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Avatar n tn I don't have any knowledge of what could have happened to your dog, but would like to say I'm sorry to hear of her death. My dog is also twelve, and at the vet last week I read on a chart that she is beyond being a senior, she is in the geriatric stage, which yours would have been too. Its hard to believe their that old, you can at the very least be comforted that she didn't have a disease that you would have to watch her suffer with, or have to euthanize her.
Avatar n tn How does one go about treating hypnic jerks that occur predominantly in the head at the onset of sleep and can go on for hours at a time? I have found no mention of any sleep clinics in England (unlike your Cleveland Sleep Clinic) and so am at a loss to know how to decrease or even stop them without resorting each night to sleeping tablets. Any help would be very appreciated by my tired brain!!
Avatar n tn I am a 41 year old female with a 2 year old, in good health other than being about 10 pounds overweight. Two months ago I began experiencing shortness of breath. I yawn constantly in an attempt to get air. The doctor thought asthma, especially given my family history of lung problems, so though my lungs sounded clear I tried advair/albuterol. No change in condition. I had a ct scan to check for a pulmonary embolism and everything looked good.
Avatar n tn See, Klonopin is typically one of the milder and safer drugs given to people with all sorts of tremor and seizure problems, so he will know there is no harm in at least giving you a goodly supply until you two can arrive at a cost plan, and diagnositic and treatment plan. I would send you the $80 myself if I thought you would go to the doc, and I'm what you call poor. You could even go to a church and ask for assistance with the $80, or you could sell something of value for that money.
429155 tn?1205676864 I am David aged 55 and employed as a postman/driver/sorter, well up until 38 months ago I had never been into hospital,well boy was that about to change.
390388 tn?1279639813 I had not heard of CMT. The following is what I found in part on a web site for Disorders of the Nerves. There is no cure for CMT, but physical therapy, occupational therapy, braces and other orthopedic devices, and even orthopedic surgery can help patients cope with the disabling symptoms of the disease. In addition, pain-killing drugs can be prescribed for patients who have severe pain. I read a few more sites and they all mentioned that orthopedic devices may be helpful.
Avatar n tn It sounds like some kind of infection or something with the fevers all the time, leg cramps could be a sign of alot of things and the symptom may not even be related. Search all you can! Good luck.
Avatar f tn We could only get a total of 18 days inpatient and a total of 4 months outpatient covered by insurance and other available services. We thought she was doing well, and she of course, learned to hide it very well. If I hae learned anything from this whole horrible experience, addicts are devious, amazing liars. She managed to pull the wool over not only OUR eyes, but the outpatient counselors eyes as well!
Avatar n tn Believe it or not, many of the symptoms you have described are those of a child suffering from severe anxiety. In fact, some of the latest research in this area is indicating that children suffering from anxiety are "behind" emotionally and have a lot of difficulty with self-regulation issues. The only item you mentioned that does not indicate anxiety is the "seizure" issue.
Avatar n tn Not necessarily cause, but they may be related, as there is a higher prevalence of migraine sufferers in the epileptic population than the general, and vice versa, higher prevalence of people with seizure disorders in the migraine-suffering populace than the general.
Avatar f tn There has been alot of devestating sadness in the life I live. Most of which i had/have no controll over. life happens You put it all away somewhere out of sight in the corners of your heart and mind. and you just keep on going because there is absolutely NOTHING you can do to change any of continue doing the best you can to meet the many daily needs of the (special needs ) children,and adult children ( the family). meals.dishes.laundry.
Avatar f tn You cannot say that there's NO danger. Tapering reduces the risk of seizure, but it has to be done properly. If you cut your dosage too fast, and/or drop the dosage too dramatically, then you can run into issues. Even if you don't have a seizure, benzo w/d can be miserable to say the least. Good luck to you.
Avatar n tn As i understood it, both of them can also attack the thyroid and other parts of the body in a person with the hashimoto's gene since they share some common building blocks. Here is some info on how gluten and candida antibodies can cross-react and induce the same immune responce. That is hashimoto's and sometimes fibro for those that carries that gene.
Avatar n tn The anticonvulsant activity of carbamazepine, like phenytoin, principally involves limitation of seizure propagation by reduction of posttetanic potentiation (PTP) of synaptic transmission. Carbamazepine appears to provide relief of pain in trigeminal neuralgia by reducing synaptic transmission within the trigeminal nucleus. The drug has also demonstrated sedative, anticholinergic, antidepressant, muscle relaxant, antiarrhythmic, antidiuretic, and neuromuscular transmission-inhibitory actions.
