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Avatar f tn I went to the ER 30 mins later, think I must be having some type of seizure. The triage nurse was offended b/c when I came in she was eating and was smoking outside. She asked me could I smell her smoke also or if it was all the same? I told her I could smell her smoke, and the smell the tuna that was just eating,along with the smoke smell I had been smelling all along.
Avatar m tn Arguments at home make me walk the street & sometimes go into seizures. when the seizure is over I go walking UNTIL a law officer ORDERS ME to stop, & the then searches me, [like a crook] has me to take my jacket off & takes things out of the pockets. Later an ambulance shows up, they won't leave, even when you tell them you did'nt want them or need them.
1747881 tn?1546175878 Mayor Bill de Blasio ordered city lawyers to stay silent about a groundbreaking lawsuit to keep bootleg cigarettes out of the Big Apple — because it came as Hizzoner was downplaying the illegal cigarette sales that led to the ill-fated police arrest of Eric Garner, The Post has learned.
Avatar n tn Smoking cigarettes yes..
Avatar f tn If you do choose not to quit tho I strongly advise you to at least quit 2 months before your due date.
Avatar n tn Hi there, I am around 6 weeks pregnant (although not certain) and before I knew I was pregnant I was smoking heavily and drinking a lot of alcohol. Also I took cocaine a few times and took 2 ecstacy pills. When I took the pills there was obviously very little ecstasy and mostly chemicals, and I was very ill and sick on them. Since I have found out I am pregnant I have not touched anything, I have stopped everything (including cigarettes).
10094372 tn?1407761844 I was on epilim 1000mg daily until the age of 30. It was great and I was seizure free. There are many size effects I never suffered ( weight gain, liver problem , acne....). The only reason I came off it and went to keppra is the massive risks to the unborn baby. My consultant here in Ireland started the first epilespy pregnancy register which looked at all epilespy drugs and effects on babies.
Avatar f tn You can't be penalized for smoking while pregnant seeing ad cigarettes aren't illegal...
Avatar n tn Inhaling nicotine from these e-cig devices would be as harmful as albuterol inhalers in fact e-cig might be safer than albuterol inhaler since albuterol frequently causes your lungs to internally bleed. And the only reason our government wants to ban e-cigs is because they're not "tobacco products" and not subject to those extreme tax rates cigarettes receive. It's all about tax revenue, same reason all 'illegal' drugs remain illegal, no taxation. Follow the money.
Avatar n tn If a doctor prescribes you a drug that is FDA approved, as appears to have happened in this case, you didn't take an illegal drug. It's only illegal if you take it without a prescription.
Avatar f tn Ok, well then yes, definitely try to complaint of some sort. Especially, depending on where you are, it could be even illegal, so it would make sense. I absolutely hate cigarette smoke. Good luck!
1248321 tn?1268798642 My sister had a seizure after we had smoked once, many years ago. But, she had suffered from seizures when she was a child. Her Dr. thought the seizure could have been caused by head trauma from a recent car accident, but she also did not tell him she had just smoked pot. I really think you should talk to a Dr about it. Using illegal drugs can do some really weird things to your brain. Your seizure could have been triggered by the drug use, but caused by something more serious.
Avatar f tn Smoking marijuana is not legal and the site cannot condone the use of an illegal substance. Its a public forum which anyone can access.
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774736 tn?1311331385 i dont even know if this is a trick question...pot is illegal for a reason,cigarettes arent... you smoke get high..hence you feel dizzy and possibly faint...
Avatar m tn Every ingredient should be on the menu somewhere, in bold type, but if people want to eat it anyway, let them. I feel the same with cigarettes, illegal drugs, etc. Hey, are you becoming a liberal? Also, the CPSI opposes all natural remedies because of insufficient testing, and of course since they're not patentable they'll never be sufficiently tested in our current for profit only profit system of health care. They're not my favorite group.
Avatar f tn Was hoping to find out sex of bub this week went to foc and he couldn't tell ( baby was not cooperating) now i have to wait another 3 weeks when im 20w to find out oh my gosh this is so hard not knowing !
Avatar n tn Since then I had a MRI and a EEG done, neither showed anything out of the ordinary. Then I had another seizure one week ago, again after being asleep for about 1 1/2 hours. I haven't dived since the first incident, so I guess that rules the dive out as a cause. Are there any other reasons beside an epileptic fit that can cause these seizures while sleeping?
Avatar f tn Don't forget cigarettes also.. There are plenty of people who smoke cigarettes through there whole pregnancy and that's very selfish, I understand for a couple of weeks if you can't stop cold turkey!
1086884 tn?1328640455 I am doing very well today. I think I may be getting on the other side of the addiction.
Avatar m tn I woke up trying to shake my self from getting dizzy/lightheaded or something.. like going to walk to not get that weird dizzy seizure like feeling. Its like my vision moving left/right left/right even when my head is very still. like im moving my head right to left but my head is still straight. what is this? I don't use any illegal drugs or what not. its scary dreadful uncontrollable seizure like vision non stop feeling my heart was also beating really fast.
971967 tn?1272991202 Keep a diary of what is going on. This to me sounds like a clear case of bullying. Being pregnant in Ireland offers loads of benefits and your employer is obliged to be supportive of your needs in this. You gave them months more notice of your pregnancy than you needed to and they have been selfish about it and used this against you. Document what happens daily and ask for everything from them in writing so you have proof.
1086884 tn?1328640455 I caught a whiff of a cigarette the other day while I was out. The cravings were bad. I drove around for a while until I felt better.
278469 tn?1219245951 30 while I was dressing for work. Out of it 1/2 of day. Pretty good night.
1052851 tn?1307741160 I had a mild seizure - bit through my check, woke up with my face in a puddle of blood, blood running out of my mouth.
Avatar f tn re probably going to have to go to a facility that helps people who use illegal drugs get off of them, but again, make sure they know the specific seizure dangers of the one you've chosen to take.