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851294 tn?1239019316 my dog had a seizure yesterday. is it ok to give him ativan? my vet is closed till am.
Avatar f tn Generally vets take a blood and urine panel and analyze it to rule out metabolic canine disorders that may be the cause of the seizures such as kidney problems or diabetes for example. When dogs seizure at intervals of less than 30 days, vets usually begin them on an anti-epileptic medication like phenobarbital. Review your dogs diet. Blue Buffalo dog food and many pet foods others have been recalled for various reasons.
Avatar n tn This is documented in humans but not yet in dogs, but I believe it can occur in dogs also. That may or may not be the cause of seizures in your dog. Seizures in dogs can occur secondary to trauma, metabolic disease, lesions or tumors in the brain, from a variety of infectious causes, toxins, and, ideopathic causes. Ideopathic means of unknown cause.
Avatar n tn Not all Ticks carry them, but if they do, there is a real battle on. Not all dogs are strong enough to come through either the disease, or the long treatment. The vet tried. You tried. Some people wouldn't have given that much, but you did. It is so sad, and I'm so sorry for what you are going through right now. Prayers and hugs from me.
Avatar m tn It does still fit the description of a seizure. Not all seizures involve paddling, slobbering and loss of bladder control. Those are basically what are considered to be grand mal seizures. Petite mal seizures can be anything from a twitching of the head to a state of catatonia for a brief time, which sounds more or less like what your girl had. Please let us know what the vet says when you do get to take her in. Good luck to you!
Avatar m tn my parents had been to the vet and when I got home I sat with him while he suffered 4 more seizures I decided that I could not see him suffer and we went to vet and tio got the jag to sleep as u can imagine has been upsetting. my question is I found out when he took the first seizure When I was home with himhe struggled to do a poo outside and it looked strange.
Avatar n tn Like people, dogs do not swallow their tongues and suffocate during a seizure - that is nothing more than an old wives' tale. The only thing you'll get for your efforts is a badly bitten hand and possibly harm your dog in the process.
Avatar m tn Phenobarbital works wonders in most cases for keeping the seizures at bay, and from your description of her last couple of seizures, you need to act quickly and get her to a vet so that he or she can get her started on anti-seizure medication because the more seizures she has and the longer the duration and the longer it takes for her to recover from the seizure, the more damage she is doing to her brain and her body.
Avatar f tn I wish I could afford some of the foods you suggested, but I have three large dogs and with two ill dogs and tons of vet bills, it's just hard to do everything for them. I did locate how many calories were in the food I was giving my dog, it had 489 per cup, that was up from the last food I gave him that was 295 per cup. I am now combining these tow foods so he can adjust slowly to losing weight. He seems to be very hungry so I don't know which he needs more of the thyroid of the phenobarb.
Avatar f tn My old school vet told me the emergency vet jumped the gun and started her on way too high a dose. So we have weaned the dose down and now have stopped altogether. How long til it is out of her system? My vet says at her age we should wait and see if another seizure occurs. In his opinion if it only happens every six months then theres no need for her to be medicated 365 days a year. I miss her.
Avatar f tn Dogs react to grand mal seizures just like people, and have no awareness of what is happening while it's going on. The protocol for dogs is pretty much the same as for people: make sure the dog can't fling himself into something that will cause physical injury, and wait it out. Usually they'll be really tired for some time after a seizure, and depending on frequency, additional meds need to be given once they're aware enough to swallow them properly.
Avatar n tn It does sound like a seizure, and contrary to how awful it looks, seizures are not painful. It's also not uncommon for older dogs to develop seizure activity. Call your vet and have him make a note of the episode in your dogs's chart. Make sure you tell him the time of day the seizure happened as well. It may be a one-time occurrence - or not. If the seizures become more commonplace, phenobarbitol is one medication that most vets start with to control them.
Avatar m tn Also, I wanted to know if anyone has tried Keppra for seizure activity in dogs and if so, how did that work? Our 6 year old French Mastiff had a seizure on Thursday night - first one ever. He walked across our bedroom floor, stood in front of our open door and acted like he saw someone in the hallway. I sat up and said "Archie, there is no-one there. Go back to bed." Then he looked like he was rubbing his shoulder on the clothes hamper and I thought it looked really weird.
Avatar f tn The kind of seizure medication depends on your dogs response to the medication. The most routine medications for seizures are Phenobarbitol and Potassium Bromide, with valium being used in the acute phase. Many human seizure medications (such as Dilantin) can cause liver toxicity in dogs and should be avoided. There are also valuable holistic medications for seizures, but again it depends on the dogs response.
Avatar m tn Grand mal seizure is the most common kind of seizure in dogs. This could cause your dog to lose consciousness and convulse. Here are the most common of seizure in dogs: Eating poison Liver disease Low or high blood sugar Kidney disease Electrolyte problems Anemia Head injury Encephalitis Strokes Brain cancer These are what you should do when your dog is having seizure. * Try to stay calm. Distance your dog from anything that could hurt him, do it gently.
