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1884909 tn?1322542365 You are depriving your brain of oxygen. This causes brain damage. I hope you are joking that you do this while driving as this is a unlawful as drinking and driving. You will kill people or severely damage people and property, probably go to jail, where there won't be any more of that.
148588 tn?1465782409 And the campaign to transfer to the states or even sell off our shared lands should not be mistaken for the mainstream values of Westerners whose way of life depends on the region’s land and water. Utah was the first state to embark on this course. In 2012, the state’s Republican governor, Gary Herbert, signed a law demanding (though unsuccessfully so far) that the federal government transfer to the state more than 20 million acres owned by United States taxpayers.
486038 tn?1300066967 How is the insurance with your job? If I remember correctly your parents were paying a lot of out of pocket a year ago. I hope you have good insurance if the neuro is going to run all of these tests again. welcome back - not that you've every really left us!
1663100 tn?1306103776 I had a heart cath. And guess what? No Block! Praise God. Now I can pray 4 all of the rest of u. But I did have 3 seizures and got everybody in a up roar. Somebody tried to stick a stick in my mouth. I'm glad it did not work. Then I heard "washcloth". YEAK!! but somebody stopped them. My Dr # 2 up my seizure med. and I have a appt with him next week. Went to church today. Prayed for you all. God bless the medical people. We need you.
Avatar n tn Dear Dr., You suggested a Tilt Table Test with concomitant EEG. Would you tell me what that would help to find? That way if another TTT is done, I could suggest it with some level of confidence. You had said in your response that you would not start seizure meds. and I hadn't even thought to ask you about that. I was glad you stated it because before they even had the abnormal EEG they wanted to start me on it, but I refused. Now, I believe I will be getting epilepsy monitoring in the hospital.
1653487 tn?1303527762 I've never driven a car, but have driven a tractor since I was 12 years old (have 7 acres of land), never having a seizure while driving. It's usually when you're tired, during sleep, or when you're relaxing after a hard day's work/lots of stress that you have a seizure. Kind of when your guard is down, although if you have refractory epilepsy, or occaisional breakout seizures, it is frustrating. I often have had seizures while asleep, or while I play piano, actually.
94007 tn?1224766336 Thats not good. As some of you may remember, he is disabled and on seizure meds which can CAUSE liver damage. How much of that damage comes from the meds its hard to say. He is going to treat in the fall but is switching to another med - Keppra. Is anyone familiar with it? We cant see how he does off the meds because treatment lowers the seizure threshhold. Lots of complications and unanswered questions. That can only be answered by experience - doc is concerned.
Avatar m tn it began with some kind of panic attack.. and feeling of stroke long time ago only when i was under certain stress. then i began to get more and more condtions. This came after some kind of attack on my brain, my eyes began to or my vision flip backwards literaly everything would flip bacwards to see and then my brain and mind function backwards.. i fought that, and it led also for me to be vulnerable to persons mental attacks. i managed to remain functional.
Avatar m tn He told me he was very concerned about “low brain wave activity” and recently while examining a bee it appeared to me the wings were slowed down to where I could see clearly the “slow motion photography effect” of the wings as they were slowed down enough for me to see each beat of the wing – this was a seizure like day for certain and I am wondering if in fact low brain wave frequencies can cause “slow motion photography” effects?
Avatar f tn 1) Is it common to have flares at specific times of day? I have yet to be diagnosed with MS, but I have almost every symptom. I have noticed I am more prone to have problems in the mid morning and/or mid to late afternoon. 2) Are there others who have seizure type spells?
341190 tn?1295470725 Thank you so much for your responses, I have had a tilt table test, a heart scan and a mri, i go back to the doctors on the 9th of dec for my results, on my first appointment my doc thought my condition was more likely to be heart related, he said it seems likely my blood pressure suddenly dropped which was causing me to have some sort of seizure, it hasent suddenly started i have been fainting since the age of 8 on and off, not on a weekly or monthly basis i went 9 years with nothing, my worry
Avatar n tn The past 6 months I have started watching as my life became a train wreck and started feeling down around me. On top of the Xanax I took Adderall for being ADD and Vicodin ES for herniated discs in my back. My life was becoming a dosing nightmare. I seems one med brought me down so another could take me up and around and around...
Avatar n tn I went from 2 tablets (each tablet of Klonopin is .5 mg) to 1/2 tablet per day. I take a half of tablet before I hit the sack. I've been on a 1/2 for the last three days. Believe me forum, this medication is not easy to ween yourself off of. Please follow your Docs advice. I was on Lexapro at the same time as Klonopin. Now I'm down to just Klonopin alone, an unbelievable 1/2 a tablet or .25 mg worth of Klonopin. It has not been an easy ride. This benzo is extremely powerful.
803451 tn?1390087022 The specific term "stigmata of MS" appeared in the original poster's RADIOLOGY REPORT. I have no idea if the report was written by a native English speaker. I don't recall if the physician expert used the term. I thought she just tried to explain what the report could mean. Her answer may have sounded a little stiff but I'm sure the doctor would have cited sources if she was quoting textbooks.
Avatar f tn He said I was on the verge of seizure and coma and that I most likely would have died without going into the ER. My experience is that thyroid can certainly be a cause of death. I had no idea.
