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Avatar m tn Have you ever thought of Online Poker Gambling? If the idea appeals to you, it’s something you definitely should try. Online poker is now the most popular game in the world. It plays a little differently from traditional poker, but it’s every bit as fun as playing around a real table. For More Details:
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Avatar f tn In the old phase of poker strategies online, players relied heavily on having good poker faces. If a player didn’t have a good poker face, others would quickly and easily be able to tell what type of cards that player possessed by the expression on his or her face. Even when poker faces were good, players could often tell quite a bit by studying body language, agitation levels, and any other outward shows of emotion or frustration.
Avatar n tn We have lot of Terminology used in Stud poker games. There are many interesting online free poker games, for further details visit to http://www.studpokergame.
Avatar m tn I used to play a lot of poker, A LOT, but this past year i don't get to play as much. I love it and made some good money playing fulltilt online. It can also be a horrible game buring on the river and taking a bad beat, damn donkeys, haha. Anybody here play???
Avatar m tn Surveys say that at least million people play poker online at a given time. Internet poker suggests that we could earn easy money with online poker.It also suggests that how to play poker.For details visit:http://www.howtoplaypokeronline.
Avatar n tn As long as you are connected to the Internet there is no one there to stop you. Online poker offers you mare poker games than a brick and mortar casino. You may choose from among the different poker rooms and play Poker Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Stud, Draw or any of the more exciting mixed poker games. For more details for about playing texas holdem visit to
Avatar n tn As a wise alternative to driving down the nearest casino, more gamers are looking at the Internet for playing casino poker games. In fact, free online casino games have risen in popularity over the past decade. This accounts for the advantages of playing online in contrast to playing in a real casino. For More Details:
Avatar m tn One of the easiest ways to do this is to pick a room that is well known and listed as one of the “top” online poker rooms on the internet. Larger sites have more players and thus have more to lose by cheating these players, so the risk is infinitely lower. If this isn’t enough of a reassurance for you, you can also read online user reviews of any site you are thinking of joining. For more info @
1337425 tn?1278173987 s getting better, gonna play in a satellite to the WSOP main event at 2pm today at Bodog Poker... wish me luck.. ticket is worth $416....
Avatar n tn There are many advantage in playing the online poker gambling. The main use for playing online casino gambling games is you need to earn more money is the most important element in any poker game. Take care not to throw away your money. When betting online be as cautious as you would be when you play offline. For more information please visit to
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1337425 tn?1278173987 It's a hobby of mine that I've had for years, and I've even managed to earn a little money from it. I'm just curious as to whether anyone else plays poker online.
Avatar m tn http://www.bestpoker101.
206807 tn?1331936184 My Brother and Sister play online poker. My Brother was selected to compete for a chance to go to L.A. for a 1 Million Dollar Poker Tournament. One of the stipulations was, you have to make a Video on Youtube. He was contacted yesterday confirming that he was selected to go to L.A. They said he has to bring a partner with him. He chose my sister. I think they did a great job on their Video. Bennie is my brother, Julie is my sister, and Brandon is my nephew. Here is their video http://www.
Avatar m tn How much money is he spending to sit around and play online poker? Last year the Feds made a big dent in online poker playing. US banks can no longer fund those accounts. Believe me, your husband must have a foreign bank account in order to even play these games now. So how much money has he funneled out of your paycheck to fund that account?
Avatar m tn If there is anyone on here that knows how to play poker and would like to play online poker for fun send me a message or let me know on here and we can set it up. It's for fun and hilarious. Don't give me a bad beat or i will pull a hissy fit, haha. I think it would be so much fun to sit at a table with some people from here and play for fun. It's free and takes less than 5 minutes to set up. There is a chat while you play so i get to swear a lot, hehe.
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Avatar m tn m not a medical professional, but I agree with Vicki - I would start taking the benzos again until you can see a doctor who understands benzodiazapines and withdrawal.
Avatar n tn Online poker rooms make it very easy to find a game, learn the basics, and play any game at any stake at any time. Poker is becoming a very popular past time and people have discovered just how easy it is to have a seat at their home computers, visit a poker website and start playing. For further details please visit to
1992318 tn?1326943752 I dont like Cuz and he got on my nevers so bad I told him to leave me alone I had a headache and leg hurt and I was tired and hot. He did of course they all madde fun of me.
Avatar m tn In fact, many people are playing Online Poker Player Lounge every day, now. They love the ease and convenience of playing their favorite games in their own homes. However, there are some that still aren’t sure if it’s right for them. More info: http://www.pokerplayerslounge.
Avatar n tn before Trin's hasty departure(s) she wisely pointed out that I'm on tx and not making sense so take the following with a grain of salt. If anyone can show me where I'm making a mistake I'll be grateful - so far it looks to me as if Merck should be taking poker lessons from Vertex's Bob Kaufman. First there's the issue of how he convinced the street tela response among naives was 79% when vertex's own data indicates at least 5% less, but never mind that.
Avatar f tn I have a hot poker sensation right below my R knee on the outside part down 2 inches from my knee. Its feels like a hot poker comes and sticks me every 10 seconds or so. Is this related to my ACL? i'm a tennis player and play 4 times a week and have been doing this for 20 years, so i have tennis knees, but no problem up until now. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn Your confidence will grow the longer you stay clean. Try keep busy with something else, I play online poker to relax but whatever works for you.
Avatar m tn hey so i read here that u played poker, I gave u the idea of playing poker! Im glas it kept u away from ur addiction!
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