Avatar f tn All has been well until tonight(10-13-08). I was reading on the net that dogs do not have epilepsy, it is strictly a human condition. I want to believe my vet but.... Will you please explain to me what causes seizures in dogs and what I can di to prevent it?
Avatar m tn After those seizures, which lasted all of five minutes, he would snap right back to normal. But after his last seizure, which occurred on Saturday.....different story. That morning, he woke up very lethargic acting, and slept all throughout the day, not eating anything or wanting to drink anything. Then in the early evening, he had a major seizure. This time, he had three of them in a row, and afterward, was back to lethargic.
Avatar n tn Our 15 year old Sheltie had his first seizure month ago after being healthy all his life. The vet put him on phenobarbital 64.8 - 1/2 tablet in the morning & evening. He weighs 15 pounds. He was so lethargic he just laid there. He drank like crazy & ate well. He did go potty but we had to hold him up. He tried to walk but it was very wobbly. After about a week we took him off it thinking the meds were doing this. He got better daily until he was about 80% back to normal.
Avatar f tn The past 2 nights around the same time, like 1 am or so he has had what I believe is a seizure... He gets stiff and shakes furiously and has a look of Panic in his eyes. He also looses control of all boul movements and slobes profusily. Like I said this has only happened the past 2 nights and Ive had him over a couple years now and never seen him do anything like this.
1524673 tn?1327845100 Help! Beautiful, Smart, Blue Tic Hound that is suffering from seizers. He is on Phenobarbotal, it doesn't work all the time. He had 4 grand Mall's two days ago and his behavior is now very weird. Could he have suffered brain damage? He is 7 years old and this is his only health problem. Ruled out all others with blood tests. So scared we will have to put him down now, is there any help for him?
Avatar m tn My dog Otis has been on phenobarbital for 7yrs now. He has always been thirsty but has no other side effects. He recently had his liver levels checked and now after 7 yrs are showing liver damage. The vet wants me to ween him off of the phenobarbital. I was wondering what kinds of herbal remedy can you give your dog? And does it keep your dog from having seizures? All I know is Otis only has a seizure now if he manages to spit out a pill.
Avatar f tn I would just wait a bit and not do it immediately after a seizure, because the seizure could just be a stand-alone thing and why put him on double the meds if it's not necessary?
251222 tn?1270939717 but because I am on anti-seizure meds for pain they don't believe I could have a seizure...maybe my drugs are being played around with too much and it's causing this activity in my brain...who knows??? The dog seems to know something is going on and I think I will listen to her!!
Avatar f tn He still had some seizures from sensory overload so I put him on the Phenobarbital as well. He so far has not had a seizure while on it. At first I did not want him on that medication because he seemed like a different dog, but after three week on it, he acts like his old self. I did not read all the post on here, but I will say that the dogs kind of go blind after they have a seizure, so when you come close all they see are they are scared of you.
Avatar f tn he had a seizure (laid on side, legs stiff paddling, foaming at mouth) for about 30 seconds then got up and walked around seeming fine within 5 min. About 8 hrs. later he had another seizure & I called the vet & took him in. Due to the Diarrhea the vet figured he was having stomach cramps, gave me metronidazole for the diarrhea & loperamide for the cramps. All was fine. On Mar. 31 his hind legs seemed to be slipping more than usual, a friend was taking care of him for the weekend.
Avatar m tn She was put on phenobarbital and has only had 2 seizures in the month - 2months she has been on the medication. I have noticed just recently that she is starting to tremor, starting first with the legs and now she has full body tremors. They are not continuous but last for a short time. Can this be from the medication or is she in pain? The vet thinks she may have brain tumor, and I want to make sure she is not in pain.
Avatar n tn I am amazed at the similarities between our two dogs. My beagle not only has the allergies but has had a seizure as well. I suggest trying some pepto bismol for the upset stomach, that seems to help our beagle when she isn't feeling good.
Avatar f tn Hi, Our Mini, fudge, had his first grand mal seizure about a month ago, late on the Saturday night. Afterwards he got very excitable trying to run about and making a high pitched noise before we managed to calm him down. The next morning the same thing happened although not as severe. We took him to the vets who ran the usual blood work which came back clear as expected. We were told that it was probably epilepsy but the vet was reluctant to put him on medication for life.
Avatar f tn i am 6 months pregnant. i put up a post a couple of weeks ago that we had to move to an apartment because we were evicted from our home because the house was really old and wasn't "livable anymore" i guess it was too messed up to live in there. our new apartment doesn't allow "big dogs" even if we paid the 400 a month for them plus rent we couldn't have them. they are husky mix dogs. i have had them for 5 years now and i raised them before they even had teeth.