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Avatar n tn but after taking due medications it was cured and subsided.but the episodes of seizures again started when i i was 20 year old.
Avatar f tn I have myoclonic seizures and sometimes grandmals, that were mostly controlled by medications for years. I switched medications last september however, he started me on a lower dosage and said he would probably need to raise it in the spring, but when I called to make an appointment, my neurologist had no openings until next January, and my family doctor would not raise it.
Avatar n tn It causes a hemorrhagic necrosis (it bleeds and dies) which leads to seizures, memory loss, problems speaking and often cognitive problems (dementia). If this infection is untreated it is usually fatal (death) in 7-14 days. With aggressive treatment with IV acyclovir early, the outcome is still guarded with many complications despite all efforts in many cases. These patients will require longterm care, for seizures, memory problems and behavioral issues.
Avatar n tn In 2007 he had a hip replacement done and ended up having 3 operations within one week because of complications. My question is could the buildup of medications etc cause him to now have memory loss, language skills loss and tremors in his right hand. He walked in to the hospital on crutches and now is dependent on a wheelchair.
Avatar n tn 5 yr. hx of seizures with an onset of encephalitis and chronic mono. She had one seizure a year 1997, 1998 and since March of 1999 has had increasing seizures even on medication. She was seen at NYU and diagnosed with left temporal lobe seizure disorder. Her MRI is normal but the Video EEG did show spiking and slowing during sleep, off medication. She had a major seizure while there. Since (Oct. 99)she has had three episodes. One generalized and lasted 14 mins.
Avatar n tn 1) (3) 25 mg topamax 2x per day 2) (1) 75 mg plavix 1x per day 3) (1) baby aspirin 4) (1) 10 mg ambien I have great difficulty concentrating, and my memory is absolutely embarassing. It is affecting my work terribly. I recognize that this is not the brightest thing in the world, but I have begun to back off the topamax in an effort to get my life back. It seems that I have been in a stuper for the past few years.
Avatar f tn My twin sister ( she is 39 yr old and has never had seizures)had a grand mal seizure about a month ago in which she dislocated her shoulder with the seizure. At that time,she was placed on dilantin and topomax. She has had MRI and MRA which were normal. A spine xray showed bulging disc in the cervical spine. She had an EEG but that is to be repeated and I don't know the results. She had another seizure last week and has been in the hospital since.
Avatar n tn It often requires a multi-hour sleep deprived EEG or an admission for a 3-7 day epilepsy monitoring unit stay to adequately determine how often you are having seizures. A final possibility is that anti-seizure medications can decrease your alertness and sometimes can cause memory/cognitive slowing, dizziness, double vision and ataxia (drunken walk). You should have a level checked to make sure you are not toxic on your neurontin (although I feel this is unlikely).
Avatar n tn Because he had a seizure almost an hour after the accident, how likely is he to have a subsequent seizure, and during what time frame would it most likely occur? Thank you for this service.
Avatar n tn They have done multiple test but have found nothing neurologically wrong. I have taken different medications such as tegretol and keppra but continue to have seizures. Not only that, my medication levels seem to elevate causing me to be placed on a ventilator even when taking them regularly. I had gastric bypass in 2002 & the doctors believe my metabolism may be the cause.
Avatar n tn I was put on plavix and lamictal but the seizures keep coming, however, each one is less than the other. With each seizure, I suffer short term memory loss. My memory eventually comes back but a little still remains lost. Also it seems that every time I've had one of these so-called seizures it comes early in the morning and after a night of stressful sleep and I feel a headache pain in my left temple. My MRI of all the blood vessels in my head show no signs of an anurism(spelling?
Avatar n tn 6 days after being put on the risperdal, however, I had a grand mal seizure at work whilst teaching. I had taken 25mg of adderall that day. The night before I had taken 15mg restoril, 30mg lexapro and 0.25mg risperdal. MY stress level was extremely high that day with general feelings of being out of control and unable to keep up during the general time frame of a few weeks. I have quit work for 3 months to lower my stress and reduced adderall to 15mg a day.
Avatar m tn My current symptoms include irritablity, mood swings, inability to sleep, extremely bad migrains that start with pain at the bottom of my spine, a dull headach almost all day everyday, I blackout and occassionaly convulse when this happens (I have been told), confussion, short term memory lost, blurry vision, tingling in my left extremities (mostly my arm and fingers), I have had strenght test ( the one's when they ask you to pull then push, don't let them move your arm or leg) done at my doct
Avatar m tn Since then, when I have seizure activity going on, it manifests itself as a headache rather than as an absence seizure or a grand mal seizure.
