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Avatar n tn Hi... can anyone tell me what they use for medicines... I don't react well to the typical meds they prescribe for Chiari... My main pains are headaches,neck pain, hand pain. I've heard of people using excederin migraine.. I have been taking advil for several months and would like to stop taking it... if I could find a replacement. What anti depressants has anyone had success with? Also. how is everyone dealing with the medical bills?
Avatar f tn My teeth don't actually 'burn' but, if it helps, after trying every traditional TN drug out there, my neuro has me on an old school anti seizure drug called Zimpat. Seems to take the edge off. Can't say that it's made it go away of course but I've been a bit more functional if that helps...
Avatar f tn In cases of hippocampal sclerosis, 3 or more medicines are needed to control the seizure, even at times surgery is needed to control seizures. Visit website for more information
Avatar f tn And some of the medicines prescribed also have some very real risks to them as well. You have to communicate with your doc and you have to determine which med is the safest to take while pregnant and also what med effectively treats your seizures. Goober the pros and cons of all that's involved in your care. Good luck!
Avatar f tn i have heard you could have seizures going off these meds if not could i know if i had a seizure that might be causing these headaches....or would a seizure cause a headache,,,i didnt black out or anything im just scared...i also have chronic sinusitis,,,and maaybe my headaches is fronm that and stress from going off my meds....i just wonder about if you could have a seizure and it not affect the brain....or if im way offf on all this..
Avatar n tn I thought for sure Zoloft would be the one that would really help me so I am starting to feel like these medicines are not working for me. The doctor then tried Effexor XR 300mg for about a month or two. Unfortuntately no change. Still worried,stressed, and socially timid. Then the doctor tried a combo of 200 zoloft with 150 Effexor for about a month and a half and no changes.
Avatar n tn For instance what medicines he is currenty on.
Avatar n tn Thank for the feedback kindd, Kindd I have got an MRI & 2 EEG scans done in the last month. All the reports say that there is no abnormal activity in either of the reports, they are perfectly fine. The neurologist doctor i have been showing to has increased my dosage to 1500 mg Torleva, 10 mg Frisium, Met Neurobion, Melzap MD.
Avatar n tn The treatment for peripheral neuropathy pain includes anti-seizure medications (such as Neurontin or Topamax) and anti-depressants (such as Elavil or Doxepin). These medications are used at doses to treat pain, and not at levels to typically treat other conditions. You can also use narcotics. For patients suffering from severe regional pain they can occasionally have a surgical procedure to stop the sensation from that area (a rhizotomy).
1413227 tn?1281798777 One of the ways to ease my panic is to do deep breathing, thus I gain control of my breathing, and this lowers the heartrate, and in turn the anxiety. Your doctors are giving you the right medicines and are doing the correct tests. The 72-hour EEG is a good idea, it should confirm the low wave activity of your first EEG, and perhaps other abnormalities.
1000946 tn?1253811447 I've taken all sorts of anti depressants and meds like lyrica (think these are anti seizure meds) nothing has helped. When I took the vicoden for pain that seemed to be the only thing that helped. I am on no meds at the present time but I'm having a major flare. What is helping other fibro sufferers?
Avatar f tn Does anyone know if a dog (like a human) is aware when having a grand mal seizure?
Avatar m tn I have a friend who had a random seizure one morning after she had been vomiting and had diarrhea all night before. She also had not been sleeping well or at all some nights the whole month before. I took her to the emergency room and she had blood work done and a CT scan done both came back just fine. The doctor told her it was probably that she was dehydrated, and had lack of sleep that put too much stress on her brain. He also told her to consult a family doctor.
Avatar f tn I had this very bad headache for less than 15 seconds. All the cheerleaders said I fell over and started having a seizure I had convulsive rhythm to my whole body. I woke up and new what was going on my seizure had stoped. I did not pee my pants but i was very sweaty. My arms and hands were clinched together, i had no control over them. They were in a fist and were cliched very hard together. They took my blood sugar and it was at 80 and i had a gatorade that day.
Avatar n tn Most doctors will consider tapering the dosage and discontinuing seizure medicines after a seizure-free period of 2 years. Some doctors taper seizure medications over 6 weeks. There is this study that shows no difference whether the medications are tapered over a six-week or a nine-month period. One advantage of shorter taper period is that the outcome of the attempt to discontinue treatment may be known sooner, shortening the period of adjustment for the patient.(http://content.nejm.
Avatar n tn Hi My niece has developed a sleeping disorder of laughing seizure like she laughs while i sleep for 3-4 seconds and then stare and then sleep and this pattern at times is also during day time when she is awake. We did EEG and MRI and nothing came out from them.Follwoing is the report of both. EEG It is a wake reord.patient was fairly cooperative. Artifacts are minimal. Photic stimulation from 3 hz to 21 hrtz was given for 45 seconds.At an interval of 5 secs inclose eye state.
