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Avatar n tn If this infection is untreated it is usually fatal (death) in 7-14 days. With aggressive treatment with IV acyclovir early, the outcome is still guarded with many complications despite all efforts in many cases. These patients will require longterm care, for seizures, memory problems and behavioral issues. many are able to walk/talk, but are unable to care for themselves due to their injuries.
Avatar f tn I went to the ER and labs were done- my dilantin level was low- but I take my medication- also take trileptal. I had a generalized T/C seizure and when I woke up my hand continued to twitch. I was diagnosed with simple partial status...I was given IV Dilantin and told that I needed to be in the hospital. I was against it because of the cost...and told the doc that I had someone with me and would come back if there was a problem. I remember certain things about the ER visit...
Avatar n tn hi, im 24 and i had my first seizure 2 days ago, but i think it was a reaction to a drug i took, the doc said it could be but we dont know, im being urgently refered to neurology, but since yesturday iv had a really bad headache. do u think the headache is related to the seizure? i thought my head might be better today, but it isnt. i dont know if its stress or if i should do something about it.
327385 tn?1378364331 Whether or not a seizure is partial (another term is focal seizure) from the onset helps determine which medications should be used. Dilantin is a good medication for focal seizures, but it has its side effects and there are medications with less side effects for long-term treatment of epilepsy.
Avatar f tn Hi, my 17 yro son was found last week, on the ground, across the street from his HS. Apparently he was having a severe Grand Mal Seizure. EMS reported he had been seizing for at least 15 minutes. Verset was administered to stop his seizing. However, he has a history of neg reaction to Versed as well as many other medications. This is due to a medobolic disorder, which causes various reactions and poor metabolizing of all drug's.
Avatar n tn hi, i recently had a seizure, it only lasted a couple of seconds and i didnt lose consciousness. thankfully it happnd when i was lying down, but it was scary. iv never had a seizure before, and no family history of anything like this. the gp took it v seriously and is refering me to neurology, but he said i might never be able to drive again. i think the seizure was a reaction to a drug i was taking for an infection because i had taken it literally 3-4 hours before the seizure happened.
199882 tn?1310188142 I don't usually discuss the types of medications I take because it's so easy for others to judge us without spending time in our shoes.. My pain has gotten a lot worse over the last few months and I was wondering if I should ask my doctor to increase them or maybe try something else? I've been on the same dosage for about 2 years now... I take: Methadone 10mg 6 x per day, Cymbalta 60mg 1 x per day, Baclofen 10mg 6 x per day, Amitiza 8MCG 2 x per day, and Oxycodone 30mg up to 8 x per day.
Avatar n tn 5, no seizure activity for 22 months, another lengthly seizure, placed on AEDs, now having small break through seizures every few weeks. I guess I wonder If we never would have started AEDs regularly what would the picture be? Just a lengthy seizure every couple years and attempt treating with appropriate diastat dosage? 4.
381786 tn?1210859667 Hi, Are you taking any medications for your headaches previously?Were your headaches relieved?Have you been given IV medications for the pain? You may discuss with your physician your concern since some of these pain medications may affect your daily activities due to their side effects.As the angioma progresses your symptoms are also expected to progress.Taking any pain medications in your case require close supervision.
Avatar n tn It is the neurologist's job to manage medications. She/he is most familiar with medications your husband will need. Neurosurgeon focus is not medication management. I hope this helps. lastly, please join a brain tumor support group.
Avatar f tn Hello and hope you are doing well. Post infection and the seizure medications must be making him sleepy. But please don’t venture to discontinue his medications without consulting your doctor. The symptoms could be the side effects of the medications. Discuss his symptoms with your consulting doctor he may change the dose or the medications. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn 9 year old male greyound, 80#, medications: frontline, heartguard, pred acetate eydrops for buldging and runny eyes Sat, 4/25, within hour of eating, had weak hind legs and vomited bile and some undigested food. Owners took dog to emergency vet. No observations of ingested toxins. Tongue and gums pink. Blood work done with no significant findings. Vets suspected seizure and gave shot of valium. Dog regained hind leg strength within an hour.
Avatar m tn sometimes, several EEGs are needed prior to any abnormalities being detected.
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Avatar f tn Hi, It is unlikely that the twitch is being caused by her diabetes, unless her sugars are low and this may be a seizure. (If she is awake at the time and alert, it is not likely a seizure). I think a referral to neurologist may be the best at this time to determine what this actually is. Otherwise, there are many medications out there and regimens that should help bring your mother's sugars under control. Those levels are dangerously high.
20840438 tn?1531001176 Every dog is different and you have to try a lot of anti seizure medications to find the right one, for my dog its zonisamide. I would just be patient with him, the medications confuse him and he's also restless because he's scared another seizures will happen in any moment.
