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Avatar n tn Does keppra bring abt major side effects to a nursing infant? I hv been taking keppra since i was pregnant..however i stopped for awile when breastfeeding n my seizure happened once. However, im really keen on nursing my baby n i need this medication. Is there any way i can balance both? Pls help me tks..
Avatar n tn Is there a relationship between seizure disorder and mental disorder? If yes or no, what and why?
Avatar n tn Other tests such as computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) show what the skull, brain and blood vessels look like but a nuclear medicine Cerebral Perfusion Study can show if some parts of the brain are working more than normal, such as during an epileptic seizure, or less than normal as in dementia or between epileptic seizures.
Avatar m tn My mom is 81. Mothers Day she had a stroke at a restaurant. She was able to get the tpa within the 4 hour window. She was in the hospital until Friday and has been in a rehab center ever since. I see little improvement. Rehab ends in two weeks. I expect to get the "she has reached a plateau" speech my aunt got in 2009 which led to a 2 1/2 year nursing home stay before death. I don't think 3 weeks in rehab is enough. She cannot lift herself up.
Avatar m tn Arcadia’s caregivers provide top quality home nursing care. All home nursing care service providers are screened, bonded and insured and thus, they are qualified, compassionate, and trustworthy.
Avatar f tn The use of E-33 for diabetic wound care is not acceptable nursing home practice.
Avatar m tn Facts that exist regarding the U.S. Health Care System- This is why about 80 percent of U.S. citizens want our health care system overhauled: The U.S. is ranked number 42 related to life expectancy and infant mortality. U.S. is ranked number one in the world for chronic diseases. About 125 million people have such diseases. This is about 70 percent of the Medicare budget that is spent treating these diseases. Health Care is over 2 trillion dollars of our gross domestic product.
Avatar f tn The nursing shortage is affecting the overall quality of patient care in hospitals and other settings, including long-term care facilities, ambulatory care settings, and student health centers. Nursing shortage has negative impact on patient care and undermining the quality of care goals. The present population of nurses is aging and approaching retirement. This nursing shortage is causing a dramatic increase in salaries for nurses.
419062 tn?1202935096 My mother has had a cold for several days, as has many in the nursing facility where she resides. They have taken two or three chest xrays with unsatisfacotry results and now wish to do a CT scan. This worries me, and I would ask for any pray-ers out there to please pray for her. Thanks!
Avatar m tn If major areas of the brain are affected, it may be difficult to revive. As your father needs prolonged nursing care, he is being shifted to a rehab facility. If his vitals have been stabilized and if there is no worsening of his symptoms you can be optimistic. Regards.
Avatar m tn It's a good thing to consider because there will be someone who will look after for your loved ones 24 hours a day who are having this kind of disease. In fact, some families consider a nursing home for their aging loved ones who mostly facing Alzheimer also. They believe that any nursing home can accommodate and will take care of their loved ones, as well as to protect them and make them feel valued and loved.
Avatar f tn These episodes continued without change until May 2008. I had one which escalated into a Tonic Clonic seizure. This was a seizure I recognized as did my husband & his visiting retired-nurse mom. After coaxing, they convinced me to go to the ER. They did a CT scan & X-rays. I was not seen at all by a neurologist there, and I was told that one seizure doesn't mean anything. I continued to have the Tonic Clonic seizures (16 more in 9 months) as well as the night events.
Avatar m tn All of the nursing homes are crummy and I don't agree with a nursing home stay as a cure or treatment for depression. Nursing homes are necessary and fulful a definite need, but psychiatric treatment is not one of those needs. In the best nursing homes there is a shortage of staff. They treat "depression" with a chemical straightjacket. Furthermore, the diet in most homes is lacking and good nutrition is part and parcel of treatment for depression.
Avatar n tn I am a 58 yr old R.N. in critical care nursing. One night in October I hit my husband with a glass figurine. I do not remember anything of this action. Later a memory came to me of my husband chasing me hitting me very violent. This memory was a figment of my mind as this action never took place. I was awakened by the police, I was confused I still do not remember anything. There has never been any violence between myself and my husband.
Avatar n tn Temporal lobe seizure indication
Avatar f tn A friend of mine has a very bad wound on her lower leg. She is in a nursing home where they just decided to treat her wound in a bathtub with A-33 cleaner. Is this a usual (and/or) acceptable practice for wound care treatment? I thought you were suppose to go to great lenghts to keep A-33 off of your skin.
Avatar n tn I lost my 23 yr old daughter less than a year out of nursing school and a few months after her first nursing job. she was on this med prn migraines because it was safe. she had a seizure reason docs could find..went home few months we moved to florida and 2wksi found her face down in tub.medical examiner had to work on her brain tissue for a year to find what happened.the long term tramadol metabolites were not excreted by her body it built toa toxic level she stopped breathing.
Avatar f tn Began a few years ago. Neurologist increased my seizure medication. Memory is much better but the quivers/shivers are lasting longer and waking me up at night. Lack of sleep results in dizziness and light headedness the following day. The neurologist will not give me his diagnosis, and I don't want to find a new doc. Any ideas so I can ask him questions about this in an educated-sounding fashion.
Avatar f tn more as time goes on? or will he stay like that? we are bringing him home for hospice and home health to care for him.
Avatar n tn While your father in the SNF you and him must show a lot of will to go home vs. nursing home. Than you must be really involved in his care and make sure he gets appropriate PT/OT attention. While he is not in the therapy he must be positioned appropriately in the bed or chair (it makes a huge difference).
373844 tn?1199336764 I have been doing well in college for nursing and working part-time. I had a seizure after work one day and since then nothing has been the same. I have had several anxiety attacks, irritability, and depression. Everyday seems like such a challenge and I was reading there could be a relationship between seizures and depression. I am already on a low dose of Klonopin for the anxiety but I don't know what else to do??
Avatar n tn Approximately 2 months from graduating nursing school, I started having, what my neurologist called, stress induced complex partial seizures. He immediately put me on an anticonvulsant, but my question is: If stress caused these seizures, why didn't he also put me on any anti-anxiety meds as well? To me, that would make more sense than just the anticonvulsants alone.
Avatar n tn My son had his first seizure Feb. 14 of this year. He is 10 years old and was diagnosed autistic at the age of three. His seizure was at school and observed by his regular ed. teacher and school nurse. My husband was able to be there within minutes and observed a great deal of it. I myself come from a nursing background and have witnessed many seiures but am not truly familiar with the terminology etc.
Avatar m tn He was living independently up until his last seizure three months ago. We have been trying to find him a long term facility..specifically a skilled nursing facility since he still requires 24 monitoring. Does anyone know of a facility that specializes in TBI in PA?
Avatar n tn I am a first year nursing student with dystonia. Right now it's in my neck, back, and legs. The pain in my neck is the most severe of the three. Even with botox injections and the most medicine I can tolerate, it's difficult for me to get through a day of 8-4 classes. Because of the pain I can't really lift and bending is very painful. I have done two years worth of prereqs that won't apply well if I change majors.
Avatar n tn I am 9 weeks postpartum and just had my 2nd seizure. (My 1st was approximately 6 weeks ago). I have no history of seizure, was not diagnosed with preeclampsia. I was, however, diagnosed 6 years ago with PACs and PVCs. My family dr. ordered an EKG, EEG, and CT scan of my brain after the 1st seizure and all tests came back negative. I am not on any medications for the heart conditions due to my pregnancy and the fact that I am now nursing.
Avatar f tn It seems that there really is no good place to connect caregivers with clients (a "virtual agency"). Swampy's mom has MS, although, at this stage in her life, the MS is well managed and her primary problems are just related to normal care.