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Avatar f tn She will be sitting and playing and just sort of phases out..stares, mouth is always open, no blinking. I call her name, snap, clap my hands...and she sort of tunes back in. Suddenly all smiles again and cooing and babbling away. This happens several times a day and lasts about a minute. I know that does not sound long but it feels like forever when she is doing it. Can this be some type of seizure?
Avatar m tn im going thru my opiate WD (lorcet) i last night i felt like i was gonna have a seizure. is this possible?
Avatar n tn Yes, often times seizure medication will prevent generalization (grand mal) evolution of a seizure without being able to halt the initial phases of the seizure (aura or reduction of mental awareness). I would talk to his physician as there are many new medications on the market that may prevent the "trance" states. I hope things are corrected for your husband.
Avatar f tn Is it possible that an epileptic seizure can be mistaken for ADHD? The question concerns a boy who shows seizure like ADHD symptoms which last a certain time and then completely resume. In good phases he can sit down and read a book for 30 minutes or work on school work, is nice to talk to, has behavior control.
Avatar f tn Primary Generalized Seizure, Absence Seizure, Atypical Absence Seizure, Myoclonic Seizure, Atonic Seizure, Tonic Seizure, Clonic Seizure, Tonic-Clonic Seizure, Partial Seizure, Simple-Partial Seizure, Complex-Partial Seizure, Secondary Generalized Seizure, Psychogenic Seizure, and Hypoxic Seizure.
Avatar n tn threshhold. An abnormal EEG targeted the seizure disorder. : Evaluation for depression targeted the others. The ultra-rapid : cycling was established by a reaction to anti-drepessants. : The conditions are somewhat refractory. I take tegretol, neurontin, : seroquel as well as a panel of certain herbs (under doctor's direction). : The control is not strong.
Avatar n tn temporal lobe seizure disorder posted by Sethanne on October 24, 1998 at 18:13:29: First, thank you for this page. I found it while searching for any information on temporal lobe disorders I could find. I have diabetes, am 55 yrs old, and have been told I now have temporal lobe seizure disorder, PTSD, and ultra-rapid cycling. These form a general cluster of symptoms consistant with a lowered seizure threshhold. An abnormal EEG targeted the seizure disorder.
Avatar f tn Also, had a histerectomy 5 years ago. One month ago I had a seizure, my EEG isnĀ“t normal and Dr. recomended Oxetol but I feel slow and some pression in my head. Was this seizure caused by menopause or, are they back again? EEG says "frecuent paroxisms on theta waves and acute waves in inversion phases in temporary regions asinchronically with tendency to secondary generalization". I'm a bit worried and this is affecting my PHd. thesis.
Avatar n tn Re: Stroke and related residual effects, seizure disorder [ Follow Ups ] [ Post Followup ] [ The Neurology Forum ] [ FAQ ] Posted by CCF Neuro MD on July 19, 1997 at 23:01:02: In Reply to: Stroke and related residual effects, seizure disorder posted by Deborah Parsons on July 09, 1997 at 14:55:15: I am interested in information about post stroke seizure disorder treatment and control, as well as definitions and descriptions of diagnostic techniques.
Avatar n tn I had been living under extreme conditions for the past few years and wonder if that contributed to the seizure. There have been no ill effects since the seizure and my doctor is amazed at the level I'm functioning. I am currently on Klonopin and will have another eeg in January. If the eeg is normal, I wish to discontinue with the drug since it is addicting but want to establish more productive ways to manage my PTSD.
Avatar m tn Facial twitching and tics are often seen during the early phases of a full seizure and can be an indicator of an impending seizure episode. Facial mal seizures can happen for a variety of reasons, but occur in two basic forms. Facial twitching and tics that involve just the face and do not lead to any other seizure behavior are known as partial seizures. They affect only a very isolated region of the face, often just the muzzle, jaw or ear area.
Avatar m tn This is very concerning as my brother has a seizure disorder and I am afraid that this is some form of seizure that I am having. I do take medications for manic depression but have only been on Viibryd when this all started. I told my Dr about it and he just said that I was not getting enough sleep and has put me on low dose lamictal and amitryptaline.
Avatar m tn I have been taking Tegretol for about 10 years to control a partial complex seizure disorder. In the ten years I have been on the Tegretol I have not had a seizure...until six weeks ago. There have always been periodic increases in my dose to keep the level effective. But, in the past month I have more than doubled what I am taking. I am miserable. I am angry, I am hot constantly, dehydrated, I have no appetite and do not desire food, and I feel like my head is moving faster than my body.
Avatar f tn We have him on Keppra and B6. I am happy to say that he is 130 days seizure free. However, I miss my baby...... Before this nightmare began he was a happy, loving, and talking little boy. I now have a rowdy, non-verbal, mean, and hurtful little boy. I am unable to get affection from him, or give it to him without being kicked or screamed at. I miss holding him and rocking him. I need someone to talk to that can tell me it will all get better.
Avatar n tn epilepsy is also a consideration and you are seeing small seizures and the various phases of a seizure. Time to see the doc.
