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Avatar n tn I have an odd "mystery" condition that I've had for as long as I can remember and that affects my daily quality of life. The only way I know to describe it is a "compromised consciousness". Think of a time when you are very sleepy and about to go to sleep; you feel a bit displaced from everything and "away" from the world around you. I feel that way all the time. It is not a psychological thing; it is physiological.
Avatar f tn I am 28 years old and I had a seizure for the first time and lost consciousness and stopped breathing. This has never happened to me before and I am terrified. The emergency room Doctor gave me no explination and referred me to a neurologist. I have made the appointment but I was trying to get some information on why this happened to me and what are the chances of it happening again?
Avatar f tn There are many times of seizure, and not all of them involve losing consciousness. Did you bite your tongue or wet yourself (I realise this would be hard to tell since you were in the shower)? If so, this is strongly associated with epilepsy. My advice would be to speak to your doctor, get your blood pressure checked and he or she might arrange an EEG (a trace which monitors the electrical activity of the brain) to see if there are any abnormalities. Hope this helped.
401370 tn?1233328282 If you have very few symptoms of a seizure, but didn't endure the full blown effects (silent seizure perhaps?), can an EMG still detect it? Just wondering, because I have Lupus, and sometimes I will notice SEVERE dizzy spells for like 5 seconds,along with numbness or tingling feeling of my teeth WHILE the dizzy spells are taking place, then a weird jolt down my left arm.. (I had tests performed by my doc and they stated it wasn't heart related). Very strange..
Avatar n tn I was driving along when I started to get light headed, I pulled over in a parking lot and started having a small seizure (an aura without losing consciousness). After it stopped and I felt better, I started home (yes, I know what everyone is thinking, but I've done it many times before. I always wait 'til I feel 100% again, which with me only takes a few minutes. I've had these since I was a month old, so I know how they tick.) Suddenly I just couldn't move.
Avatar f tn My husband experienced a sudden loss of consciousness with no sensation that it was about to occur. Family history of arrythmia exists but, of course, was not detected when testing was done on my husband. I witnessed this episode and can tell you he did NOT faint. He was not dizzy, faint, clammy or otherwise distressed. He was seated and laughing while watching a program. He then took a great inhalation & exhalation of breath before his head dropped to his chest like a stone.
Avatar n tn MD states that it is most definitely seizure activity/disorder. His symptoms are so vague, though, that we often don't know when he is having a seizure, or what to do. We only seem to know for sure that he had a seizure after the fact, because he sleeps 3-7 hours. He will sometimes complain of crushing headache, frequently nauseated, sometimes vomit, sometimes blurry vision (?), but never are the symptoms the same from time to time.
Avatar n tn My headaches are almost daily but don't last very long and my right pupil is larger then the left one when dilated. These symptoms all just started a couple months ago. All of them seem to get much worse when I get hot, including the pupil difference. I was just doing my dishes in the kitchen and it got hot and I suddenly felt like I was going to pass out and everything went really blurry and weird.
Avatar n tn 00 a.m. every night. Are these symptoms that will help me identify that a seizure might be coming on? Yesterday after the night of the last seizure, I felt completely back to normal. I was tired but was no longer disoriented, I was sleeping and my mood was stabilized. I need help understanding all of this. For those who have had seizures, you understand how terrifying it is to have one and to figure out why????? Why did the Lamictal not work??? Thanks and I look forward to your response.
Avatar f tn I am 20 years old. About two years ago I had a seizure in one of my classes at school. It happened again recently. The first time I didnt have anything to eat before hand and it came on suddenly. This past time, I had enough sleep and had eaten breakfast. I was sitting in a chair when I got lightheaded and nauseous. I thought I was going to throw up but quickly realized that I was going to pass out. My dad was there and said I was out for about two minutes and my body was stiff and shaking.
Avatar n tn My thoughts are possibly Simple Partial Seizures leading into a Complex Partial Seizure. However; she still has a lot of symptoms of Psychogenic Seizures and somewhat of a Secondary Generalized Seizure. The biggest factor that throws me off is the duration of these “attacks.” Please, what are your thoughts or opinions on this case? If you have any more questions of detail, please let me know, Thank You.
220917 tn?1309788081 The siezure rate in MS, though, I do not think is higher than the general population. Zilla, I agree that it sounds like a partial seizure. If your consciousness was affected at all (your awareness and memory of the episode) it would be classified as a "partial complex seizure." I certainly think your doctor should hear about it. However, FATIGUE is one of the biggest, if not the biggest (other than missing meds) trigger of seizures. Bad Girl! Bad Girl!
Avatar m tn Since I always feel incredibly asleep after the episodes, even if it happened 30 minutes after I woke up from a 8-hour sleep, it seems to have a connection. I went to a neurologist and he said it was Absence Seizure. But we did an electroencephalogram and nothing came up. Hyperventilation also triggers nothing.