Avatar n tn How hard has it been for you to wean yourself from Paxil? It's as agonizing as coming off of heroin..and shares most of the same symptoms and long term effects! While researching an answer to all of the awful symptoms I experienced during my Paxil withdrawal, I was unable to find any medical resources listing Paxil as a source of these particular symptoms we all experience. Guess where I kept finding my search results directing me to? Heroin withdrawal.
Avatar n tn I do get bad headaches other times(barometric pressure changes) as do my 3 girls. I also went to U of M Migraine Clinic at the beginning of all of this 5 years ago and they surprisd me by saying that they didn't think it was migraines. Hmmm. Although I think it is strange to have all of these symptoms for 5 years I now do believe that it is BAM migraines even though they are so strange. My wish is that I could find a medicine that would STOP all of these symptoms.
Avatar m tn I swear you have shares in Lyrica. It's an anti seizure med. I wouldn't play with it if I was you.. Congrats on quitting oxy's but I wouldn't want to mess with anything unless it was prescribed.
Avatar f tn You do have a lot of symptoms found in MS, but since MS can manifest itself in so many ways, it shares symptoms with literally dozens of other conditions. Many people post on this forum because their internet searches show symptom matches with MS, though there's a lot more to it than that. And seizures, IBS, hormonal problems, absence of menses and other issues you mention are not generally part of the MS picture.
Avatar f tn My son's problems are sometimes too much for me to handle and I know he also has a lot of trouble coping sometimes. Every single time he has a seizure I panic, because this could be the one time he stops breathing and I simply cannot bring him back. Financial assistance is an uphill battle all parents with kids with severe disabilities face. It never ends. That was the bare truth which I don't think anyone can deny.
Avatar f tn My MS Clinic has about 800 and the clinic at OHSU has more like 1000. Still it's a lot of people to juggle. If your clinic shares with peds and geriatrics (odd combo) then it sounds small.
2112931 tn?1335102002 He doesn't put himself above his patients and is even open enough to tell me that like me he shares a family history of both Alzheimer's and Parkinson's so maybe the fact that he realizes he has high odds of ending up a Neuro patient himself helps him connect better w/ the patients. He is, unfortunately however, very much in favor of the CRAB drugs and has called me personally twice now to try to get me to come in for an LP.
Avatar n tn During the past year one of my 14 year old identical twin boys has frightened the family now for the fourth time. His twin brother who shares a room with him, has been the first responder. In December we were alerted to him having an event that looked very much like a seizure. His legs were jerking and he had drooled quite a bit on his pillow. It took about ten minutes to get him back to normal consciousness. He never lost control of bodily functions.
Avatar f tn Now the seizure risk and rate while taking lots of Trams is high. I was taking 40 pills a day , 2000 mg and went CT and never had a seizure but I certainly had them while on the Trams. At 350 mg per day the doctor is correct that there is little risk in going CT. To be honest if I read correctly she is due to give birth in 7 weeks. This is certainly enough time to do a proper taper but what if she can't and relapses and does more Trams. I am sure this is a concern of the doctor.
574118 tn?1305138884 Epilepsy also shares the same 'kindling' effect as bipolar as well and there is a greater number of epileptics than the general population with depression. Perhaps they WILL find a link before long who knows?
3054080 tn?1358726456 After over 24 hours and being sent to 2 hospitals .... getting a dx of Grand Mal Seizure and Bell's Palsy....the doctors told my parents "IF I lived, I would have permanent brain damage." They never did find out what caused that episode and I didn't have brain damage. (?) After that I was constantly sick with "weird illnesses" The kind the doctors can't figure out....(I am STILL doing that at 53!) My dad called me a 'lemon' all through my childhood/teen years.
Avatar n tn How hard has it been for you to wean yourself from Paxil? It's as agonizing as coming off of heroin..and shares most of the same symptoms and long term effects! While researching an answer to all of the awful symptoms I experienced during my Paxil withdrawal, I was unable to find any medical resources listing Paxil as a source of these particular symptoms we all experience. Guess where I kept finding my search results directing me to? Heroin withdrawal.
Avatar n tn I had a doctor take a casual attitude about me going off of Ativan after back surgery and I almost died in a benzo-withdrawal-induced seizure. Hands down the most painful and fightening moment of my life. I know of someone who bit their tongue completely off during a Valium-withdrawal-induced seizure.
Avatar f tn ) I really hope it works. i appreciate that everyone on here shares their experiences with it, its given me much more info. Thank you.