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1559533 tn?1308952161 Yes, anti-seizure medications (Tegretol, Gabapentin, Lyrica, etc) are used to treat neuropathic pain (things like Trigeminal Neuralgia or Dysthesias.) They can also be used to treat seizure disorders. They did not seem to effect my diagnosis. They did not effect my neuro exams, MRI, VEP, LP, etc.
Avatar n tn Yes that medication also known as Trileptal is used as an anti-convulsant but also as a mood stabilizer or in a person with schizoaffective disorder such as I have (I did take that medication for a while)as an adjunct to an antipsychotic.
Avatar f tn I went to the ER and labs were done- my dilantin level was low- but I take my medication- also take trileptal. I had a generalized T/C seizure and when I woke up my hand continued to twitch. I was diagnosed with simple partial status...I was given IV Dilantin and told that I needed to be in the hospital. I was against it because of the cost...and told the doc that I had someone with me and would come back if there was a problem. I remember certain things about the ER visit...
Avatar f tn Could anyone who is on similar medication for BP give me some information on what their experience of such medications have been and if they have helped their condition? Is it a good idea to allow the doctor to treat me using these medications, what are the benefits and side effects. I am reluctant to start taking these drugs however I am at the point where I am finding daily life a real struggle and don't know what other options I have. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
2030686 tn?1351692148 If the doctors think it is a toxic buildup of the medications you are on, maybe they should think about changing the medications or changing the dosages or some other such tweaking of the medications. They also should do some blood levels to see how much medication is in your blood. Also, if the doctors think you have serotonin syndrome, they should do some more in depth investigation into what is really going on. Serotonin syndrome is not a diagnosis one casually tosses about.
Avatar n tn For the seizures I take trileptal, and keppra. The seizure meds make me very tired, and makes the thinking, and memory problems I have worse. If I dont take them the aricept, and namenda seemed to work better. Is it nessasary to take all of these drugs, even though it seems the seizure meds void the memory meds? Are people w/ tbi, more sensitive to the effects of medicine? Is there anything I can do to make the side effects less severe? Thanks for ant infomation.
Avatar n tn Now i sometimes get tingling sensation on my head, SEVERE DIARRHEA, ringing in the ears and headaches and i never used to get this so I don't know what it's from maybe Trileptal?? or the Detoxing from all the other Medications?? i no longer take Hydrocodone 10mg/325 and Soma 350mg they also did not give it to me in the Hospital and i was in pain but i am now tapering off Ativan also 1mg 2xED. I honestly want off all these Meds. including Trileptal 1200ED, I don't need this in my life I'M DONE.
Avatar f tn The neurologist performed a spot EEG and a 24 hr EEG and could catch nothing on either one, didn't have seizures during them. His pulse ox number would drop into the 40's every seizure so they kept him for 5 days total and we were released with orders to see the neurologist in 2 weeks. The DR put him on keppra (in which had too many side effects), then Topamax and valium, in which he stayed on for 2 1/2 months.
486038 tn?1300066967 This is something I would ask about after we found out the diagnosis or lack there of, of course. Soo…… I know that anti-seizure medications are not fun, they have their own set of troubles. Exactly how important is this? Now, I’m NOT looking for lecture on how I should not drive. I will behave, Ok?
Avatar n tn Hello everyone i know this is kinda of a old post, but anyways i recently ran out of my Soma 350mg, Ativan 2mg and Hydrocodone 10/325mg.... I ran out of all 3 medications on the same day on 5-18-2010. I have been taking Ativan 3 times ED, Soma 3 times ED and Hydrocodone 4 times ED for 3 months 120days.....
Avatar n tn 5, no seizure activity for 22 months, another lengthly seizure, placed on AEDs, now having small break through seizures every few weeks. I guess I wonder If we never would have started AEDs regularly what would the picture be? Just a lengthy seizure every couple years and attempt treating with appropriate diastat dosage? 4.
Avatar f tn It may not be because of weaning. I started getting TN pain 4 months or so after my Gamma Knife treatment. It just didn't work for me and I am still on my medication.
Avatar f tn Your daughter can make up the school work or repeat a grade IF it comes to that...far better than having seizure after seizure, I'd think.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have suffered with migraines for many years & was placed on prophylactic meds-Cymbalta & Propranolol. About 3 months ago I developed Trigeminal Neuritis on my R side. I have to say it was the most painful affliction I ever experienced, even worse than the 2 spinal fusions I underwent! I was placed on Trileptal & am up to 600mg 2x/day, as well as continuing with Cymbalta & Propranolol.