Avatar n tn Because he had a seizure almost an hour after the accident, how likely is he to have a subsequent seizure, and during what time frame would it most likely occur? Thank you for this service.
Avatar n tn I'm thrilled to read your post! I'm looking for a cause for my problem, and while doctors are currently contemplating a possible heart-related cause, a friend (a doctor) recently suggested "focal seizure" or partial seizure. In the typical list of symptoms of partial seizure, the sufferer is said to be unable to speak or has involuntary movements. That is not me. I remain able to take my pulse and take stock of other symptoms, plus describe what's happening, as it's happening.
1745492 tn?1320201940 Psychiatric illness, gastrointestinal conditions or pinched nerves can all cause seizure-like symptoms. Seek professional help. I sincerely hope it helps. Take care and good luck!
Avatar f tn On the ther hand, patients with complex partial seizures will have abnormal consciousness and may or may not remember any or all of the symptoms or events surrounding the seizure.
Avatar f tn Postictal (following seizure) changes can just be part of the effects of the seizure, but these typically last a few hours or at most days. Children with epilepsy can have behavioral changes as a result of their reaction to the diagnosis if they understand it. In addition, patients with epilepsy are at higher risk of developing depression, and in children, this depression may be expressed as behavioral changes and agitation rather than the more typical symptoms of depression.
Avatar m tn It doesn't sound like a generalized seizure, you would have lost consciousness. SVT would not cause a seizure either. There is probably important information in the EKG strips in how your SVT responded to adenosine. That will help determine if this was sinus tachycardia (normal tachycardia) versus some other mechanism of SVT. Adenosine is known to transiently make you feel terrible with chest pains and shortness of breath.
Avatar m tn My question is, when I brought him into the emergency room, he went into some type of seizure. It was just me and the nurse. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and his tongue was hanging off to the side. He did not respond to us at all. He came out of that after a minute. He was in the ER for approximately an hour and 15 minutes. The heart attack continued the entire time and did not resolve itself until he was in the helicopter and almost to the heart hospital (a 15 minute flight).
393986 tn?1303829575 Hello. A seizure is defined as an episode of central nervous system dysfunction. A seizure may or may not be accompanied by convulsions. Your seizures are unusual. Do you lose consciousness when you have the episode? usually convulsions are tonic (only spasms) or tonic - clonic (spasms followed by repeated contractions). An EEG confirms a seizure. Has it been done?
Avatar f tn Well your symptoms look like a partial seizure because there is no loss of consciousness. Epilepsy can occur due to abnormal neuronal discharges from brain following a head injury, some drugs, withdrawal from drugs, hypoglycemia, hyponatremia, a slow growing brain tumor etc . a neurologist needs to examine you at the earliest. Certain tests, blood tests to see electrolyte level, CT, MRI scan need to be done to aid in coming to a conclusion as to what is causing the symptoms.
Avatar f tn Hello, I am 21 years old and I am concerned that drinking while smoking weed gives me seizure-like symptoms. It has happened 3 times. The first time, I had a decent amount to drink and about 3 hits from a bowl. A few minutes later I began to feel like I was going to throw up so I attempted to walk to the bathroom, I lost control of my body and fell to the ground. I came-to slowly, first it was blurry without sound and then I could see that all of my friends were surrounding me.
Avatar f tn None of my doctors know what is going on or why they are happening. All the tests are negative, yet the symptoms are very real. The only time I do not have symptoms is while I am asleep or if I am intently concentrating on a task. So none of this makes any sense. The doctors say they do not even think it is dystonia, nothing totally fits. I am completely concious during an attack and aware of my surroundings, I am just unable to control my body.
Avatar n tn did she try Ibuprofen to relieve the pain and what was the outcome? did she have any other symptoms whatsoever? nasal drip, watery stool, cough, bladder symptoms?
441761 tn?1204829868 For the last year and a half I have been experiencing seizure-like episodes. I have seen a neurologist about these and he has ruled out Epilepsy and several other things through tests including a CAT, EEG, EKG, MRI of the head, neck, and lumbar vertebrae, an EchoCardiogram, a Spinal Tap, Urine Analysis, Blood Work, and an Orbital Scan. All of those tests have returned normal.
Avatar n tn Lack of glucose energy to the brain can cause symptoms ranging from headache, mild confusion, and abnormal behavior, to loss of consciousness, seizure, and coma. Severe hypoglycemia can cause death. Symptoms of hypoglycemia occur at different levels of blood glucose in different patients. In most healthy individuals, symptoms of hypoglycemia may not occur until the glucose level drops below 45 mg/dl.
Avatar f tn It has been two days since his last seizure but he still hasn't fully recovered, he doesn't know his commands, the people in the house ( including me ), or the other dogs and cats in the house. I want to know if he will even recover from this or if there is something I can do to help. He keeps pacing and whining, even in the middle of the night. Should I bring him in again? Could there be something more serious going on?