209227 tn?1242350345 Anti-seizure medicines don't seem appropriate if they consider that the cause was a blood sugar problem. This becomes simply treating the symptom and not the cause, and the actual coma is your body's way of preserving your LIFE if glucose levels are dangerously low. Anti-seizure meds aren't the answer unless you have a problem with repeated seizure situations, which you make no mention of. Do get a second opinion. We wish you the best.
Avatar n tn My husband has also been diagnoses with hemiplegic migraines. We haven't found anything that we can pinpoint that triggers these episodes but there are times when he can't stand or walk because the hemiparesis on his right side is so severe. Other times it may only affect his right eye and his speech a bit. Our biggest problem is that whether he is on the meds to supposedly prevent the migraines or not he still has them. However, that may not be the case with you.
Avatar n tn she was taken off of the seizure medication and placed on inderol to control her heart. The seizures subsided, going from 2-3 a week to 2-3 per month, then slowing to 5 a year. Her doctor said she may outgrow them, or they could get worse during puberty. She will be 15 in June this year, and she has had 2 seizures in the last week. Her symptoms are first a severe sudden headache to the side of the head, and the feeling that someone is sitting on her chest and putting a pillow over her face.
2030686 tn?1351692148 I started having seizures last february (2011). I don't have epilepsy, as far as they can tell I have toxic encephalopathy. Which means toxins were building up in my brain from the combo of meds I was on. My reg dr said "serotonin syndrome" is another possible dx. The definition of a "controlled" seizure disorder is no seizures for 6 months. I've been going more than 6 mos between seizures.
94007 tn?1224766336 Unfortunately, I know nothing about the seizure medicines and the combo treatment. It might merit a question to the nurses at the Peggasist sight FL - interesting meeting. Interesting that he doesn't want you to do the bx as it might decrease your chances to get into the trials. I assume that means that with your present bx you would get in. Don't some of these VX trials also still include the traditional combo therapies?
Avatar m tn Initially, she had 4 seizures in 1 year from March 2009 to March 2010. She is regularly taking medicines prescribed by neuro-physician since December 2009. The dates of seizures are : 31 march 09, 26 Dec 09, 16 Feb 10, 24 Mar 10 and then after a gap of 32 months, she has 2 seizures on same day on 7th Dec 12. During this period she has not missed her medicines.
Avatar f tn My son was just diagnosed with seizures. Three days ago we witnessed the seizure after a month long of intermittent episodes of Lost of consciousness. Cardiac and neurological studies were performed and everything was negative. However he experienced an episode of LOC 3 days ago at home and he was taken to the ER. About 7 hours later my we witnessed the seizure. He initially experiences lightheadedness and a slight jerk of 1 of the upper extremities.
Avatar m tn Family history of Seizures. Medicines he may be on or had been on in the past could be causing them,Because a lot of Medicines have side effects. I would look up everything he has been on or is on and see what the side effects of the Medicines are. I hope this gives you some help. I am happy that you are there for your Dad .And I also know how scared you are and worried you are. Stay strong.
Avatar n tn Most doctors will consider tapering the dosage and discontinuing your seizure medicines after a seizure-free period of 2 to 4 years. If you have had only one seizure, some doctors will consider discontinuing the medicine if you have been seizure-free for 6 to 12 months. 2) If you seizures were infrequent prior to starting your medications. 3) If you under the close care and supervision of your physician, preferable a neurologist.
Avatar f tn Last Sunday I was going about my day, then next thing I remember I woke up in an ambulance. I was informed by the paramedics that my roommate found me on the floor having a seizure and making weird noises. They said I was "in a daze" and barely speaking but could give them my name but did not know what day or month it was. I do not remember any of this. At the hospital I was in and out of consciousness/asleep but do not remember hours of time.
316189 tn?1193614081 So did I have a seizure? My GP is sending me to a neurologist on thursday for a consult because she said since none of the medicines we have tried has worked and then now this she is concerned...should I be concerned? What will happen at the neurologist? What kind of tests?
146298 tn?1258715847 So she gave me a script for valium, which I can also take when I feel a seizure thing coming on. I asked what she thought about those and it's her opinion that they aren't seizures, but that I have a demylenating condition. I don't know what that means; just that she didn't think it sounded like seizures to her. We have been too broke to get the 4 dollar valium so far. Nothing changed with my pain meds; just need to refill them.
Avatar n tn Aside from my seizures 4 years ago, I had no previous history of seizure disorder. There has been no seizure activity until this most recent event. Could this seizure have been associated with the use of nitrous or lidocaine? Also, I have been experiencing severe headaches and light-headedness since the seizure.
Avatar f tn I have tried two different seizure medicines even though I haven't been diagonesed with a seizure disorder just to see if that would help me( they didn't work just made me sick) the most recent one I just got off of was dilantan. I do have high blood preassure and im on medicine for that and it has never gave me any troubles until janurary of this year now even with medicine my blood preasure is 160 over 120 and the highest was 189 over 132!