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Avatar n tn 1. Does having a seizure leave you more susseptible to another one for life? 2. Can taking a year off restore your cells and brain waves sufficiently to enjoy an occasional glass of wine or beer? 3. Does anyone have experience with this or know of anyone. I'll quit outright if another drink will kill me, but I have an $8000.00 wine collection I'd sure like to sample and experiment with food pairings.
Avatar n tn Was rushed to ER, bp increased to 190/140-CT/blood/urine indicated no seizure activity. BP med admin 2x, bp dropped, was released-told to see neouro and PCP. Saw pcp-bp ok asymptomatic-told to see neuro,eeg scheduled. 2 weeks later-this fri..sudden headache/nausea/pain..started with facial spasms,left side. BP140/80..steadily increased over 4 hr period to190/130..
Avatar n tn Hi PATTI A. Interestingly enough, I had a couple cases, like yours in the past. One got resolved easily, as the person had a neural conditioning of sorts to cell phone vibrations, so a couple sessions of Hypnotherapy(I'm a board certified Hypnotherapist) and eliminating the vibe mode on the cell phone took care of it.
Avatar n tn So I went to the Neurologist, and have gone through several tests (one more to go - the NCV on my lower extremities tomorrow morning). I filled out questionnaire after questionnaire, and am still unsure of why my Dr. is telling me what he is telling me. He is saying I have epilepsy. Put me on Trileptal, 150 mg 2 times a day for the first week 300 mg (600 mg pill cut in half) 2 times a day for the second week and 600 mg 2 times a day from then on out.
Avatar f tn If they do not (the rule out stroke with a questionnaire, then you can just call your doctor. I could be a simple absence seizure. You should not drive yourself if the doctor wants to see you. Ask the doctor, she may want to to start the Tegretol since it is an anti-seizure medication.
109864 tn?1285961339 Instead, the MRI showed a 3-D Image of the brain, plus when they made me have a seizure, they could reverse it and find out exactly where it all started. On Oct 9th 2003, I had Brain Surgery done again, and this time, I've been seizure free ever since! My neurologist wanted to start reducing my meds (Tegretol, Lamictal, Phenobarbitol) as if he wanted to try and make them come back! My NeuroSurgeon said "If it works, why fix it?", so I'm still on pills, like an emergency blanket.
Avatar n tn I was dismissed and followed up with my PCP. He wondered about anxiety, but I tested negative for it on his questionnaire. I have literally had numbness in my face everyday since. The tingling in the extremities comes and goes. Can be right hand, left hand, either foot or all 4. At my physical last week, my thyroid numbers were still low, so he changed my meds and increased me to 175 mcg.
Avatar f tn This can lasts for weeks. I was diagnosed with epilepsy but they have not been able to record a seizure since 2013. I'm constantly having new issues come up. I was loosing control of my bladder & I'm 37. My doctor's answer was to teach me to cath myself which I refused. I now have the worst pain of my life. I have been hurting for months but now my left abdomen hurts. Along with my left lower back. The pain is so bad I have actually blacked out.
534785 tn?1329595808 The visit with the UPenn neurologist was a waste of time. He didn't even take a patient history, just had me fill out a "headache" questionnaire that he glanced at upon walking in the room and saying hi. He already read the other other neurologist's diagnosis that I have migraines, and told me that this seemed to be the case--all within the first minute of meeting him!
Avatar f tn I had to fill out a huge questionnaire and he questioned me more, and did some basic neurological tests. One of them was walking in a straight line toe to toe with my eyes closed like they do for a sobriety test. I couldn't do it, but neither can my husband and he told me that is normal for my age, almost 62. He told me that given all my other problems -- I had listed possible EDS with hypermobility in joints, inflammation and autoimmune issues -- he would not operate on me.
2143567 tn?1342542631 So naturally I closed my eyes and reopened them, the second time the towels were moving like, pointing at me I then proceeded to start shaking. Not sure if it was a seizure, shock, paranoia or what but I couldn't move. So I closed my eyes and kept shaking for a few more seconds before it stopped. after that I opened my eyes yet again and the towels were moving again head moving, pointing and it like made this evil face at me and its like it was dancing.
974371 tn?1424656729 Adrenal Questionnaire Read each question carefully, and record the number next to a question if it applies to you. When you finish, add up the numbers you have recorded. Do you experience fatigue? 3 Do you have allergies? 3 Do you have asthma? 3 Do you have recurrent infections? 3 Are you under severe emotional stress? 3 Do you suffer from chronic pain or physical stress? 3 Do you have low blood pressure?
Avatar f tn I was checking out the new neuro group's webpage and saw the patient questionnaire. One of the questions was "Have you ever been a victim of violence or abuse?" I am sorry to say that YES, this has happened to me. My first marriage broke up due to abuse and alcohol. Forward to today: no other neurologist has ever asked this question. I think it is an important one. Is it possible to have symptoms of brain problems due to being hit in the head?