Avatar n tn I faxed it to my doctor and he switched me to Valium, which I'm very, very slowly getting off of. Easier, safer, not a hint of a seizure or a fit of rage or any of that **** you get with Xanax. Xanax is the devil. But good ole cheap as dirt valium will help you get off of the stuff safely and painlessly. Check it out!
Avatar n tn ya know my whole life i've not only been addicted to drugs, but also words. i see the pro- cess of writing as a method of getting all the **** that bounces around inside my head. very little of what i have ever written has ever been "finished." my main desire is to extract from head, and put on paper in the purest, most symplified manner i can. when i have accomplished this, i usually lose intrest in what ev- er happens to it after that.
147426 tn?1317269232 At least I was never accused of being neurotic or anything of that like. I was dismissed to rheumy and endocrinology, who both declared that this is neurological not their specialty. Also sent to rule out seizures. Been temporarily dx'd with migraine assoc vertigo and parkinson's associated dyskinesia. I did see a 3rd neuro, whose first question was "have you always been fat?" - that was also her last. Tried to see 2 who would not even see me without being already Dx'd.
954920 tn?1254432938 how long has it been since your last dose now? Im not really sure on the time frame of when you *could* have a seizure after abruptly stopping tramadol...not sure there is any documentation on that..maybe some of the other "trammies" on the forum can help you- i know there are a lot of people here with problems with tram...if you are past the "safe"point of not having a seizure from stopping them so fast, then Id say no, dont get that refill.
1252074 tn?1271545309 ordered tests for lupus, RA and gout (which all came back negative, but my WBC and platelet count were abnormally high) then in August of 2007, I had a seizure (tonic w/o clonic symptoms) of short duration (about 20 minutes), I was hospitalized overnight, scheduled for an EEG and CT of brain which did not give any indication as to why I had a seizure, I was not given a seizure diagnosis at that time, just seizure of unknown origin, no meds given at this time for this, then in June of 2008 (10 m
Avatar f tn Venezuela | Hugo Chavez Enlarge This Image Meridith Kohut for The New York Times Franklin Brito, who has protested the government’s handling of a land seizure, staged hunger strikes before and after his arrest. Then the agents took her to the overcrowded women’s prison in this city of slums near Caracas. They put her in a cell near more than 20 inmates whom Judge Afiuni had sentenced on charges like murder and drug smuggling.
Avatar n tn I have been out for a couple of days and I am not going through much of a detox. I am however so sad at what I am doing to myself. I hope you guys don't give up on me because you think I will just fill my next script when it is due. In my heart I know this is killing me. I just don't know what to do anymore. The only time that I am happy is when I chew a couple of oxy's. If I am not high then I am not interested in anything. I don't understand why this is happening.
429155 tn?1205676864 I am David aged 55 and employed as a postman/driver/sorter, well up until 38 months ago I had never been into hospital,well boy was that about to change.
Avatar f tn And sometimes it would look like the side of me was moving. Like I could see out of corner of eye. Hard to explain. So I stopped taking baths cause I was always having anxiety and take sponge baths in my room. Some days I felt it less, some days more to the point I was scared I would fall. But the first few weeks of it, was not too severe during the day. Just at night. And sitting on hard surfaces would make it worse. But sitting up in chairs, on my bed I felt just fine.
373367 tn?1246405635 I am one of the land of lost and undiagnosed . . . . Awaiting my 2nd neuro appointment (hopefully a nicer doc this time). My symptoms started with an apparent reactivation of EBV 6 months after the birth of my 1st child. Hospitalized. NOT a case of mono; only abnormal blood work was elevated EBV titers. Anyway, this has happened and been documented 4 other times since 2002 and now have weird symptoms in my legs and arms, and occasionally my face.
Avatar f tn Anyhow, while she's been out of the house this workweek at the hospital, the other dog sensed we were emotional the first day, on account of we don't like her being away at the vet hospital, so he stayed close to us. But he has adjusted to her not being here very well. We're thinking if we eventually have to put her down, he will adjust again the same way.
1684282 tn?1582660848 Rapid detox under anesthesia can get you through the worst of withdrawal with only limited amount of symptoms that we can help to manage. A small implant containing Naltrexone may be placed under the skin while the patient is still under sedation. The Naltrexone implant slowly releases medication to continually block receptors and help the patient fight the physical symptoms of drug addiction. The Naltrexone implant will entirely dissolve and disappear in approximately two months.
Avatar f tn hi wish I could give you a taper plan but its agenst the guidelines of the forum your best bet with benzos is to listen to your doctor you may just have to come off gradually but maby just a month of weening since you werent on it that long ask your docvtor b/4 you do anything seizure are no fun better to error on the side of safty....I came off xanex but was on it several yrs and it was a ruff detox mabe a short term run on valum wont be so difficult good luck and God bless......
Avatar f tn i am now going thru a very traumatic time with my (maybe 8-9wk old baby chi) Last night i had both my dogs out walking and i went pick up the baby ( chi) and he was so skirmish that i just lost grip of his Lil body that he fell from my shoulder ( i 5'tall) on to the concrete and when he landed he did not land on his legs ,immediately pick him up to find that his head was in a stuck to the right side and i thought he was dead i don't no if Wat i did was wrong or if it wasn't ,i put him on the g
Avatar n tn Wow, what similar symptoms! All that's missing from me is Seizures, but some of yours give a rememberance of my symptoms of simple partial seizures in the early stages, such as vision changes, irritablity, brain fog.