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Avatar n tn I had a seizure this Monday and my EEg showed abnomal. The Dr. wants me to start trgretol xr 200mg for two weeks and then double it. I am not sure I want to try with the restrictions I now have plus the drug reactions. I'd like to hear from some epople who have been using this medication and living well with it.
Avatar m tn I was up to about 200 mg three times a day for back pain from an old car wreck. Three days ago I had a seizure and stopped breathing. My poor husband had to give me cpr, and my sweet 10 year old boy saw it all. I am so ashamed. I was taken by ambulance to ER. Got the CAT scan and EEG. have an appt. with a Neurologist in TWO WEEKS (you know how long it takes.) Meanwhile, I am in lotsa pain. I swear I cracked some ribs, seizing.
207091 tn?1337713093 Just got back from the vet. She thinks Mama is passing out, not a seizure or stroke. She heard a heart murmur (which is new), and thinks she has high blood pressure, maybe kidney and thyroid issues. She's slightly dehydrated, which could mean something with her kidneys, as she gets lots of water and canned food. She also noticed that her retinas are degenerating, and that her pupils aren't dilating nearly as much as they should (also new).
671251 tn?1236120271 I wanted to check in and give an update. It is very sad news. We lost our little Sarah. I noticed last week that the baby was not moving as much. I was busy getting ready for my son's visit so thought that I might just be too busy to notice. I was also sleeping better so did not wake till later. The baby was most active between 3 am and 5 am. On Thanksgiving my husband and I debated calling the hospital about it. I didn't do it.
Avatar n tn My son 35 years old has just had a seizure during the night. This one has left him with very sore calfs and is making waking difficult. After 2 days this seems to be getting better but the other problem that occured is that his tongue is very mashed, cut and very sore so he must have been clamping down on it during the siezure. Is this something that happens and will it heal on its own and if anything can you tell us anything that will ease the pain as this heals?
909150 tn?1245860665 I used to take for muscle cramps but dont anymore. I just got it to help me sleep. Can Valium cause a seizure? If I experience anything more like yesterday I will head over to the ER or doctors. Thank you everybody for all your ideas and help.
Avatar f tn // I s it a seizure...psuedoseizure? She has no memory of event and every time it happens...she loses cognition and motor skills. Her abilities have dramatically reduced. AND the worst thing she knows she's different.
Avatar f tn I thought it wouldnt matter if he was sedated I just wanted to make sure it wasn't a seizure. The results were It is normal for kids his age to havespasms at night. He did have an abnormal brain wave but we don't know why. I was like ok so what the hell does that mean. They then wanted to bring him in for a 23 hr sleep study. I said no cause he won't put the electrodes on his head. He was three and a half at the time. Shortly after that his spasms tapered off to almost nothing.
Avatar f tn that ended up in a seizure. He has had these episodes before about 2-4times that I know of. I notice it happens when he gets scared. That really must have scared him, me closing the lid. He darted out, tailed bushed out and flung and flopped all over the house, incontinent of urine as he is running and ended up under my bed in a full blown seizure twitching, drooling and foaming at the mouth. Eyes dilated. He came out of it slowly and is slowly reorienting himself.
Avatar n tn she was taken off of the seizure medication and placed on inderol to control her heart. The seizures subsided, going from 2-3 a week to 2-3 per month, then slowing to 5 a year. Her doctor said she may outgrow them, or they could get worse during puberty. She will be 15 in June this year, and she has had 2 seizures in the last week. Her symptoms are first a severe sudden headache to the side of the head, and the feeling that someone is sitting on her chest and putting a pillow over her face.
Avatar f tn yes depakote is an anti seizure med. there are many anti-seizure meds. could be that one isnt working for her. was one of the charges for selling xanax? jane tell her it is very important that she be honest with you at this point. tell her that nothing will suprise you. going forward you need to know so you will also know how to proceed. she will be calling soon. it is after dinner.
506791 tn?1439846583 About 8 PM Hildiekatt had a mild seizure, felt something rubbing up against my chair here at the desk and it was her. Left her for overnight observation and treatment, vet said her blood sugar was in the 20's. This may indicate she no longer needs as much, if any, insulin; diabetes may be in remission. When we said goodnight, she was wide awake and responsive. The vet tech said she had good tortietude. We'll find out tomorrow.
Avatar f tn Still, I'll have a good talk with my neuro - I'll fill him in on the optomologist findings and I'll give him the recap of the heart palpitations/electrical shock seizure. My PCP now really thinks this is MS because of the electrical shocks but cervical disk problems can also cause electrical shocks. So I'll defer to the experts on that. I'll be back to the forum off and on. I really appreciate the support from everyone here. I'll give you an update on my neuro appt next Friday.
