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Avatar m tn My just turned 10 and had a seizure for the first time last week. He has never been really sick and has overall been in great health. He never hit his head, no low blood sugar, no fever, all of the tests were normal. The ct scan was normal, however the eeg just came back with "abnormal brain activity for epiliepsy" my wife and I are waiting to see the neurologist and are very puzzled. During the EEG when they tried to induce a seizure, nothing happened.
1559533 tn?1308948561 Yes, anti-seizure medications (Tegretol, Gabapentin, Lyrica, etc) are used to treat neuropathic pain (things like Trigeminal Neuralgia or Dysthesias.) They can also be used to treat seizure disorders. They did not seem to effect my diagnosis. They did not effect my neuro exams, MRI, VEP, LP, etc.
Avatar n tn I did have an EEG recently and it still showed abnormal activity, but no spikes were evident, just sharp waves. It also showed that I have not had a seizure. I had a ruptured brain aneurysm 10/17/2002 and subsequent coiling of that aneurysm and did have hydrocephalis which alleviated itself so did not have to have a permanent shunt. 6 months later I had another coiling on a nonruptured aneurysm and still have one aneurysm that was too small for coiling.
5878964 tn?1375936844 Hey everyone! So a little background on myself, my first seizure was when I was about ten. My second was when I was twelve. The doctors assumed it was due to either puberty or dehydration. It wasn't until this September (I'm not 18) when I had one at work and another in February that I was diagnosed with epilepsy and put on 25mg of topamax.
Avatar f tn My very healthy 3 year olds son recently had a grand mal seizure and is now having drop seizures. His MRI showed a cerebellar tonsillar ectopia and adenoid and tonsil enlargement. Does anyone know if this combination could cause a seizure? Or whether the cerebellar tonsillar ectopia alone could cause a seizure? Thanks!!
Avatar n tn 5 yr. hx of seizures with an onset of encephalitis and chronic mono. She had one seizure a year 1997, 1998 and since March of 1999 has had increasing seizures even on medication. She was seen at NYU and diagnosed with left temporal lobe seizure disorder. Her MRI is normal but the Video EEG did show spiking and slowing during sleep, off medication. She had a major seizure while there. Since (Oct. 99)she has had three episodes. One generalized and lasted 14 mins.
Avatar f tn Last month she had a seizure (only had one ever). We were set up with MANY tests, one of which an EKG. This showed abnormal tracing. With a follow up by a cardiologist we found a murmer, ultrasound, 1.64cm hole in atrium, enlarged right Atr and Ven. I was told about both procedures, the least envasive being the least preferred. Looking for a Dr. that takes our insurance right now. Any insight?
Avatar m tn Hi there, i had a brain injury in feb and havent had any seizures yet but i was told in order to get back to driving/work etc i might have to take an anti-seizure medication. What medications are there? And i was told by someone else that they will slow down my recovery. because they are stimulants? in what way would they slow it down?
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Avatar n tn Go and take him to be checked out by your Doctor for reasurrance especially as you have some knowledge.
Avatar f tn Having mania with anti-seizure medications again. Neuro switched me to Depakote 500 (250 am/250pm that is non extended release). Rx valium for flying.
Avatar n tn I am not, nor do I believe I ever will be 100% completely seizure free, but my side effects of the medication are bothersome to me. Mainly, difficulty in concentration. So I've been taking ginko biloba lately and it seems to clear my head somewhat. Will this lower my threshold level? Also, what else can I do besides proper sleep, diet, medication, and exercise to manage my condition best.
Avatar n tn Wait for the MRI, if it shows some abnormality (likely due to the trauma, bleed) then that would account for the slowing. I would not start my daughter on seizure medications. But, if the EEG showed spike or sharp waves, I would start seizure medications in a heart beat. The side effects are so limited and the vast majority have few if any side effect. Once you get the MRI data, I would pursue the migraine variant angle. Best of luck.
Avatar f tn I feel she has been over-fed from day one - certainly according to American Academy of Pediatrics - now she is diagnosed with milk allerty, gerd - is on hypoallergic formula and three medications. I think the problem has been overfeeding - the cold mild just feels good on her tummy - cycle keeps going - formula increased.
Avatar m tn It is good that eye issues are ruled out already. This could be due to primary headaches which are usually managed with prescription medications. Anxiety as well as depression can also be managed with medications prescribed by your doctor and also with medical therapy. Do keep us posted with the results of the diagnostic tests to determine the underlying cause. Discuss these also with your attending physician for proper evalaution. Take care and best regards.
Avatar n tn After someone has been on seizure medications for two years WITHOUT SEIZURES, I usually give them a chance to gradually come off the medication. However, your specific risk of seizures happening again depends on many factors, including family history, structural abnormalities or damage to the brain, and the particular type of seizure syndrome. So, it is possible for people to have some seizures, be treatd with medication, and after a few years gradually come off the medication.
Avatar f tn I have Epilepsy after a car accident. My seizures are under control with medications. I had a ct mylegram a few days ago ade a nerve was pinch in my spinal cord and resulted me to go into a seizure. After being released from the hospital a few days later I landed agin with a blood clot to my left arm/chest area. I have injuries to my neck and severe. Can this prevent me from having surgery.
1428283 tn?1283015794 Hi, on Father's day weekend my 19 month old had a Febrile Seizure. After that we started noticing things were just "off" with him. We consulted our pediatricia who suggested we see a neurologit at our states pediatric hospital. After doing so we were told we needed and MRI and a Video EEG. The MRI was recently done and we got the results. I am so lost with these results because I have done research into his "issues" and feel so helplessly confused.