Avatar f tn Could anyone who is on similar medication for BP give me some information on what their experience of such medications have been and if they have helped their condition? Is it a good idea to allow the doctor to treat me using these medications, what are the benefits and side effects. I am reluctant to start taking these drugs however I am at the point where I am finding daily life a real struggle and don't know what other options I have. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Drug-induced hypoglycemia is seen with the inadvertent or intentional overdose of insulin or oral medications used to lower blood glucose. Blood glucose-lowering pills and insulin are medications used to lower the abnormally high blood glucose levels in patients with diabetes mellitus. Examples of blood glucose-lowering pills are glyburide (Micronase, Diabeta, and Glynase) and glipizide (Glucotrol).
Avatar m tn My name is Joseph, im 18 and just started college in carlow.. Last Saturday, at around lunch time, I had, what I believe to be, a seizure of some kind.. My vision began to jump, prior to the attack.. Basically I would look at something, say a tree, and when I looked away, I would still see the tree.. As my vision began to jump around, I began shaking.. I lost contentiousness and collapsed.. The attack lasted a few minutes.
Avatar n tn Post stroke deficits are limited function of left arm and leg, swelling of left limbs as well as cold to the touch, moderate short term memory loss, lack of physical and mental endurance. Taking Depakote ER, Paxil and Amitryptiline. She will also take Motrin when she gets a headache or her knee starts swelling from standing or walking too much. She has experienced 2 episodes described as possible seizure by her doctor, although they couldn't confirm seizure.
Avatar n tn Hi, Thank you very much for your question; although it is quite difficult for me to give you a precise diagnosis here without being able to examine you, though I would try to provide you some relevant information about your health concern. You need a proper assessment and investigation here since there can be many causes for memory loss & concentration impairment.
Avatar f tn 5 inch laceration on my jaw bone, 1 cracked tooth, and a small bite to my tongue. MRI was normal. I have memory loss,room spins,dizziness headaches now. My neurologist told me not to drive, but no reason why. I have an EEG in 4 days. Can you shed some light on this for me? Thank you.
1653487 tn?1303527762 70% of people are able to obtain seizure control via medications alone, the medications are not exactly easy to deal with, i.e. unpleasant side effects. Known, in the epilepsy community, as "necessary poisons." :) But they help many. Some of the newer meds have fewer side effects, and they do have XR vsersions, which are easier to take (vs. 3-4 times a day!) Well, good luck to you--I'll keep my fingers crossed!
Avatar f tn Neurologist says ride it out for months - not much help anywhere. Cognitive deficits - memory, word find, reading comprehension - school is dragging feet on approving testing. Current status - no lightheadedness (basically not much exercise, some exercise brings back the lightheadedness). being treated for depression resulting from all this - Prozac. Just doubled the dose of that and now he does not sleep.
Avatar m tn I have been taking Tegretol XR (carbemazipene) for several years now to treat partial frontal-lobe seizures. I have noticed an increase in memory loss. It has been remarked on at work where things have been brought up by my supervisors and co-workers that I have absolutely no memory of. Does Tegretol have an effect on memory? If so, is it reversible?
Avatar n tn I have been on ativan for 3 years for ptsd. During this time I didn't take it every day. Recently I didn't get a chance to go get my refill, and to be honest, I kept forgetting about it. Then I had a seizure (according to my husband). Is this because I stopped the ativan abruptly? I have also had several head injuries this past year. Can too many concussions cause seizures? This is my second seizure and I don't have a hx of seizure disorder.
Avatar n tn For the seizures I take trileptal, and keppra. The seizure meds make me very tired, and makes the thinking, and memory problems I have worse. If I dont take them the aricept, and namenda seemed to work better. Is it nessasary to take all of these drugs, even though it seems the seizure meds void the memory meds? Are people w/ tbi, more sensitive to the effects of medicine? Is there anything I can do to make the side effects less severe? Thanks for ant infomation.
Avatar f tn Yes, my husband uses it for bipolar and for antidepressant/mood stability, but also for seizure depression as well. Valproic acid is used alone or with other medications to treat certain types of seizure I know you are worried and afraid for your daughter. I have no advice about what to do, just wanted you to know I am hoping all goes well and I am so sorry about it all.
Avatar m tn People think I’m joking when I say this but I’m not. I’m thinking that the memory problems are from the medications, not the actual atrial fibrillation? Do you agree? I have recently read a paper From: Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center "Now Calcium Channel Blockers Are Associated With Brain Damage, Memory Loss" And I agree with there findings completely.
Avatar n tn I noticed on the drugs especially oxy, demoral, morphine and vicadin she would become dillusional - seeing and hearing things and a complete loss of short term memory. Now it's been 5 days since surgery and she has been pain killer free for about 3 full days. She has no short term memory and is a little dissoriented sometimes. Question: Is this a normal response to pain/trauma/pain killers? Will my mother regain her short term memory or is this permanent?