Avatar n tn Anti-seizure medications are often employed to help stabilize children's moods and particularly to address symptoms of angry reactivity and volatility. But the effect of the medication will not be immediate, so be patient. Such medications reach a blood level which takes some time, and the level at which clinical efficacy is evident can vary from person to person.
Avatar n tn However, as with all antiepileptic drugs, it should be taken regularly or as prescribed by your doctor, since if it is not, and you forgot and withdrew from the drug abruptly, the potential of increased seizure frequency happens. More information about Trileptal can be found in this link: Sometimes, it is also important to note the special triggers that cause unexpected seizures.
1247161 tn?1291267011 I had my daughter about a month ago and she was born with d-transposition along with ASD, VSD, and pulmonary stenosis. I have a seizure disorder and started taking Trileptal later on in my pregnancy. Could it have still caused the problem?
Avatar n tn The doctor ordered Valium 2 mg because he thought it was seizure related, but the Valium does not help. He was in the ER for 5 hours during the weekend. Believe it or not Benadryl helped him. This might occur 2-3 times per day while in school. He cannot swallow. He does not drool and not having body movements or anything else that resembles a seizure. No pain involved and no spasm of the tongue. Student takes Geodan, Trileptal, Resperdal, Prevacid, and Concerta. He is 19 years old.
Avatar f tn While not curable, many people find long term pain relief through medications, or surgeries, or alternatives such as Accupuncture. I am unfamiliar with the drug you mentioned. Is it an anti-seizure medication? Most doctors give Tegretol, Trileptal, or gabapentin, anti-seizure drugs used "off label" for Trigeminal neuralgia.
959034 tn?1253675076 I am 47 and have had seizures since the onset of my menstrual cycle when I was 13. As the years have gone by new medications came about. At first I was on phenobarbital and tegretol. Those only lightened the seizures. Later I was put on Dilantin. A little more helpful but not controlling. When I was about 28, a doctor put me on Depakene (Depakote). It suppressed my seizures well. I always felt worse during my periods or when i was stressed or lack of sleep.
Avatar m tn To answer your questions: Seizure disorders sometimes fade and never return, so that someone who had seizures as a child or adolescent often will not have any as an adult. The medications used to treat seizures are all so-called antiseizure or anticonvulsant meds, including Topamax, Valproate, Trileptal, etc. The choice of med depends on the type of seizure disorder, and some people require two meds (polytherapy) to achieve good seizure control.
Avatar n tn Another option is a change of medications. Trileptal is another anti- seizure drug used in the treatment of TN. Let us know how you're doing and what you decide to do. Your story could help someone else.
Avatar n tn how is your daughter feeling? I hope she is better.
Avatar m tn But of these medications, usually the medications tried the first time around are either lamictal, tegretol, trileptal, keppra, or zonegran. Of these first try medications, keppra, lamictal, trileptal, and tergretol usually have the fewest side effects on a moderate dose, and are often the first drugs of choice amongst docs for focal epilepsy. If I were you, though—and I base this on personal experience—I would try either Keppra or Keppra XR, Tegretol, or Trileptal.
Avatar n tn Neurosurgery has helped some patients with this type of problem. Drugs that we have used for this include anti-seizure medications such as tegretol, trileptal, and dilantin just to name a few. Elavil has helped many of my patients, and you could consider combination therapy with one of the other meds mentioned. GOod luck.
Avatar f tn it is a good question i started having seizures just a couple months before i turned 30 never a sign or any indication that led up to my first g mal but ive been diagnosed with bipolar borderline personality disorder and ptsd and for my seizures ive been tested and tested to see where they might be comin from ive always have joked sayin its my mind short circuiting cause i just process way to much at one time but after readin up on my mental diagnosis im really beginning to wonder because im now
Avatar n tn You can taper anti-seizure medication once she has been seizure free for atleast 5-6 months. Hope this helps. Bye.
491030 tn?1242428366 Next, as far as an actual taper plan mg by mg, what other meds are you taking? Combinations of medications, tapering one, tapering all, length of time, how much - alot of factors need to be taken into account to make sure that you are properly medically detoxing. You mentioned Neurontin right? Do you just have it or are you taking it? I would recommend that you either try to call your old doctor, or a new doctor and ask.
Avatar n tn Me daugther started to have fibrel seizures one year ago she is under keppra. Now she has another type of seizure called atopic seizures, she is under 2 medications now. "I think that your son needs the medication to control the seizures because without medication they can increase. I will keep you son in my prayers.
Avatar f tn The stressful pattern of yours will only add up the seizure chances as the brain is not getting the relaxation. I will not give any comment of the medications as the treating doctor needs to be trusted, if not , then better to change him. Feel free to ask us more. Regards..