954005 tn?1304630205 So....since my fall last sunday, I've fallen (losing consciousness for a second) 3 more times. Once I awoke on my hands and knees---could have been worse, the next one, I woke landing on my tailbone next to my daughter's bed (horrible pain, and I'm having trouble remembering why I was even in there), and the 3 rd one brought me to the hospital by ambulance.
191907 tn?1200622479 Don't let it bottled up let it out because trust me i let my bottled up and had a severe anxiety attack that cause seizure type activity. So know one knows what you go through when u here there's no fetal pole or there's a sac and no baby. That is very devasting. Only u know how u feel no one can tell you there be other times. Trust me a had to curse a few people out becuse of their stupid comments like that.
Avatar n tn At just over 1 year old he started to have a febrile seizure once during every episode. We were in the ER every month with no help. In August 2008 he had two seizures during one fever episode and spent 5 days in the Calgary Children's Hospital where he had a host of blood work and tests done, along with a brain scan. We were discharged with no answers, only a referral to a pediatrian.
Avatar f tn Seems he had been having them all winter not mini strokes. First anti seizure drug made him sick as a dog and we spent all day and night at the ER less than 2hrs later. Saw the Neurologist again, changed his meds and OMG---he woke up! for the last 5 days he is talking up a storm, walking better (still with assistance) awake most of the day, knows what day it is, finally eating food like normal, and is now concerned about what is going on. Can barely remember the last 8 months.
Avatar m tn my son is mr & having seizure disorder & is now dignosed by mild diffuse of celebral atrophy so i need some information regarding his treatment
Avatar f tn Last Sunday I was going about my day, then next thing I remember I woke up in an ambulance. I was informed by the paramedics that my roommate found me on the floor having a seizure and making weird noises. They said I was "in a daze" and barely speaking but could give them my name but did not know what day or month it was. I do not remember any of this. At the hospital I was in and out of consciousness/asleep but do not remember hours of time.
Avatar f tn Apparently, I fainted and fell down on the floor. My mother heard a big thump she walked. From what she described, I was having a seizure. When I came back to my senses, i noticed I had bit my tongue and inside of my cheek. I was taken to ER and they ran some blood tests, and CT scan that was normal It was my very first seizure at age 25. I have no family history of seizure disorders. I have been a vegetarian all my life.
486038 tn?1300066967 my little dog died on Christmas Eve and then my Mom and Dad went home a few days later and that night I had my first seizure. I hope if this is a seizure disorder you are dealing with that you are able to get it checked soon. You really shouldn't drive until you know what the heck is going on just in case. I hope you get some answers but you should even let your pcp know the situation because you may need care before you get in to see that new neuro right?
Avatar f tn Hy everyone well lately I have being doing good but only on Sunday Nov 2 I had I think a seizure in the morning and hit my head on the cupboard,I had a headache since that day and some nausea just today,so I really wont kno till November 27 cause I'm going to see my Neurologist,My family Dr told me that it could be a fainting spell .As my gut well yesterday my belly was bloated like a balloon and this morning it was ok I do past alot of gas++++ I guest what I eat.
Avatar f tn I am no longer on cymbalta, thank god. But when trying to quit,( cold turkey) I added tramadol w/o any medical supervision & had a seizure. Now I'm trying to quit tramadol, hoping I can go back to wellbutran. I functioned very well on that, except for sleep problems, & headaches. Thank u for all ur help. Anybody have experience w/wellbutran?
Avatar n tn lol It takes all kinds, and who knows what's going to happen to your health. Keep doing what you know to do! This kind of news just makes me giggy with excitement for my own health issues. YIPPY DIANE!!!
Avatar m tn methadone heart drugs - Tambocor (flecainide), Rythmol (propafenone) antibiotics - erythromycin, rifampin anti-seizure drugs - carbamazepine (Tegretol) antidepressants - St.
710547 tn?1295449630 I did have a lot of deterioration and strange things happening in my spine, but the big news was my brain. I've been havine right sided muscle loss and weakness and pain, and more concerning - aphasia. I was getting so bad that on the phone I'd have to apologize - also just talking to friends. Word finding and fluidity were going.
Avatar m tn I have been smoking marijuana for a while now and i have epilepsy, i had my first seizure when i was 10 and was put on medication for it for 5 years and never had one since then.
Avatar f tn As a person living with epilepsy for the past 30yrs of my life I can honestly say I am sorry to hear your child experienced a seizure. The good news is this may only be a one time episode seizures are more commen then you may think. When you are in the ER make sure they do at least a 24 hr EEG this will tell you if your son has epilepsy or not for the best results 3 -5 days is best this will also tell them what kind.
225036 tn?1294513000 When I got to the room, my mom was screaming to turn on teh lights (I thought Beka was throwing up) and when I got the lighs on, I saw that Beka was having a Grand Mal Seizure. I was so scared. Her little body was just jerking all over the place and her breathing was so labored. I of course was screaming her name trying to get her to respond to me, but she was just staring.