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Avatar f tn Monday I had a couple of Grand Mal seizures, they were not the first in my lifetime, but there haven't been many. Since the seizures on Monday (today is Thur.) my legs are VERY weak. Could the seizure been the beginning of a relapse? The seizures happened after a horrible bout with cluster headaches. CTs were done there are no masses or anything else of concern.
Avatar f tn At 32, gave birth to healthy girl full term. No prior BP problems. Discharged after c-section; 6 days after birth had three seizures. Admitted to ER.. did spinal tap.. found trace of blood.. airlifted to larger hospital admitted to NICU. While observed, found "spikes" - seizure activity not observed from looking at me. Was blind in left eye. Neuros medically induced to stop seizure activity. Meds reduced after 8 days.. discharged after 11 days on Dilantin. All MRIs clean.
Avatar m tn he did have a seizure a few years ago after taking too many and being hung over with empty stomach. he recently saw a doc who gave him suboxone. He stopped the tramadol cold turkey the night before last, and took small amt of suboxone as withdrawal started - today has taken the "recommended dose" but it does not seem to be helping with the withdrawal. I put the "recommended dose" in quotes because i understand it differs depending on what works.
1381925 tn?1280792141 Hers ocurred intermittently and they suspected it to be a type of seizure. Most types of seizures can be well controlled with meds. Your fracture could have ocurred at any point I would suppose, such as when you were even younger and it does make one wonder if your sudden crying spells and other symptoms are rooted in that injury - certainly sounds like a strong possibility. I wish you the best with it hon and will say a prayer for you.
Avatar f tn the reason we sought medical treatment from our family doc who did this mri was that my husband was having seizure like symptoms occuring once per week for the past 4 months. He ordered an mri. we just got results thursday or doc has now referred ust to neurologist. could you explain sentence in quotes and give your feedback on overall report. Mri brain without contrast: HIstory of Dizziness. Blurred Vision. and nubness and tinglingling in hands and arms.
Avatar f tn And from online now, I wonder if it had been some seizure? Makes me wonder if this all began back then, hum. A year or so ago i was sitting outside, springtime maybe 70* in the sun for 15-20 minutes. I wass completely hydrated, and did not feel hot. It was that wham bam ,hit me up the side the head all the sudden flood gates and sweating profusely, I never had that before. Almost pass out on the way inside, got my cuff aand had a good O.H.
388544 tn?1231986094 I was diagnosed with MS eight years ago, and since then have had approximately six "seizure-like episodes". My neurologist originally thought they might have been absence seizures, but the last two consisted of a lot of jerking. After the last episode, I was unable to speak normally. I spoke very s l o w l y for about three weeks and then I got better. I had an MRI which showed no new lesions - but not an EEG. Has anyone had seizures associated with MS?
Avatar f tn When I was 17 I developed a seizure disorder out of the blue. I was in the hospital for what appeared to be an asthma attack when the seizure hit (hence witnessed by lots of medical personnel as I was rushed to trauma because I stopped breathing). couple months go by and bam, another one and a referral to my first of a long stream of largely incompetent Nueros.
335728 tn?1331418012 I was on 1600mg of Neurotin/day and 1200mg of Tegretol/day with 1 extra strength Tylenol three times/day and 1 Advil 3 times/day. The advisable level of the anti-seizure meds should be between 25 and level which was obtained through a blood test was 51. I have been on 1200mg/day Neurontin and 900mg/day Tegretol for one week. My speech has improved in that I am no longer speaking as though I am half asleep and the stuttering and slurring has improved. My balance has improved...
Avatar f tn Sadly, it's true, so you're in good company. I just searched on google for 'LLMD pittsburgh pa' [but without the 'quotes'] and got a whole bunch of leads, so I'd suggest trying that. The first lead was this one: chronic lyme disease [dot] com / llmd - referrals You'll have to take all the spaces out of that string and replace [dot] with a period, then you can search for it.
711224 tn?1344775287 I bought the book. Flipping through the book is a great comfort, totallost. Looks like good exercises, great quotes. I'm excited to read it. Thank you. Even owning it feels like a giant leap forward.
803451 tn?1390087022 I was not misdiagnosed with a psychiatric disorder but a neurological one that had strong psychiatric overlays. They said I had a seizure disorder and put me on those heavy duty seizure meds. And when symptoms persisted they just upped the dosage. Crazy time! The meds made me very depressed! I also gained an enomous amount of weight on these meds. MS has mood issues associated with it but they come and go as much as the other symptoms.
