't smell or taste. I noticed it very distinctly the morning after I hit my head on a sidewalk and received a fractured skull. My MRI with contrast came back completely normal…the neurologist couldn’t even see the hairline fracture 2-3 weeks after my fall. No concussion or bleeding was explained to me so seemed not to big of a deal at the time. I had no idea this would continue, and can continue so long.
214901 tn?1227571155 I was in a car accident was I was 6 yeas old and had severe head trauma in which my skull did not fracture(paralyzed on my left side completely for 1 month and in a coma for 5 days). I suffered brain damage as a result(scarring). I ended up having a twitch in which I would jerk my head to the left and down towards my left shoulder for about 6 months and speech problems, eventually came back to normal.
1746254 tn?1314437586 I have had several mri's and have been complaining of severe symptoms for about a year and even went to the ER for a seizure and had a mri and venorgram and mrv and they did not mention anything about my chiari... about exactly a year later... no trauma at all I had another mri because they thought I might have ms and guess what? radiologist reports I have exactly as your report showed significant hernation of 11mm. They have missed mine and I have had several.
Avatar f tn The question now will be what predisposed you to the seizure and what should be done to prevent another one. Have you ever had a stroke, head trauma, or any CNS infections, such as meningitis or encephalitis? I highly suggest you follow up with a neurologist. There are a lot of questions that will need to be answered. Thank you for this opportunity to answer your questions, I hope you find the information I have provided useful, good luck.
Avatar f tn Then an MRI was done which stated there is a 6mm focus of left frontal deep white matter t2 hyperintensity, not assocaited with enhancement or restricted diffusion. The doctors keep asking me if I fell or hit my head, but I can't remember anything recently or much in the past. I am 34, in good health, I only remember when I was about 7 I fell on my head off the monkey bars, but it wasn't severe. The medication has controlled the seizures.
Avatar n tn She got really hot and sweatty both times and turned a sickley greenish white after her blackouts. Her arm and hand twitched the first time and the second her head and eyes twitched. I'm a little concerned about this. Does it sound like passing out or fainting spell. Or more like a seizure? both times the actual "epasodes" lasted about 30-45 seconds.
232639 tn?1211417480 Ringing in my ears is terrible i had it slightly before but now it is awful. And this is just my head trauma, My back and neck were screwed up as well, my ribs were pushed outward and my pelvis is twisted.I cant sleep at night I feel depressed at times! Any suggestions, is there meds for the dizziness? Thank you.
328328 tn?1261682204 I don't do any drugs, just a drink once in a blue moon. My son is 2 now and has had a seizure type attack. He has had them off and on (about 4) since the about 9m old. The first was a vaccume started it. The second was he got in the tub. Nothing sets if off (noise,bang head, etc.) Hes awake and standing, he first screams like he got hurt, he has little control of his body. I hold him his heart is racing to fast, his eyes move back and forth, (both at the same time).
911669 tn?1294102788 Last night while asleep I think I might have had a small seizure. I must have bit the end of my tongue very hard. I remember it hurt so bad I thought to myself I did some damage, but I was really still asleep. There was no injury, but I am concerned that I might be starting with some type of seizures. I do tend to sleep with my mouth open sometimes I know, but for my tongue to be protruding out suggests something more sinister to me.
Avatar f tn Hi - it seems entirely possible your son has a trauma related injury to his head. Some 3 yrs ago I had a TIA, fell backwards on my head, was unconscious until paramedics got here, who administered oxygen, then took me to the Accident & Emergency Dept. where they diagnosed a subdural haematoma....believe that is a blood clot between my skull and brain. They did not do an MRI on my head, but a neurologist did some hand and eye movement tests.
Avatar m tn I am feeding her with milk, nutrients, I let her brother come lay with her and he is licking and supporting her, 8 weeks old and he knows something is wrong, he put is head against her head with his paw around her, I know these kittens, the paw around her may be a coincidence but the head against her head is not. Current condition of ginger. . .
Avatar f tn Hi Andrea, Since your son didnt have a head injury, more than likely he will be fine. As far as having another seizure if and when he gets the wind knocked out, thats hard to say. Your son had what is called a Vasovagral related seizure.Im asuming that you are a nurse? If so, you are probably familiar with vasovagral syncope that happens to people (like myself) in response to sudden intense pain, blood test procedures etc.
486038 tn?1300066967 As I understand it through my studying seizures, they aren't always genetic, as my dad's were started by trauma to the head, but the "suseptibility to have a seizure is genetically linked". Ok, so... I'm on Topamax for my migraines already. And I do deal with the weird jerking of my whole body sometimes, or the contracting of my hands that my nurse friend also describes as a small seizure. So, has anyone else suddenly developed seizures?
215234 tn?1305146561 Thanks PK, but sorry I think you may of misunderstood my post, (I'm English...
Avatar n tn I am trying to find answers to the symptoms my 23 yr old daughter is having. The symptoms are not all the time, but come on without warning, without trauma and without physical activity. The problem starts with a tightening in her throat. Then she gets tingling in her fingers and numbness which travels up her arm. Sometimes the numbness goes into her back and chest.
Avatar f tn Most seizures are provoked by body disorders originating outside the brain, such as high fever, infection, syncope, head trauma; shortness of breath for want of oxygen can also cause seizure, or cardiac abnormalities. What is the type of seizures, focal or generalized? How long was the seizure and was there loss of consciousness during seizure? How was his behavior during and after seizure? What all investigation has been done? What is the level of Serum.
Avatar n tn I have had ringing in my ears yesterday, and a couple of days before the whole incident occured. Maybe this is also a cause, but I don't believe I have ever had significant head trauma before this had occured.
Avatar m tn Yesterday morning in the hotel pool my girlfriend suffered a seizure, this has never happened before nor has she suffered any trauma to the head. The local doctor put it down to too much alcohol the night before , only 5 hours sleep and then the hot temperature she was sat in by the pool without eating breakfast. He recommended we visit the main hospital in the main city to be checked over. She also dislocated we arm while being pulled from the pull during the seizure.
344846 tn?1267553707 I was on xanax and when I stopped taking them suddenly I did have a seizure a few days later. I had never had a seizure before. I have not had one since then which was a few years ago, but every now and then I get a funny feeling like a may have another seizure. Be careful with the xanax.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am 36 years old and have had symptoms for at least a year now. I started with head pressure above my eyes, behind my ears and at the crown of my head. It progressed to singling in my arms and legs as well as painfull muscle twitching, ringing and pressure through my ears. Leg and hand stiffness. I, too, have had the brain MRI for MS, an EMG (twice), full body nuclear bone scan, an array of blood work, and evoke potential test, sinus xray, neck xray.... so on, so on, so on.
Avatar m tn Then, in 1975, I had a lacerated scalp injury and blunt force trauma to the right side top of head. It was an open head wound. It required 8-10 stitches to close the wound. Within 6 months I started seizure like symptoms. I would suddenly stop breathing, my back would arch up-ward and I would row off the sofa onto the hardwood flooring gasping for breath. I was nervous and jittery the rest of the night. At first they came only once a month. Then, in 1977, I had another accident.
338880 tn?1195534619 i would take her back my puppy is a 2 month old tea cup chiwinnie and last night a chair fell on top of him i took him to the emergency room right away and they told me he has savere head trauma which is actually life treating and he was drooling alot you can also take a look at her eyes see if theyre diolated and if she walks on a tilt or her head spins in circles. i hope the best luck for you and your puppy!!