Avatar f tn It could be an allergic reaction if repeated episodes have occurred with exposure to smoking. We can develop allergies at different phases of our life. We can develop an allergy to substances which we were not allergic to before. This can be dose dependent also, that is increasing doses can lead to an allergic reaction. It could also be seizure activity, only an EEG (electroencephalogram) can help confirm this. This is done under the guidance of a neurologist.
Avatar m tn of Cymbalta which puts my depression at bay. However I have slight manic phases where I get really, really creative, brave, hopeful and very optomistic. I start my filmmaking projects and start to get things going. I feel great about myself and know that I'll find a girlfriend sometime. My mind won't stop. Writing, getting things done, full of energy, sleeping good, knowing that the future looks bright. And then I'll hit a roadblock of some kind.
Avatar f tn Wouldnt that mean that theres some sort of connection there seeing as people usually experience anxiety when they have a seizure. Could it be that people who have anxiety disorder have some sort of epileptic disorder maybe even just having small seizures that they dont even realize they are having?
Avatar f tn My daughter is 10 years old. She was born with Congenital Heart Disease and underwent several surgeries her first year of life. By age 4 her tantrums were monumental. We pulled her out of preschool (she would cry the ENTIRE time) and started seeing a child psychologist. By kindergarten she had such sever separation anxiety that we would have to drop her off at the principals office, and the school would have an aid stay with her until she calmed down. This went on almost the entire year.
Avatar f tn I have complex and simple partial seizures. I have some sort of seizure every other day. Fortunately I am able to work from home. Last spring I had invasive monitoring at Mass General. The plan was to monitor for 5 to 14 days, locate the focal area, do some mapping, and hopefully resect the area where the seizures originate. On a Tuesday grids with over 100 electrodes were placed on the left side of my head along with 2 depth electrodes.
Avatar n tn However, if the other symptoms are new, you may want to schedule another appointment to see if these are a new seizure type. I would also investigate the possibility of getting epilepsy surgery. The outcome from this type of surgery, if you meet all the requirments and the possible deficits don't outweigh the surgery, are excellent. You might be able to become seizure-free. I hope I have helped alttle.
Avatar n tn nothing during awake,hyperventilation or photic phases, but "drowsiness is characterized by the synchronization of the post. bkgrd activity. As the pt. becomes drowsier and loses his alpha rhythm a L.occ.focus is easily idetnified with the presence of theta range activity w. phase reversal at 01.As the drowsy period continues, generalized paroxysm of hi amp. 1.5-3Hz activity is observed.This generalized discharge is proceeded by a short period of activity.
494976 tn?1302714301 The nurse said I had been having jerking arm movements and she thought it may have been a seizure. It wiped me out, I was so tired for the rest of the day. Needless to say I didn't care for the LP after this. The last attempt at my LP I passed out during and bolted up during not knowing where I was. In the past I have fainted fairly frequently and several times been Incontinent. I have heard of links with MS and seizure though I am inclined to think I just fainted myself.
Avatar m tn In one dream I thought I was going to OD and I allowed an ambulance to be called as I was sure I was going to have a seizure. I should note that I don't take drugs; I wasn't drinking; and I haven't smoked pot in over 10 years - except - I did smoke once after having the dreams a couple times & strangely enough, I reacted in real life like I had in the dreams - tunnel vision, fighting not to pass out - this was on a couple puffs of home grown!
Avatar f tn yes - lamectal, keppra, prozac, adderall
1529501 tn?1292008871 I've heard many stories of babies having seizures and then "growing out of them" and not having any more when they get older. There is nothing the hospital can do for your child by keeping him there. Only a general practitioner can really help. Believe me, I've dealt with this for a while now. I would suggest setting up a doctor's appointment as soon as possible, and in the meantime doing whatever research you can on the matter. I hope this helps.
Avatar n tn Lyme disease is a tick-borne illness caused by a spirochete called Borrelia. Lyme has multiple clinical manifestations and different phases. An early localized phase characterized by the skin lesions. An early disseminated phase with some more constitutional symptoms, and sometimes neurologic or cardiac manifestations. A late phase in which patients complain of arthritis and sometimes neurologic manifestations like neuropathy or encephalopathy.
Avatar f tn I was wondering about a seizure when I first read this, too. My husband has had a seizure disorder and there is a period directly following a seizure called the "postictal phase" that can last from seconds to days. I incorrectly call it "auto-pilot". He seems pretty normal, in fact to a stranger he seems perfectly normal. He can carry on conversations about specific events or weather conditions, but he will have NO MEMORY of it at all once he is out of that phase.
Avatar n tn your kid might have epilepsy. All those strange things she's doing .. that could be a seizure. Many people only know about the generalized seizures (entire brain misfiring briefly) where a person will fall down and shake or simply become unaware of their surroundings and stare off into space. Truth is that partial seizures (a section of the brain misfiring briefly) are more common. People just don't recognize them since they're not the drama or obviousness of the generalized seizures.
Avatar f tn If she is punished nothing phases her i.e. no t.v., no phone, no internet etc. 18). On two ocaisions in 2014, she just completely and voluntarily stopped taking her seizure medication "because she didn't want to take it anymore" causing her to have a seizure both times. 19). Watches an enormous amount of pornography....thus why the internet was taken away. She sees nothing wrong with this. she refuses to go see a doctor.....WILL FREAK OUT IF YOU MENTION IT.