477608 tn?1238531558 This is a picture of my children and I as we were leaving to take my oldest son to the airport for his first deployment to Iraq. This would be the last time my oldest son saw his brother Adam alive. Front and Center: Adam Around Adam L-R: Bria, Alex, Myself, Ryan and Brittani My son was a terrific pregnancy and easy birth. He soon developed problems. At 2 months, he was diagnosed with dextro-transposition of the great arteries, ASD, VSD and pulmonary stenosis.
Avatar m tn i was transported to the hospital, and they gave me pills for the migraine and whatever for the seizure and an iv. they basically said i had to ingest some drug cause nothings wrong with me. well now the migraines came more frequently at least 3 times a month and once in awhile i would get seizure. but now they have calmed down quite a bit for the 2 months or so. but now ive noticed ive been sleeping more and unable to do as much work as i use too.
Avatar n tn lol Now my question is I've had 2 Seizures in 1 Day and this was 13 days ago and the seizures were about 5 hrs. apart. 1. My 1st seizure was on my living room couch i was on my cell phone talking long distance to my friend explaining i was out of my Meds. and i have bad Anxiety then shortly after that i woke up with EMT's all around me (MY FRIEND CALLED 911) they said my eyes were dilated, BP was elevated 200/110 and i had purplish lips.
Avatar f tn my 5 yr old son has absence seizure epilepsy and suspected adhd wat iv red bowt adhd is also nuero is that true
Avatar n tn Start at 300mg a day and titrate upwards to 3000-4000mg a day. Makes you sleepy 3.Steroids, IV or orally. Need to talk to your doctor about this, but this is the latest (though not brand new) treatment to gain attention recently.May be best for you. 4.Tegretol, another seizure med that can help dull the pain. 5.Capsaicin cream, think it's over the counter. It's like a chili peppers paste that actually hurts when you put it on the affected area.
Avatar f tn High powered lasers (Class IV) can be very dangerous and ineffective. Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) are used to reduce pain and accelerate healing. You will often hear of these being used by professional athletes, Olympians and others who want a drug-free, effective, non-invasive safe solution without side-effects. Take a look at for more information, studies and applications. LLLT may be an option for you.
Avatar n tn I usually pick her up and comfort her and she soon after she becomes very alert again and happy(back to normal). i always show lots of attention toward her and feed her very healthy, But iv noticed this has happened about 3 or 4 times with in the past year. I am not sure what is the cause of this can u help me? She also has a circle on her ear its very light and kind of a green color what can this be? It kind of looks like it can be a birth mark or something. Could it be?
Avatar m tn I have taken a number of different supplements and medications today, all of which I have taken in the past with no problems - but perhaps never all the same time. Perhaps someone could suggest a contraindication between them? Any other suggestions would be welcome also. Thanks Supplements/medications were as follows: Supplements: Omega 3 Fish Oil 2000mg St John's Wort 680mg Glucosamine/Chondrotine 1000mg Multivitamin 1000mg Medications: Finasteride 1mg Piracetam 1.
Avatar n tn Hi, How are you? What medications do you take for your seizure? How was the result of your tests? Diarrhea alternating with constipation warrants further evaluation by your doctor or gastroenterologist. Try to identify the possible triggers of your headache so that you can avoid recurrences. Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn I just plan on talking to my doctor. I've had similar conversations with my doctor about medications (prednisone, albuterol, duoneb) and he had just felt the benefit outweighed the risk.
Avatar n tn This IV regime is Depakote 500mg IV, Magnesium 2 grams IV, Phenergan 25mg IV, +/- DHE, Solumedrol 1 gram IV, Toradol 30mg IV; given once daily for 3-5 days. Another possiblity is that you are having seizures (focal seizures) arising from the occipital lobes (in the back of the brain). This causes primary color light shows or hallucinations of formed objects if in the parietal lobes (although I think this is much less likely than migraines).
Avatar n tn They way we usually treat status migrainoses is with IV medications. We usually use a combination of 3 medications, and in hospitals it has been given the term "headache cocktail". The combination most commonly used is intravenous Depacon ( also a seizure medication), Magnesium sulfate plus any other anti nausea medication like Reglan, or compazine. These are usually given together, and if needed repeated a second or third time until the headache breaks.
Avatar f tn While there may be an initial drop in blood pressure while standing in P.O.T.S., some people have the hyperadrenergic form, and the blood pressure can actually go high standing. I believe this is the form of P.O.T.S. I have, though I have not been formally diagnosed with this kind, only diagnosed generally with P.O.T.S.. The Mayo clinic had an article stating that those with P.O.T.S.