163305 tn?1333672171 Well I can show you some quotes, but from my personal friends no I can't. So while the statement is factual it can not be proved, but many things in theis universe are like that. You want to lump me in with 2 people on radio/tv and basically call me simple minded. You have no clue on my background, but as I said above you think your better then I. You are a perfect example of what I have written about. You pass judgement without knowing one single thing about me.
Avatar n tn I like your quotes today, Suzanne! ;-) Everyone: Keep that angel on your shoulder~!
Avatar f tn Slurred speech? Seizure disorder? hyperreflexia? Really horrible pain in the stomach if you hadn't eaten in a while??? Excruciating hunger pains? Don't know exactly how to explain it, I have been doubled over in pain if I do not eat when I am hungry. Spastic muscles, twitching thumb and other areas on my body along with buzzing feeling. This is all so crazy to me. I need to get some info. on Igenex?
Avatar f tn I apologize if I'm in an inappropriate forum for this. I'm not an addict but I'm married to one. I'm not sure how to begin so I'll just free associate a little. I'm male 44, married, with a 5 year old daughter. My wife has a legitimate and inoperable nerve pinch in her groin that cause her severe pain all down her left leg. I've spoken with her Dr (he's mine also) and am convinced that it's a very real and serious pain. Her left leg is actually smaller than her right.
382218 tn?1341185087 I am only going by my past experiences but when I was diagnosed as having seizures I was told to not drive until I was seizure free for 6 months and on my honor I didn't drive for that period of time. The doctor told me that here in Canada once you tell them that you have a disability as such that it is a royal pain to obtain your license from then on so they said they only let the DMV know if they are certain that the patient will try to drive despite the warnings.
Avatar f tn influenced by Judeo-Christian beliefs. You've tried it; many swear by it, but you don't sound like a candidate. The seizure window is, at maximum, 36 hours, so, generally, Valium is used for about a week on a tapering schedule. It is a tenacious addiction -- afraid to go out, lest you pass a bar (hard not to do), and individual counselling doesn't occupy that much time.
Avatar n tn They are especially effective anti-anxiety, muscle relaxant and tranquilizer drugs. Klonopin is also used as an anti-seizure drug. Among these drugs, Klonopin is longer acting. Like Valium and the others, it is fairly addictive. Like Valium and the others, it is tricky to go off of after using it for a long time. Klonopin and Vicoprofen makes for a potent combination. If you're taking them for migraines and disk pain, they should provide considerable relief.
7622073 tn?1409088858 Great story Lynne ... one of my own favourite quotes is "Death is more universal than life; everyone dies, but not everyone lives." I like this partly because, yes, death is a certainty eventually for us all, humans and pets alike, but our dogs live each day like it's their last for the entirety of their lives - which means we have so much to learn from them. Our dogs are wonderous, empathic, loyal and loving. I often awaken in the morning, look at my muts and say ...
Avatar m tn Hi Isabelle, Thanks for letting us know how things are going for you and your mom. I am glad you have her in an Adult Activity three times a week. Alzheimer's Disease (AD) and other Dementia Conditions have a lot of similarities as well as differences. The experts in this area provide the best, most accurate answers. Actually " Dementia” is a term that has replaced a more out-of-date word, “senility,” to refer to cognitive changes with advanced age.
Avatar n tn But the pharmacist showed me the Effexor text and apparently, I was showing the warning signs of a possible seizure, which can and does occur with a percentage of Effexor withdrawal cases. Hence, my doctor's warnings to NEVER discontinue without her supervision and a tapering plan. So the pharmacist contacted an on-call physician and I got an emergency refill. Within a few hours, all symptoms dissipated. Okay, much longer post than I intended, as I need to get back to work.
Avatar n tn It is true that opiate withdraw rarely includes seizing, UNLESS, you already have a low seizure threshhold. So, if you have a seizure disorder and you are detoxing at home from opiates it is a good idea to have some anti seizure medication around. Take it as soon as you start to feel 'strange'.
Avatar f tn I had past c/t's very similar to what you, Todd and others are going thru and posting here, but those 6 words in quotes (above) from all the posts are what has gotten me thru to Day 7, you know? The days "only get better each day" .... prophetic words to live by! Congrats on your staying strong (you could kick my a**!) and your Day 6 ....