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Avatar n tn The next day I was incredible exhausted, very weak and ran a fever all day. When I've had the cyst before they've been accompanied only by intense pain. Never seizure symptoms or the erratic dip in body temperature. I had never had a seizure before. Unfortunately, I don't have insurance and I feel every call I make to try to get further testing on why this is happening gets pushed under the rug. I'm not sure if this is normal. Did the seizure cause the cyst to burst or the other way around?
Avatar f tn He was having these seizure like symptoms every 3-4 hrs a day and then it went to every a 1 1/2 hrs on his 2 day there. Doctor said he was not sure what was wrong, but that it didn't seem seizure related. Most of the time he he was conscious enough to hear us and nod a head sometimes or moan.
393986 tn?1303829575 Hello. A seizure is defined as an episode of central nervous system dysfunction. A seizure may or may not be accompanied by convulsions. Your seizures are unusual. Do you lose consciousness when you have the episode? usually convulsions are tonic (only spasms) or tonic - clonic (spasms followed by repeated contractions). An EEG confirms a seizure. Has it been done?
Avatar n tn An EEG,done within 24 hrs of this seizure, confirmed that the seizure came from tissue around the cyst. She has been on medication since and has had a couple of breakthrough seizures (lasting only about a minute), but none as bad as the first (over 20 minutes long). Her doc feels confident that the cyst and seizures are related and does not feel that she will come off her medicine any time soon, if ever. I am not doctor, but as a mom who went through this with a scared little two-year old..
Avatar n tn My nephew is 3 years old and he has a cyst in/on his left side of his brain. It was discovered because of an unrelated injury. I am trying to research which is the best/recommended procedure endo surgery or a shunt??? Please advice more options for my search.
Avatar n tn neuro believes mass is penial cyst. released within 24hrs. penial cyst info is not that documented. could these be symptoms of penial cyst? over many years, many head blows from falling. research shows that overdose or interaction of pills can produce most of the symptoms and others that are there. one research stated some medications that can cause damage to the brain also. question is: would the unknown to dr.
Avatar n tn I have had a cyst in my frontal lobe since I was 5 yrs old. The doctors mentioned that the cyst was dead due to excess of calcium. At age 5 I had a seizure but nothing was done about it. At age 13 I had two more seizures and thats when doctors put me on Tegretol 200mg. An MRI was taken at age 5 and at age 13, the size of the cyst remained the same. The seizures only occur while I am asleep. As of now the Tegretol has worked but pretty soon I wont have insurance to cover the medicine.
1350389 tn?1276824990 AFter that over i get a terrible headache. Usually i am veryyy tired after that whole thing. Last year a doctor accidentaly founda pineal cyst on the my brain. Does the cyst have anything to with the episods? What causes these episodes they are very distracting.
Avatar f tn I cannot get into see for a couple of months. Some have said that I might have a seizure at any time. I have never had a seizure. The only symptoms I have is a headache everyday and I am very tired alot of the time. I have a job where I have to drive alot, should I take a break on driving? and what is a midline shift?
Avatar n tn It is apparent from MRI reports that his brain integrity is normal, except that he has collection of fluid, as reported i.e. Arachnoid cyst. Seizure is unrelated to cyst. As for cyst to cause seizure, it should be large enough to cause pressure symptoms on brain like vomiting, irritability, headache etc. There is also a family history of seizure; hence there could be a genetic cause for seizure. Was there any fever associated with seizure?
Avatar n tn I have been having numbness,migraines,confusion,vision changes,and irritability more and more often lately - are these symptoms of a cyst and if so is this simply because the cyst is there or is it more of an indicator that the cyst is causing me to have potential seizures - the reason I mention seizures is due to my EEG being abnormal - I don't know the results of my 2nd EEG yet , I guess I find the results out when I return to my doc next month.
Avatar n tn Wow, I am very sorry to hear about your son...This scares me as I have a pineal cyst too...I have never had a seizure though so I can't relate to that. What is the size of his cyst? Mine is 12mm... I meet w/ a surgeon & he recommended I wait 2 months & have another MRI to see if it has grown and then at that time, we would discuss surgery options. The thought of having brain surgery scares the crap out of me, but so does the thought of what could happen if it gets worse...
Avatar f tn Care should be taken when attributing the patient's symptoms to the presence of the cyst. Symptoms that may be caused by arachnoid cysts (depending on their location and size) may include seizures, psychiatric problems,and headaches, but more often than not, they do not cause symptoms at all, and extreme caution should be taken in attributing symptoms such as a seizure to an arachnoid cyst.
Avatar n tn Through further testing (EEGs), it was also discovered that the vertigo-like symptoms were actually mild seizures in the area where the cyst is located. My nuerologist and nuerosurgeon suggested that surgery should wait until it could be determined if the medication could control the seizures and/or the cyst did not change in size. Six months past and I recently had a breakthrough seizure where I lost consciousness.
Avatar f tn They can occur anywhere in the brain or spine. The vast majority do not cause symptoms. Whether or not your arachnoid cyst is causing yours symptoms of one-sided numbness depends on where it is located. Unless it is located in the part of the brain that is responsible for sensation of the left side of the body (which is unlikely, because most arachnoid cysts do not occur in those areas), then it is not the cause of your symptoms.