Avatar m tn I have never felt lower in my life - I spent over $100 on one bottle, money I can't afford to spend, but I don't want a seizure. And that's just fioricet, not anything with codeine. Can anyone help me - is cutting down by a pill a week a slow enough taper? Has anyone else used one of these supposed US based pharmacies? I am scared to even take the medication, and am afraid I will have the police on my doorstep (I think these operate under someone of a gray area, but I am afraid nonethless).
1025903 tn?1251916657 All women (n=866) with a Pfannenstiel incision for cesarean delivery or abdominal hysterectomy performed between January 2003 and December 2004 received a questionnaire evaluating pain located in the Pfannenstiel region. A multivariate logistic regression analysis was done to determine predictors for chronic pain development. Patients with moderate or severe pain were interviewed and underwent a physical examination. RESULTS: The response rate was 80% (690 of 866 patients).
974371 tn?1424656729 Candida (saliva test), gastric acid levels(baking soda burp test, Betaine HCL challenge), Hypothyroid ( Dr Barnes basal temperature test), Adrenal fatigue (adrenal fatigue questionnaire and others), food allergies/intolerance/sensitivity (Dr. Coca's Pulse Test-free download. Should you need any details let me know. Note that this is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. Best wishes.
Avatar f tn It was the scariest moment of my life. Since he was diagnosed with a seizure disorder, and then they recanted by saying that he is always sick when they happen so they must be febrile. IDK. I do know that since the first one I have always felt like they were missing something neurological. Here is my concerns about a spectrum diagnois. He talked early, his motor skills have always been okay (although he did walk on his tip-toes for a while...
1238753 tn?1271179783 The meds used for treating TN are the atypical anti-seizure meds that are used for treating neuropathic pain. This makes sense because TN is a type of nerve or neuropathic pain. The firstline drug is still listed as carbamazepine (brand Tegretol), but I am always surprised at how few neuros choose it to begin with. Other meds used are gabapentin (Neurontin), pegabalin (Lyrica), and such. Tegretol tends to have fewer problems.
969132 tn?1249327851seizure (convulsions); ■tremors, shivering, muscle stiffness or twitching; ■problems with balance or coordination; or ■agitation, confusion, sweating, fast heartbeat.
Avatar f tn The EEG I had many yrs ago b4 my Chiari DX, was to see if there was a seizure disorder....many with Chiari do suffer seizures..,.some develop epilepsy so it is a benefit to see what is going on.... Each of us has diff symptoms so the list of testing may differ a little..... Remember to look at family history as well....
544302 tn?1217520684 Dtw vaccine _ had a slight seizure after first vaccine and cried non stop for hours after. Doctor was called and said it was a reaction to the vaccine, to call him back if things became worse. At 9 months old Callum fell down some stone cellor steps and fractured his skull. Hair cut - when callum was about 11 months he had his hair cut for the first time and was terrified, to the point that for some reason his face became blisterd where the hairdresser had sprayed water on him.
Avatar n tn Although it had lots of side effects, the worst being a lot of weight gain and having to sleep for about 12 hours a day. I don't really get typical aura. Its more like a temporal lobe seizure - in description (although Epilepsy has been discounted) with 'derealization' being my most constant symptom. Further more - since January I have been on a gluten, wheat and dairy free diet. Just this weekend I am now completely off my medication, healthy and happy - after 12 year of living in hell.
Avatar f tn I can answer any questionnaire to suite my purpose. I can even lie to myself. Can any other addicts relate? Probably not, right. lol Love yourself man Hell, I'll give you my name, phone number and address if you want. If anyone is mad at me because you wish I wouldn't have told people that care about you the truth, I don't blame you, you might have to stop. lol Go ask the mirror. That is your true answer. "To Thine Own Self Be True". I wish my lol were truly funny.
Avatar f tn he looked at me and said are u going to have a seizure? to which I replied no this is mild compaired to whaat it normaly is. you need to have a EEg done of your nerve... here take these 3 times a day....REALLY im not nuts now or have i ever been... Im sick i felt like yelling at him...instead I smiled and thanks ill add it to the others.. I can not get treated and it be paid (threw my ex husbands medical) for in the USA unless a Dr.
Avatar f tn My low back is improved but still have leg pain and I can pinpoint the pain from my low back to my hip and thigh. He is doing an eeg thinks I had a seizure when I fainted. Had no answer about arm numbess and was asking questions towards migraines. I have headaches but idk if migraines . I still think I should go to mayo since I heard they do a thorough work up. June 4. So I am scrambling to find flight out of grand rapids mi to mn.
Avatar n tn I actually made up a multiple guess questionnaire when I was looking and faxed it to the possible endos in the area. Because it was multiple choice, it didn't take much of their time to fill out. Good luck in your search.
Avatar n tn Then, at 45, I had to move in with my parents, after being unemployed for over a year, where credit-card debt increased from paying my rent on credit and from paying for $100 of Tramadol every month with a credit card [from online pharmacies, where no Rx is needed--I didn't have a doctor then, anyway, out of health insurance, so my questionnaire that I answered at these pharmacies about my doctor knowing I need this Rx was at least answered partially true.