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Avatar n tn Posted By CCF neuro MD* on October 25, 1998 at 16:40:13: In Reply to: symptoms posted by Sara Randolph on October 25, 1998 at 15:56:58: I just wanted to make another comment. I posted a message on 10/24 or 10/23 under "many symptoms, no answers - sara." As I was reading through some of the other Is it possible that some of my symptoms are related to auras? I started off experiencing these things around my menstrual cycle.
Avatar n tn Woke up this morning after getting a great nights sleep, but when I awoke I was seeing spots ,, and my left hand went numb.. Took oxy and valium and seemed to help ,, Finnally went to Beckys took 2 more oxys and another valium, layed down with Becky for about an hour felt much better ,, took too many pain pills today not sure why..
Avatar f tn Not only do I have tremors, I have seizure like episodes-but I am completely conscious. But I have problems with fatigue, head aches, flushing, racing heart rate- had 180 rate before an attack, and I have feelings of-no other words- creepycrawly feeling inside and outside by body. I also when I am sleeping, put my foot up to my bottom, it slowly jerks done, and then quickly jerks back up to my bottom- this can go on all night, so says my fiancee.
327385 tn?1378360731 my hubby thinks after the seizure is over all i need is sleep off the seizure seizure doc has told him to take me er so she can get reports. i was seeing a seizure spealist and wanted me to be put in hospital for four days to have video seizures and no one could keep my kids and with school i just couldnt do it. i just dont understand how i can have hypopituitary "but not bad enough to treat" ? my kids are scared to death of my seizures because i scream and turn blue now.
619439 tn?1282094079 felt horrible today. body ached and hurt, stomach pains, sudden intense heat and burning feelings on my face and ears. feelings came on and off all day, even when I was laying down and not doing anything.
Avatar m tn This question is directly for Doctor Abhijeet as he treated a person emailing in for "petit mal seizure and pulsating hyperacussis" -- an entire raft of my symptoms can be examined on "My Med Help" and most, if not all of them are still quite accurate with a new diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease.
Avatar n tn I felt stiffness in my muscles the last time I had a seizure with alternating feelings of weakness and numbness. This time I just felt weakness by itself. My arms wanted to go limp this morning. The feelings lasted about an hour then they subsided. Does this help in your understanding?
Avatar n tn Racing thoughts, restlessness, irritablity, constantantly having to move, feelings of worthlessness, anxiety, keyed up, some recklessness.
Avatar f tn My whole diagnosis started with a seizure. Now everyday whenever I feel different, I am afraid that I am going to have another seizure. I have read and heard from others that when you have your first seizure as an adult, chances are you will never have another one. I take medication for this twice a day, so I tell myself that I am OK and don't worry about another one.
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Avatar n tn What is your opinion in terms of which seizure med would best treat my symptoms? Also, when I went to second opinion neuro, he wouldn't prescribe the med because I wasn't his patient, instead he said he'd write a letter which I could give my doc. But, he said, I should be able to call my neuro, tell him what was suggested and what I wanted to do, and he should work with me. What is your experience with this? How would you suggest I handle this? I know drs.
Avatar n tn The first event was preceeded by a very short event similar to the description of a head drop seizure. It was not likely a seizure because I have the longterm side effects. The symptoms are least noticeable outdoors and extreme in closed noisey rooms. I often put my back to the wall for support in crowded rooms. Movement of my head to follow converstions bring on the brief perionds of disorientation (microseconds) similar to the first event years ago.
3217939 tn?1345929459 I am on 1000 mgs of keppra a day and still have seizure feelings...anyone else in the same boat?!? I even woke up with the old taste of blood in my throat.
737131 tn?1236968031 Once you have your first seizure you can be more prone to have one again. All of your other symptoms are probably withdrawal symptoms. Even though you weaned down, most people still go through some withdrawal, but hopefully to a lesser extent. After you address the seizures you may want to stop taking the pain medication cold turkey and suffer the withdrawal symptoms for a week or so and then you will start to feel those symptoms much less.
Avatar n tn s office for these results she mentioned that she felt I might be depressed and that this might be causing these symptoms. Less than week later I had a petimal seizure in my sleep that required emergency care. I go back to the neurologist in a few days but am stir crazy about what could be going on inside my head. I am taking Topamax to help. I was taking Ativan but could not deal with how "slow" it made me feel. Overall my brain feels kind of numb and disconnected.
Avatar n tn Ten years ago I experienced a single event similar to a head drop seizure that lasted less than a second. After that I experienced ringing in the ears, a floating sensation, and confusion when in noisey busy closed spaces. The symptoms diminished after one year except for the ear ringing. I have had recurrent episodes since that time. Recently the confusion and disorientation feelings have increased and the mini head drop events occur when in closed noisey spaces.
Avatar n tn Please find another doctor!!! Not all seizures make you lose conciousness!!! I have had a number of the odd feelings you speak of. I was dx'd with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy; I have simple partial seizures. I never lose conciousness (so far). Find a good neurologist have a EEG done. Keep us posted on what happens.
Avatar n tn The results of MRI are completely ok , EEG is ok when she was having a seizure after the seizure the EEG was not ok. But the doctors don't know what is it. During the seizure she is avare of all the things that are happening around her but she can't control herself. The seizures don't have any patterns , the all occur in a diferent part of the day and they last from few minutes to few hours.
Avatar f tn I keep wondering if I should wait and watch ( as the surgeon said to wait and watch to have an MRI done on brain to see if any further bleeds to brain or just get the show on the road & have the leison removed from my front lobe of brain CVM which has had a recent small hemmohhrage- I am full of anxiety and needing some people to discuss these issues with as I nearly died the last time I had surgery.
Avatar n tn The results of MRI are completely ok , EEG is ok when she was having a seizure after the seizure the EEG was not ok. But the doctors don't know what is it. During the seizure she is avare of all the things that are happening around her but she can't control herself. The seizures don't have any patterns , the all occur in a diferent part of the day and they last from few minutes to few hours.
Avatar f tn s been a few years since i have had any kind of seizure. Recently though i have had episodes (the episode is in the words of my husband as i have no reculection of any of it) where I would be asleep and go into a seizure like stage (shaking) and then i sit up and stare for about a minute at the ceiling. I would then look around and lay back down.. after doing that about 3 times i stand up and walk around the room looking like im lost and have no idea where i am.
Avatar n tn My son had already called 911 and when they arrived all my vitals were good, BP/Pulse was a little elevated but nothing serious, thought maybe it was a seizure caused by anxiety. I took a Xanax and went to the Dr. the next day. Blood Work, CT, EKG, EEG done, everything seems to check out fine. Seeing a Neurologist soon and off from work until cleared by Neuro.
Avatar n tn i was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy 5 years ago. following my second seizure, i was put on paxil for panic attacks due to fear of having another seizure. i've been relatively fine until 4 weeks ago, when i experienced an aura. it lasted 2 seconds, but it brought all the fear back that i had when i was first diagnosed with epilepsy 6 years ago. i've been taking ativan and have re-started the paxil. i take 1000mg of tegretol once a day.
3217939 tn?1345929459 has anyone had the taste of old blood in their throat after a seizure?!? I woke up this morning with it and felt like i may have had a seizure while sleeping.
Avatar f tn My questions is can the brain control the air intake and exchange, causing bluish around the mouth, elevating/decreasing the HR, leading to feelings of reduced 02 causing the brain to shut down and cause loss of sight, blue skin discoloration and unable to walk, talk.