Avatar f tn However, depending on size and location of the cyst, it may be useful to obtain an EEG to rule out seizure activity. Thank you for this opportunity to answer your questions, I hope you find the information I have provided useful, good luck.
Avatar m tn My son has his first seizure. After the CT scan, they found a cyst in his brain. The doctor in the emergency room told me that he doesn't need to be medicated unless the seizure comes back. We are waiting for MRI and EEG. I don't have more information on the cyst at this point. He practices martial arts. Would you let me know how serious the cyst will be and the causes? Should he continue practice martial arts? What are the do's and don'ts? He is going through puberty.
Avatar n tn Neurologists may be very quick to tell you that you are fine with a pineal cyst and that it is not causing your symptoms. But beware: 1) Doctors in general don't really understand what the pineal gland does; and 2) Some don't seem to understand the difference between symptomatic and asymptomatic pineal glands and tell their patients not to worry about pineal cysts.
Avatar n tn Will flying affect this cyst, I am very concerned and afraid for her to fly? Do you think her symptoms were caused by the cyst? If this cyst ever needed surgery considering it's position in the brain, can that be done?Is it likely that this cyst will grow? Seizure like smyptoms lasted 1 year from age 14 to 15 and have disapeared.Is is possible that the cyst has disapeared? She is flying very soon and I cannot find any information about the dangers of flying, that is my main question.
Avatar n tn Finally Dr Hrayr Shahinian of Skull Base Institute in Los Angeles told me he was 99% sure that the cause of my symptoms was the pineal cyst. He wants to wait and see .. he says he will operate if it grows to be 10 mm. Obviously I can't wait that long. But I respect him and I think once he understands the severity of my symptoms he will operate on me NOW. But anyway, if you have a pineal lesion or any brain problems, I highly recommend Dr. Hrayr Shahinian.
Avatar m tn 1) Doctors in general don't really understand what the pineal gland does; and 2) Some don't seem to understand the difference between symptomatic and asymptomatic pineal glands and tell their patients not to worry about pineal cysts. Some things to keep in mind, according to the medical literature: 1) The most common symptom is headaches, followed by vision problems and dizziness, and in some cases insomnia, nausea and cognitive deficits, particularly if cognitive deficits are involved.
Avatar f tn the concern arises when you detect a change in size on multiple serial MRIs. a large cyst could cause compression of cerebral aqueduct and symptoms and signs of hydrocephalus. Otherwise, it should not be a cause for concern. I would still suggest that you consult your neurologist to give you a trial of different drugs to control a migraine attack if topamax is not effective. CAM treatments or complementary and alternative medicine is also effective for pain management.
Avatar n tn Other neurological symptoms/signs have also been seen with these cysts. Some surgeons will drain the cyst which have provided some improvement in the patient's symptoms. There are special procedure and navigation systems that the surgeons use to minimize any brain damage when they go into the brain. A shunt is a more continuous way to drain the cyst, but this decision should be left up to the surgeons. You could always seek a second opinion regarding this matter.
Avatar n tn However i still feel at a loss of what caused the cyst and what would happen if the cyst grows or bursts? Also, would it relate to my symptoms of faints/headaches?
Avatar n tn The need for treatment depends mostly upon the location and size of the cyst. If the cyst is small, not disturbing surrounding tissue, and not causing symptoms, some doctors will refrain from treatment. Earliar doctors placed shunts in the cyst to drain its fluid.
Avatar n tn Glad that your son is better (no more head tilt or breath-holding). Unfortunately, I'm not quite sure where the cyst is by your report or what kind of cyst it is (very important to know exactly where it is in relation to the brain - in/outside, over the covering?, etc). Many times, when we do an MRI of the brain we see what's called incidental findings. This means there is something in or around the brain that really does not have any clinical significance such as an arachnoid cyst.
Avatar f tn How large is the cyst? Is it classified as a Rathkes Cleft cyst? Has an expert looked at it? It should not be growing and the fact that it is not stable and she is having symptoms mean it should be treated. She needs to be at a pituitary center, have her pituitary and all her hormones evaluated and she may need surgery. Several of us here have had it done including me - it is done through the nose. Get a very experienced surgeon. Don't just go to any surgeon.
Avatar n tn Most doctors do not believe the pineal cyst cause symptoms and the majority of them don't. But the are a some that do. I have lots of information on pineal cyst and know of alot of good wed sites you can look up to get information if you would like any of it just let me know. My doctor says that i need to have my removed and has sent me to several neurologist but the neurrologist where i live don't know much about pineal cyst. I live in a very small town.
Avatar n tn These are anxiety meds like Zoloft. My daughters symptoms went away quickly my son need a pretty high dose because his symptoms were more severe. The tricky part in this is the ADHD because the ADHD meds can make OCD symtoms worse! They are stimulants. Try only the seratonin med first. Sometimes ADHD can be solved with only this. You need a good Neuropsychologist here for the Tourettes/ADHD. They are the brain chemical experts. Not a Neurologist. Insist on an MRI w/ your Neurologist though!